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Wlodimir Ledochowski's Afterglow 5 Wojtyla & Kolvenbach

Telling Nancy Reagan Not to Think:
Continuing Drug War’ Criminal Mercantilism
There seemed, indeed, during those years of Ledochowski, Pius XI, and Pius XII, no real limit to what both Jesuitism and overall Roman Catholicism could achieve. Even – especially, we should say – in the afterglow of Ledochowski’s long reign and into the Generalate of his successor, Belgian Jean-Baptise Janssens, the magic power of the momentum seemed to continue.
The Vatican reign of Wojtyla and Kolvenbach turned up the wick with its pharamacratic inquisition – by the numbers of people arrested-punished, and of the social costs of the market protection – of the ‘war on drugs’ popularized by very self-defeating hysteria protecting and encouraging more dangerous modes of consumption, both by banning the safer substances of Cannabis and Coca protecting alcohol and tobacco, and by so banning Coca with statutory definitions equating raw leaves with alkaloids refined and concentrated.

During the early 1980s, ‘1st Lady’ Nancy Reagan, wife of then U.S. President Ronald Wilson Reagan, was known primarily – via the reporting by the MSM – for her tastes in chinaware.,,20238400_20537782,00.html#20537782

However shortly after an audience with Pope John Paul II in 1985, she begins her public crusade to ‘just say no’ to whatever is defined as contraband rather then any actual facts.

The following year, the MSM used the tragedy of the death of a student at the University of Maryland who had just been accepted to play for the Boston Celtics, of a fatal overdose of cocaine, to issue a mass call for new draconian legislation with severe social costs.

Central to this was a great deal of hysteria regarding cocaine as intrinsically extra dangerous and ‘addictive’ that failed to explain the history – which I then began researching – about the drug’s dangers emerging with the uses of its concentrated forms 1st widely manufactured during the mid 1880s, yet such was not the case with the drug’s dilute form.

This reality was marked by the history of Vin Mariani, first manufactured during the 1860s and sold and used for half a century, that was banned via an effort erupting just months after the 2nd time the Vatican summoned Vin Mariani creator Angelo Francois Mariani to be rewarded a gold Papal medal award as a benefactor of humanity

Indeed, after decades of use, with Coca wine, specifically Vin Mariani seen as: Excellent for alcoholism, nicotinism and opiate withdrawal… French surgeon general The spectra of drug abuse enabled by the hysteria deliberately neglecting the quite varied pharmacokokinetics of concentrated rather then dilute modes of drug use – directly versus indirectly is a Jesuitical concoction popularized through the rash yellow ‘journalism’ of such as the rabidly Vatican-loyal publishing empire of William Randolph Hearst, working with AMA-APhA connected, USDA Bureau of Chemistry Chief Harvey Washington Wiley, noted in 1908 as a ‘Knight’ amongst those showing ‘great prowess’, starting shortly after Angelo Mariani’s 2nd audience at the Vatican.

It is not only Jesuitical in encouraging cocaine abuse but in protecting and popularizing the most dangerous from a long term health perspective – Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco cigarettes.

Quote: USDA Farmers Bulletin “Habit Forming Agents” the ‘menace’ of the free sale of Coca products particularly when and where sold in the U.S. south-east as a “Tobacco Habit Cure”.

Quote: Dr. Ronald K. Siegel off all the stimulants coca ranks the safest least likely to cause problems

In each major category of intoxicant used by our species, there appear to be one or two drug plants that researchers have noted, are more controllable, hence safer, than all the other plants or synthetics in that category. Coca leaf stands out among all the stimulants, licit and illicit, as the easiest to control and the one least likely to produce toxicity or dependency.
And they would know that in 1914:

... there are tens of thousands of people in the United States who die every year from the excessive use of cigarettes; and yet I find Senators still pulling away at the cigarette as though it were a perfectly harmless thing. I believe the Senator will agree with me that there are many thousands of people who die from what is called tobacco cancer, a cancerous growth affecting the throat from overuse of cigars; and we find perhaps 60 percent of the Senators pulling away at the cigar as unconcerned as though no one were dying as a result of these cigars...

U.S. Congress, Senator Porter James McCumber (R) North Dakota, August 15, 1914
Nonetheless our governments have proven their loyalty to this apostasy from common sense with the descent into and continuation of this criminal mercantilism primarily for the sake of Virginia Bright Leaf Tobacco that came in the early 1900s.

Given the involved substances relative safeties, the consequences of suppressing Coca to protect Virginia Bright Leaf are severe, consisting of a significant portion of the 100s of millions of cigarette shorted lives, and the attendant medical problems so induced (and intensified via additives including burning accelerants increasing consumption – hey I turned away and my cigarette kept burning all the way down! – and house fires’ destruction and deaths).

The acquiescence of insurance companies to this is that of an industry intimately connected to the very things it would openly oppose for its own interests if not for being influenced or outright controlled by those thing’s controllers.

So is the worldwide conformity to this very same substance control agenda – Cannabis, Coca leaf, Opium strictly “bad”, alcohol, and Virginia Bright leaf cigarettes (with all sorts of additives UNLABELED as if a substance not being illegal ensured that it was just soooo safe), with this pharmacratic inquisition extending to the Mao regime’s policy of concentration camps for opium/opiate addicts, and a state run monopoly on Virginia Bright Leaf cigarettes.

So marking the ‘drug war’ as a continuing criminal mercantilism Virginia Bright Leaf cigarette racketeering scheme was the Reagan/Bush Administration’s efforts on behalf of that industry, notably not only allowing such cigarettes to be sold with additives unlabeled, but in making independent public disclosure of such a ‘felony”!

The Vatican was continuing the polices set during the early 1900s, with selective ‘anti-drug’ crusades erupting through the Hearst publishing empire and those of other media entities controlled by those with loyalties to Rome, such as membership in fraternal-social-religious orders with a definite ‘all roads lead to Rome’ network of college fraternities connected and controlled to Masonic orders connected and controlled by the Vatican, particularly that displaying the letters “IHS”: aka the Vatican’s military-strategic wing- the Jesuit Order. The drug related doctrine initially spread widely by Hearst had become that enshrined at the top of the world political body, as reflected by entities as the United Nations, with its 1961 Single ‘Narcotics’ Control Convention mandating the elimination of Coca in its native Peru and Bolivia by 1988. That was the year that Bolivia would instead openly rebel by re-legalizing a broad spectrum of commercially produced Coca leaf products, including Coca Wine, and that the Washington, D.C. Drug Policy Foundation – an organization founded in response to the drug war-cocaine centered hysteria of 1986 – was tied to the powerhouse food, drug, pharmaceutical, cigarette industry Covington and Burling, with the assignment of an attorney later described as prominent in the fields of food, food supplement, pharmaceutical and insurance industry.

The entire ‘drug war’, banning the safer substances (with the consequences of perverting coca and opium into concentrated cocaine and heroin) for the sake of protecting pharmaceuticals and cigarettes, has cost greater of numbers of shortened lives then Wlodimir Ledochowski’s wars. If it is any consolation, whereas Ledochowski had a lingering death that at times would be prematurely reported, with notations of gastro intestinal problems, the Superior General at the time of the establishment of the criminal mercantilism for pharmaceuticals and Virginia Dope cigarettes, Luis Martin, had a far worse death:

Even at the beginning of his term Martín's physical health had been poor and it grew steadily worse with the years. In 1905, a tumor forced the amputation of his right arm. Pope Pius X granted him permission to celebrate mass despite his disability, a privilege for which he was most grateful. The cancer, however, soon invaded his lungs and he died in Rome, on 18 April 1906.

Luis Martin; born 1842
25th Jesuit Superior General 1892-1906

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