Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Maximilian Kolbe A Liar According to Eric Jon Phelps

Dear Douglas,

This Roman priest is a liar on this one.

God was not cleansing Roman Catholic Poland; the devil, via the Vatican's Jesuits, were killing off the best people of the nation. Poland was filled with nationalistic Roman Catholics who were accursed "liberals" according to the Jesuit Oath and the Council of Trent. All those true patriots had to die.

This is why the Order used its Gestapo/SD and the NKVD simultaneously to shoot 15,000 Polish officers in the back of the head (who would have led the nationalists) in the forrest of Katyn. This is why the Red Army, controlled by Jesuit Stalin and his advisor, Alexander Poskrebyshev, refused to help the Polish partizans fighting the Nazis when the Nazis were leaving Poland towards the end of the war. Over 60,000 Poles could have survived if the Soviets would have intervened. The Soviets were the allies of the Poles, right?

After the Crusade, the bogus Cold War was started thanks to the Black Pope. And what does he do with Poland? Why he puts it under Jesuit Stalin and for another 45 years kills off the true leaders of the nationalist Poles. With the end of the fake Cold War, Poland was then put into the Roman Catholic European Union, now robbed of her nationalist spirit.

This is what the Jesuit Order will do to any Roman Catholic people who really wishes to be free and possess their own nation. Hitler did the same to Roman Catholic Bavaria, refusing her attempts to leave the Reich and then covertly aiding in the Allied bombing of Munich, killing 250,000 Roman Catholic Germans. Jesuit Bamberg (not far from Munich) was untouched!

Sincerely in Faith,

Brother Eric

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