Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Father Saint Maximilian Kolbe 1938 Prediction: "...in Poland we must expect the worst"

From “A Man For Others: Maximilian Kolbe Saint of Auschwitz In the Words of Those Who Knew Him” by Patricia Treece, published by Harper & Row Publishers, 1982 hardcover 1st edition, at page 72:

To prepare his sons for the coming conflict, he was continuing his custom of giving spiritual conferences at least twice a week as well as on Sundays. In these—often, Brother Pelagius Poplawski recalls, using the scripture, “The just man lives by faith” as a theme – he spoke on how to use suffering to benefit oneself and others; how to remain free – and hence fearless – in any circumstances; and the importance of loving and praying for one’s persecutors, even one’s torturers and murderers.

From conferences given in the first half of 1938, various listeners recall the following statements:

“My sons, a frightful struggle threatens. We don’t know yet what will be the details. But here, in Poland, we must expect the worst.”

“War is much nearer then one can imagine.” [this was in May], “and if war comes, that means the dispersion of our community. We needn’t get worried, just bravely conform our wills to the will of Mary Immaculate.”

“In a sense we can even enjoy the present situation because, through these difficulties, we encourage each other to greater zeal and realize more clearly our need for prayer and penance.”

“Whatever happens, everything will be for our good. We are in such a position that nothing can do us any harm. The moral and physical sufferings will only help towards our sanctification … We ought even to thank our torturers and show the gratitude to them by obtaining through Mary Immaculate, the grace of their conversion. In short, we are invincible.”

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