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Jesuit Con-Spiration

From Boris:

Dear Friends, Another Organization we should investigate!

Public Con-Spiracy for the Poor (CS)


Symbols (in their words)



Aim: to gain heaven
Way or means to reach the aim: submission to God; to pray five times a day, to fast in the month Ramadan, to give alms, pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in life, to defend on certain occasions / conditions Islam also by military means (Dschihad)



Aim: communism, classless society, welfare for everybody;
Way or means to reach the aim: to follow the teachings of Marx, Engels, Lehnin; class warfare,
Formula(s) or watchwords: liberty, fraternity, equality; the party is always right; the socialsm wins,



Aim: to gain illumination, and to reach eventually salvation by one's own efforts
Way or means to reach the aim: meditation, asceticism and yoga, veneration of gurus and gods (there're more than 3000)



Aim: to gain Buddhaship, to escape samsare (weel of reincarnation), to enter nirvana or brahman.
Way or means to reach the aim: ascetiscism, meditation, invocation of the name of Buddha (Amida), abhisheka, mantra, mandala...
Formulas: unknown to me
Symbol: Lotus



Aim: to gain heaven
Way or means to reach the aim: to fulfil the commandments,
Symbol: David's star



Aim: to enter heaven by recognizing and serving Christ in the poor
Way or means to reach the aim: ora et labora (Latin - pray and labour); to fulfil the most important demand: To love God with all your heart... ; sacraments...
Formula: My Lord and my God..., and: Kyrie eleison - Lord have mercy...
Symbol: the cross
Colour: golden - nimbus of the saints

Especially the symbols background we should have a look at, again.

The are all connected to the sun in the center

Look at what their link section is flooded with

Active since 2001

In their Words

"As religious heads keep up the inter-religious dialogue or the joint prayer for the public [e.g. the Prayer Meetings in Assisi, where Pope John Paul II and leaders of other religions said their prayers for justice and peace], and scholars discuss at international scientific meetings inter-religious questions we may assume that this is done also as inivation for everybody to join as well the discussion as the common prayer. Maybe it will be realized some day by experts in WWW matters who establish a body of members of different religions and world views. There will be needed above all their agreement on a common symbol and on the use of the proceeds from its selling (for the poor)."

"The modern way of life is to a large extent shaped by the American way of life which needs urgently and persistently a counterposition because it is a great temptation. Big business and globalization prophets want to lure people into this mentality: To become consumers, competitors, careerists.
There is happiness and bliss in people who are really poor, poor in spirit and mind. God's blessing rests on them (Cf. Mt 5,3). They have the ability to live in union and peace with themselves and with others - as is shown by their lives. To strive after that kind of poverty, pays off."

Jesuits involved

Ernst Förster SJ


CS Webmaster

As always in the fashion of Jesuits guiding information flow

They are based in the city of Cologne, Germany

Elisabeth-Breuer-Str. 63
D-51065 Köln
Fon (0049)0221/28581-0
Fax (0049)0221/28581-459

Christoph Albrecht SJ


"The Friends of Notre-Dame de la Route"

Christoph Albrecht is representative of "The Friends of Notre-Dame de la Route"

"Notre-Dame de la Route"

A Jesuit hideout in Switzerland

Linking their own connections

No Alliance with Structural Violence!
Necessary Church Developments in the Age of Globalization

Comment on the Reprimand
of the Salvadorian Liberation Theologian Jon Sobrino SJ

Tel. 026 409 75 03

Is he the same person going to head the CJD - Christian Youth village?

Eberhard von Gemmingen SJ


Chief Editor for German Radio Vatican
He knows Ratzinger from his Radio Vatican days dating back to 1982.

Cross of Merit, First class (Officer's cross)

He recieved the Bundesverdienstkreuz (

"The Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany" was instituted by Theodor Heuss 1951,11180/The-Order-of-Merit-of-the-Fede.htm

Look further down this post for Info on Theodor Heuss

IMH (International Media Help)

He is an acknowledged member of the IMH opening channels for his propaganda.

Radio Vatican

Editorial to the German-language Program 2003

Johannes Müller SJ


Published studies like:
"Die vielen Gesichter der Globalisierung. Perspektiven einer menschengerechten Weltordnung"

"The many faces of Globalism. Perspectives of a people friendly world order"

"Institut für Gesellschaftspolitik" a Jesuit institution

Hochschule für Philosopie

Forty Years Populorum Progressio
A Milestone on the Way to World-wide Social Teachings

Pierre de Charentenay SJ

Is there any Future for Europe?
Fifty years after the Roman Treaties

Jan Kerkhofs SJ wird Chefredakteur von Europe Infos und Leiter des Katholischen Sekretariates für Europäische Fragen (OCIPE). Der Nachfolger von Pierre de Charentenay SJ ist Flame, emeritierter Theologie- und Soziologieprofessor an der Katholischen Universität Löwen, Gründer der Foundation for the Study of European Values (Stiftung für die Analyse europäischer Werte) und Autor von 35 Büchern sowie zahlreicher Artikel.

Jesuit Publication

Albert Keller SJ


Intellectual Discussion or Tolerance?

The rebel in "der Kanzel"

They know how to draw masses - so they will be able to do that with the new one world religion.

Bernhard Grom SJ


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Grom (München)
Geb. 1936. Seit 1955 Jesuit. Studium der Philosophie (Pullach) und der Theologie (Lyon). Aufbaustudium in Religionspädagogik und Religionspsychologie (Brüssel). Promotion (Rom). Seit 1972 Prof. für Religionspsychologie und –pädagogik an der Hochschule für Philosophie, München. Ständiger Gastdozent an der Theol. Fak. Luzern.

Bernhard Grom SJ, geb. 1936; Professor für Religionspädagogik und Religionspsychologie an der Hochschule für Philosophie in München. Redaktionsmitglied der Zeitschrift »Stimmen der Zeit« und Seelsorger in einer Münchner Pfarrei. Zahlreiche Veröffentlichungen.

Bernhard Grom: Gott und Gewalt in religionspsychologischer Sicht

Der Vorwurf, dass Religion Gewalt fördert, wird seit langem immer wieder stereotyp vorgetragen. Und tatsächlich spielt(e) Religion als eine Quelle von Gewalt in politischen und ethnischen Konflikten oder im aktuellen fundamentalistischen Islamismus eine wichtige Rolle. Und dennoch: Ist dieser Vorwurf in dieser pauschalen Form überhaupt haltbar? Trifft nicht eher das Gegenteil zu, dass Religion friedensstiftend und aggressionsmindernd wirkt? Wir haben den renommierten Religionspsychologen Bernhard Grom SJ gebeten, die Beziehung von Religion, Gottesbild und Gewalt aus psychologischer Sicht zu untersuchen. Sein Beitrag liefert eine deutliche Antwort, die allzu schnellen Schuldzuweisungen an die Adresse der Religion einen Riegel vorschiebt.

Christian Zen?

Telefon: +49 89 23 86 - 2300

Die Neuausgabe des bekannten Standardwerks von Bernhard Grom erklärt die Vielfalt, in der sich religiöses Erleben, Denken und Verhalten ausprägen kann. Dieses Handbuch gibt einen umfassenden Überblick über die Psychologie der Religion – übersichtlich, allgemein verständlich und auf dem aktuellen Stand der Wissenschaft.

He is the "go to" in the field of religious psychology!

Their collection of Helpful Texts

Get a glimpse at what we are heading for


Stefan Silber - Theology of Liberation in the Dialogue between Religions
Hans Kessler - Trialogue between Jews, Christians, and Muslims
Victor Conzemius - Johannes Paul II a Global Player of Justice
Arnold Angenendt - Violent Monotheism - Human Polytheism?
Ludwig Ebersberger - Structure and Dynamic of the Cosmos
Konrad Hilpert - The Acknowledgment of Religious Freedom
Christoph Albrecht SJ - No Alliance with Structural Violence!
Alfred Metzger - The Ideology of the Militant Muslims
Ernst Förster - Three Sharing Or Dividing One God
Joachim Valentin - Final Fight - Hell - Paradise
Eberhard von Gemmingen SJ - Radio Vatican
Thomas Gertler - How do I look at the world?
Franz Kamphaus - Culture of Non-Violence
Peter Hünseler - Dialogue at a snail's pace
Joachim Valentin - Rationality in Islam?
Iwan Sokolowsky - Islam And Peace


Peter Heine - No Raprochment in View - Differences between Shiites & Sunnis
Chr. W. Troll - 'To believe each other capable of questioning oneself critically'
Ursula Schneider - Peace Initiatives and Peace Potentials in Israel/Palestine
Gerd Stricker - Still no Thaw (Orthodox and Catholic Christians in Russia)
Karl-Heinz Pohl - Spiritual Traditions For Which Today's Chinese Stand
Andreas Renz, Hansjörg Schmid, Jutta Sperber - In the Name of God
George Evers - Conflict Intensification Instead of Communication?
Anton Rauscher - John Paul II and the World-wide Social Question
Michael Amaladoss - Serving the Interreligious Dialogue in India
Christian W. Troll - Progressive Thinking in Contemporary Islam
Georg Evers - Religious Coexistence Endangered in Indonesia
Katharina Hofer - Does a Militant Christianity Develop in Africa?
Christian M. Rutishauser - From Religion Pluralism to Dialogue
Anton Rauscher - The Christian Roots of Human Dignity
Thomas Gertler - Spiritual Exercises and World Mission
Magnus Striet - Benedikt XVI, Modern Times, and Faith
Anna Strobel - Unique Legal Status - Muslims in Austria
Marianne Heimbach-Steins - Human Rights for Women
Andreas Heuser - God, Nation and Education (Ghana)
Johannes Müller - Protection for Religious Symbols?
Gerd Neuhaus - Christian And Pluralistic At Once?
Gisbert Greshake - Each Child Understands That
Heinz Werner Wessler - India's Unity in Diversity
Michael Sievernich - Multi-Culturalism at the End
Clauß Peter Sajak - Dictatorship of Relativism?
Hans Joachim Höhn - Renaissance of Religion
Sabine Demel - From Culture- to Faith Mission
Annette Meuthrath - Asian Women's Theology
Johannes Röser - Religion as Maker of Moral?
Heiner Bielefeldt - Threatened Human Right
Theodor Hanf - Time-tested Co-operation
Johannes Röser - How Universal is God?
Daniel Bogner - A Clear Improvement
Anton Rauscher - The Scarf Conflict
Hans Maier - Church in Democracy
Stefan Silber - Complex and Alive
Magnus Striet - Liberty and Faith
Peter Heine - Not Only Alms
Stefan Ort - Good Religion
Ulrich Ruh - Fears


Christoph Albrecht SJ - Comment on the Reprimand of the Liberation Theologian Jon Sobrino SJ
Johannes Müller SJ / Johannes Wallacher - Forty Years Populorum Progressio
Marco Moerschbacher - When Black Priests Bring Themselves to Notice
Tahsin Görgün - Humans as Creatures And Deputies of the Creator
Stephan Leimgruber - New Perspectives of Interreligious Learning
Raif Georges Khoury - Christians in Lebanon and the Arab Culture
Christoph Krauß & Gerhard Kruip - Caught up in Self-blockades
Hamideh Mohagheghi - Only Obedient Wife and Good Mother?
Luis Gutheinz - A View into the Workshop of Chinese Theology
Hans Maier - 'There Is Missing a Common European Feeling'
Dieter Senghaas - How to Reorient the Intercultural Dialogue
Christian Ruch - Buddhism in the German-speaking Countries
Petra Kolonko - Peking Olympiad in 2008 and Human Rights
Christian W. Troll - Muhammad - Prophet also for Christians?
Pierre de Charentenay SJ - Is there any future for Europe?
Reinhold Esterbauer -Christian reason as soul of Europe?
Andreas Heuser - To a Large Extent Unknown Neighbours
Michael Reder - Reform of World Trade and of the WTO
Alois Koch - Johann Adam Schall von Bell (1592-1666)
Albert Keller SJ - Intellectual Discussion or Tolerance?
Andreas Fincke - A Chimera of Freedom of Religion
Christian Frevel - Socialists and left-wing Christians
Jürgen Springer - 'We all always pray for the Pope'
Ali Dere - How Much Islam Does Pluralism Stand?
Dieter Senghaas - Is There Any Future For Peace?
Walter Cardinal Kasper - Changes of Ecumenism
Georg Evers - Politically and Religiously Strained
Wolfgang Schonecke - No Simple Programmes
Martin Maier - Fifth General Assembly of CELAM
Magnus Striet - Not For All But For Many Only?
Michael Sievernich - Fauxpas in Aparecida?
Walter Cardinal Kasper - Faith and Reason
Daniel Bogner - Interpreters or Lobbyists?
Gerhard Kruip - Another world is possible
Harry Harum Behr - An Ordinary Subject?
Ernst Ulz - Our Message Are The People
Alexander Foitzik - Option for the Poor
Karl H. Neufeld - Second Africa Synod
Veit Strassner - The Nerves Lie Bare
Jürgen Springer - The Chinese Letter
Ulrich Ruh - Continuity and Flexibility
Bernhard Grom SJ - Christian Zen?
Jürgen Springer - Frayed Puzzle
Ernst Ulz - A Powerful Revolution
Georg Evers - “River and cross”
George Evers - Hopeful Signal
Karl Osner - Meeting the Poor
Martin Maier - Inculturation

Things still to have alook at:

Theodor Heuss

was writing Friedrich Naumanns biography


Connection to Goerdeler - first choice of the Kreisauer Circle!!

Plotting of Hitlers Death

Heuss verbindung

It's like the Kreisauer Circle in WWII - they now have a worldwide powerstructure that comes to fall if crime charges will keep hitting the Vatican. This is part of their planing for contingency in new structures and what better than a new, single, universal religion, because the old cloaked system now has done its deeds for much over 2000 years.



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