Monday, October 15, 2007

The New York Times on the Vladimir Ledochowski - Louise Warfield Divorce

Will Renounce Her Title
Countess Ledochowski Applies to Resume Citizenship and Own Name

Special to The New York Times

BALTIMORE, February 11- Countess Louise Ledochowski, daughter of the late Governor Edwin Warfield will renounce her title in order to resume her status as a citizen of the United States.

The Countess’s application was one of forty for naturalization before Judge Morris A. Soper today in the United States District Court. She failed to appear, and it was said she was not in the city. Unless a special hearing is granted, her application will not come up for consideration again until March 10.

Born in Baltimore, February 27, 1889, she lost her American citizenship and became a citizen of Poland when she married Count Ledochowski May 8, 1913. She obtained a divorce November 25, 1922 with the custody of her three children.

Last October she applied for naturalization, but had to wait 90 days before her application could be heard. When her application is granted, she will resume the name of Warfield, and her children will resume the name of Warfield, and her children also will take that name. This was asked for in her application.

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