Monday, January 14, 2008

The Next Black Pope According to Eric Jon Phelps

According to Eric Jon Phelps:

Dear Brethren,

The Jesuit Superior General has always been a European. There seems no reason to break the tradition, for "he who controls Europe controls the world." With a German Pope the new Black Pope may well be Italian or Spanish. He will never be an American. The Secretary of the Society is an American, Frank Case.

Therefore, I believe that there are two likely candidates for Satan's Jesuit Grand Master. The first is Franco Imoda, former Rector of the Gregorian University in Rome. (Gregorian University is one of the hubs for the Black Pope's Unified International Intelligence Community.) He is an Italian psychiatrist (a master of pulling confessions out of willing or unwilling subjects). He is well known in the Vatican which is essential if the business of "extirpating heretics and liberals from the face of the whole earth" is to continue as usual via the Roman Hierarchy.

The second possibility is Elias Royon Lara, the current provincial for Spain for the second time. He was also an advisor to General Klovenbach and is well known in the Vatican. He is older, I believe to be in his late sixties, but may well be the man to direct this present Third Thirty Years' War (2001-2030?) to its intended end.

Maybe there will be a united, European-based Moslem attack on the Black Conclave, eliminating all of them. Not possible as all Sunni/Wahhabi leaders are subjects of the Black Pope. Maybe the US, Canada and Mexico would unite to expel the Order from its shores. Not likely, as the leaders of all three nations are controlled by the Order through the CFR. Or maybe, just maybe, the risen Son of God would send a storm, destroying the Order's headquarters named "Borgo Santo Spiritu" and their Gesu Church in answer to our prayers that the Lord would "deliever us from evil." This is entirely possible.

Let us seek the Lord with strong supplications and tears that He would intervene for us against our greatest of enemies among men. For he will withhold no good thing to him that walketh uprightly. The setting back the quest of the Jesuit Order would be a good thing. So let it be done according to the will of God as we seek his face in humble prayer and adoration. For "Salvation is of the Lord."

Sincerely in faith,

Brother Eric

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