Saturday, January 12, 2008

U.S. "Dog Tags" Used to Set Up Protestants and Jews?

From The Un-Hived Mind:

Dear Alex,

The Jesuits and their minions are constantly conspiring to murder Orthodox, Jews, Protestants and Baptists whenever possible.

Dear Eric Jon Phelps

I was wondering,last night on New Zealand Television,there was a Documentary on the HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales which they were sunk near Singapore and I would like to ask was the whole event a setup and from that documentary the narrator admitted that Admiral Sir Thomas Vaughan Phillps was a Protestant and most of the crew was Protestant,what would you think of this issue?

Absolutely. The criminal General Douglas MacArthur abandoned many Protestant American missionaries to the Jesuit directed Japanese military inquisitors when he left the Philippines. He abandoned 60,000 American troops, many of whom were White Southern Protestant and Baptists, resulting in the Bataan Death march. The purpose of the "dog tags" was to identify Protestants and Jews and then to send them on specific assignments resulting in their deliberate murders. The same happened at Omaha Beach on D Day. The first troops landing on that shore were primarily Protestants. After they were mowed down the subsequent troops were more Roman Catholic than the first wave. It is for this reason that no bomb dropped that day landed on the enemy German gun positions; they either landed in the sea or behind enemies lines. But this is called a "blunder." The same was done to the Protestant German Armies in the East as they were betrayed into the hands of Stalin to be murdered by that Soviet Grand Inquisitor. The entire history of WWII needs to be re-written in this light---the light of the Order's Council of Trent killing heretics and liberals by extirpating them from the face of the whole earth. The political leaders on both sides knowingly participated in the Jesuit directed Crusade "for the greater glory of God."


Sincerely in faith,
Brother Eric


Wow, if Eric is right in this, then the Jesuits planning went even far deeper than anyone could ever guess. Their organisational skills must be amazing, sending Protestants and Jews on the more deadly and riskier missions.

How did dog tags identify what religious affiliations people had, I thought only their name was written on them?


According to the following url, religion was added to US dog tags in July 1943

Also, see this illustration with the tag showing "religion"

It's totally consistent with the historical construct of WW2 as the "Kulterkampf Revenge" of Black Pope Wlodimir Ledochowski.

Douglas Willinger

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avles said...

Yesterday the third channel, the Red one, of public broadcast Italian television, showed the mowie "Windtalkers". Occult religious propaganda? They showed you the 'American' hero (an Italo-American official), which discovers that has in common (= communion?) with his Navajo soldier the Catholicism as religion. They are the key figures of this banal occult religious drama, which developes its core on the strict ties among two soldiers in war. I would dare to call it: innermost brootherhood. At the end of the movie the 'American' hero dies, and his soldiers Roman Catholic Navajo, tributes to him the greatest honour with a Navajo funeral (scene sited in the famous landscape of the R.C. John Ford movies).
What matters is to see how much they showed the TAGs in the scenes. With the opportunity of the many close-ups, you saw the necks of the soldiers with their TAGs.
At the end of the movie, the Roman Catholic Navajo uses the TAG of his comrade to perform the Navajo funeral......
Occult Religious Message of the movie: doesn't matter if the priests punished the Navajo for having once talked in his language during mass in the reserve(intelligence insert of jesuit hand i.e. another occult religious message: "This was the stupid R.Catholicism ---> the intelligent one gathers ALL the religions and people of the world UNDER itself"). What matters is that only UNDER the Roman Catholicism the opponents of the past and of today in America can join together......
The TAGs were among the leading characters.