Friday, September 12, 2008

Constantinian Order - The Three Categories


Dear friends

I have now split my Constantinian Order category into three:

* Constantinian Order (Franco-Neapolitan)

* Constantinian Order (Hispano-Neapolitan)

* Constantinian Order (Pre-1960 Split)

These can be found at the following URL's

I have added prefaces to my earlier blogs detailing that there are two branches (two different Orders you could say) with some other notes & aim to ensure that my fellow researchers are aware of the differences by specifying each branch in the headers & articles.

May 2007 I discovered the website for the Constantinian Order. But it was only recently, through taking the time to look into this Catholic Chivalric Order a bit more, I discovered that the website that I was aware of was that of the “Hispano-Neapolitan” branch, one of two apparently disputing Sacred Military Constantinian Orders of St. George!

There is also a “Franco-Neapolitan” branch, a separate entity, which split from the other following a dispute over the title of the Head of the House of Bourbon of the Two Sicilies in 1960. This latter branch has some especially dodgy connections (P2 Masons, Arab politicians & royals, Druid Archbishops, media heads, etc., & the business deals that go hand-in-hand with such networks). As more information appears it will be made available.

In truth & awareness -


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adolfo said...

The amazing part of this deplorable scenario is not one in ten thousand Americans preceives this grand design. The all parrot the line, "I am not a conspiracy theorist; I trust my government." The do not put their trust in the Lord, but rather in "princes.


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