Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jesuitical Freedom From Religion Foundation

Once religion enters civil affairs, watch out!

America is not menanced only by religious terrorism from abroad. Consider the growing threat by religious fanaticism here at home: the war against secular values, gay rights, abortion rights, and evolution. Beware of the Bush Administration's "faith-based initiative," the growing control by the Religious Right of politics, media and government, the callous disrespect for the constitutional principle of separation of church and state.

Is an American theocracy just around the corner? It can happen here

Protect the First Amendment – It Protects You!

When I saw this New York Times ad, I contacted them by email:


Where on your sit can I find any info about the disproportionate influence of Georgetwon University on government policy, such as foreign policy and religious wars in places as Yugoslavia where the US took the Roman Catholic side?


Douglas Willinger

I received this and a subsequent reply:
Thank you for contacting the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Your
message has been passed on to appropriate office staff. Due to the
high volume of mail, not every e-mail can receive a personal response,
but we read everything with interest and appreciation.

We would like to offer you an introductory packet about the Foundation
and its significant work to promote freethought and keep state and
church separate, including a complimentary issue of our newspaper,
Freethought Today. FFRF does not sell or give away its mailing list so
you will only get information about us. If you are interested, please
reply with your name and mailing address, and we will put material in
the mail today!

Thank you for your interest in freethought and the First Amendment. We
hope you will join us. Freedom depends on freethinkers!


Jackie Douglas
FFRF Staff Member

PO Box 750
Madison WI 53701 USA

Hi Douglas,

While our website offers a wide variety of resources, that sort of
research is not one of them. Might I suggest Lexis-Nexis or a
university library?

My reply:
Your organization covers gay rights an abortion but not that of religious orders leading s to wars?!

What is the basis of that sort of decision?

Douglas Willinger

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avles said...

Their model is the divine emperor of Rome, also known today with the nickname 'pope'. In the ancient Rome they leaved to you (in far away zones, near Rome they annihilated every not-Roman language etc.) the 'freedom' to follow your particular cult, but only at the CONDITION TO SUBMIT YOURSELF AND TO PRAISE AND TO SACRIFICE (read today: Canon 32/Zakat) FOR THE DIVINE EMPEROR. That site is simply: a site of the divine emperor of Rome, and this should be unmasked for what it is. America is still a land of Roman Catholic conquest. In ancient Tuscania and in the Padana plain, so near Rome, the language and the culture went destroyed. America is exactly the once Gallia, Germanorum land, where for reason of convenience, the cult of the divine emperor was introduced in parallel with the local cults. History repeats itself, just canned in a new fashioned bottle....

avles said...

I meant: the cult of the emperor was introduced in parallel to the local cults just only in order to NOT hurt too much the sensibility and to avoid a riot against Rome. Once the grip of Rome went more and more strong, Rome started to rule everything.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

No mention of Jesuit Georgetown, foreign policy or the pharmaceutical inquisition (freedom of medicine and diet), and the usual litany of gay rights and abortion as the "biggest" issues all smell to me of a standard NWO controlled "opposition".

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Also, the hatred of the Bible per se rather then of a particular translation/interpretation, adds to this "smell"

avles said...

You hit the right point! This ‘source of free information’ is a wonderful example of the strategy: “in the night all cows are blacks”. So Roman Catholic bible = King James Bible aka both cows are black and so both cows can be sacrificed. But they are not interested in the death of their pagan bible, what matters is the death of the King James Bible, and of the principle under it – Bible believing. They have no problem to destroy their ‘bible’ as they are pagan and this would never hurt them. What matters is to drag the true Bible in this stream of destruction. Simple application of oriental Sun Tzu strategy. In the Judo you exploit the energy of the aggressor to destroy him. In Roman Catholic countries they exploited the same hate and despise the society holds against the church of Rome the same. I will repeat this for ever without becoming tired. Rome purportedly pushed herself to the exaggerate role of a ‘bigot’ ‘reactionary’ force, because she was aware that all the hate created could have been utilized against the Protestantism. After having instigated the despise against her the same ‘clergy’(and here we are still in the '50ies and early '60ies with a strong bigot influence of the Romanist clergy in the society), Rome switched on her Red intellectual puppets, who used an ideology which drowns the individuality in the poisonous ocean of the generality – Marxism. So the difference among ‘Catholicism’ and ‘Protestantism’ went drowned with the help of the Marxist stone tied at the neck of the ‘anticlergy’ society, in the black ocean of the leftist philosophical and ideological generality. Who were the executioners who tied their Marxist/general leftist Weltanschauung stone at the neck of the victim? But the army of Marxist intellectuals Rome stirred up for example in the Italian society (and France, Germany, etc.) starting from the end of the ’60: Maoists, Leninists, Trotzkists, Situationists, Anarchists, the ’68 movement, the ’77 movement, the former Partisan Anti-fascist guerrilla members, the Hot Autumn of ’69 movement, Tony Negri, Renato Curcio, Mario Capanna, Rossana Rossanda, the BR, the UCC, the PCC, the violent guerrilla, the not violent ones, the Sexual Liberation movements, the Antimilitarists, the Reichians, the Hippies, the etc. etc. etc. And the Black communists – i.e. Mussolinian & Hitlerians? They were only another kind of ‘instigators’, of ‘triggers’ in order to push the Leftist executioners to tie more and more strictly the rope of their generalist Left stone at the neck of their victim. Thesis (Black) > Antithesis (Red) > Synthesis (Despise for every religious topic). The final touch of the Jesuits’ intelligence engineering of the social mind you had after the radical Marxist/Leftist (and also Fascist) carnival ended, with the ‘80ies. After the psychotic tide of the radical social movements returned home, various ‘Christian’ sects went switched on in the society, one for alls: The Witnesses of Jehovah. The effect was completed, so meanwhile the priests of Rome did a strategic retreat (read: “don’t you see how we are weak and how we are impotent in the society?” was the message) the various ‘Christian’ sects started to disturb people, showing so for the rule of the oppositions, the Roman priests as ‘tolerant ones’, as the ones ‘who don’t force anyone to follow their Vatican beliefs’, as ‘innocent’ and moreover ‘as the one who are above all’. The Result: today it is impossible to talk about religion with everyone in the Italian society (a part usual idiocies). This is a pagan society that automatically ‘puts the hand to the holster’ (Copyright of the sentence: Goebbels) whenever a serious talk about the religious question and of religious threads is in the air. How it was called this strategy in Viet-Nam? “To drag away the water surrounding the fishes”. In Viet-Nam the intention was to subtract the popular support to the Viet-Congs. In Italy and generally in Roman Catholic nations and regions of Europe, the last 40 years have been engineered in order to drag away the sympathy and the support of the large social layers to the ones who could have questioned the church of Rome in her theological field the same. Because Rome is hurted by people who questions her fundamental existence. They are happy when you question her with ‘abortion’, ‘gay rights’, etc. Because these are not true ‘questions’ really speaking. This is only the subject who is asking his landlord in order to obtain something. This is the true essence of the ‘anti-clergy’ thought, which is spread just by the church of Rome the same. Also in the Middle Age the subjects-slave were complaining something to their absolute landlords. Also in the Middle Age the subjects were ‘anti-clergy’. What the Beast in Rome fears are the ones who questions her theological and so material right of existence.
I’m not a theologian, but I am convinced that the very important point, that has to be ‘drowned in the dark ocean where all the points are blacks’, is the second commandment that has been purportedly cancelled by the pagans of Rome. That commandment was the fundamental key to avoid just the rising…… of the church of Rome the same. Whoever putted that commandment there knew well about the possibility of the existence of a true source of evil on the earth as the church of Rome, and so putted a sort of “safety warning” – exactly as you find them on the external boxes of useful but potentially dangerous tools, drills, welding machines, etc. And precisely the “Second Commandment Safety Warning sticker” was warning about the possibility of existence of entities in the universe who would have used the “IMAGE” of the “Laws of the Lords” in order to disguise their struggle to destroy the Laws of the Lords the same. In fact these kind of ‘entities’ does exist, and the proof is that the first thing they had to do before to break open the 10 Commandments machine, was to scratch away the 2nd Commandment Warning sticker well in evidence on it. The Jesuitical Freedom From Religion Foundation is a part of this process.
Best regards