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Adriatische Gegenreformation Krieg Heute-2

Wlodimir Ledochowski 1866 - 1942

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Les fleurs du Mal - 2


Saturday 28th February 2009, the Slovenian nation was shacked by a news that took her back again, for the 1,001st time, in the past of the bloody civil war occurred during the second world war. Exponents of the Unione degli Istriani, the association of the Italian expellees from Istria, organized a commemorative rally near an alleged site where “innocent Italians”, victims of the “Tito’s ferocious partisans”, should lie. They tried to do a commemorative rally in the same place where, the previous 10th February, a delegation tried to reach the zone but was stopped by the Slovenian police as they hadn’t the regular authorizations to hold a public meeting. The 10th February is the Italian national date to commemorate the “tens of thousands of Italians” victims of the “Tito Communist anti-Italianism”. As among the warmest supporters of those kind of commemorations are just the same today’s supporters of the once Nazi and Fascist 1941 aggression policy to Yugoslavia, it is not rare to see Nazi skinheads with Roman salute ‘honouring’ those alleged victims. But the today’s Vatican policy is dragging that embarrassing presence away, to try an opposite public image policy, involving in those commemorations also the leftist “politically correct” and “anti-Fascist” area. For this reason the strategic choice of the Vatican-Masonic puppet men controlling the higher Italian Republican governmental institutions was to make follow the Holocaust Remembrance day with the Italian Victims of Tito Remembrance day. So, after the official celebration of the Jewish victims of Hitler would have offered to the ‘alternative’ propaganda a golden occasion to spread its dogmas, the sequent and 14 days later commemoration of the ‘Italians victims of Tito’s army’ (= of “Jewish controlled army” as says the right wing of the ‘alternative’ propaganda), would have offered an opportunity to condense all that hate following the precise Hegelian/Jesuit dialectic. With this occult but real architecture the 27th January clash of the Thesis (= “the truth of six millions Jewish victims Holocaust”) against its Antithesis (= “the lie of six millions Jewish victims of the Holocaust”) would have produced, after a lunar/tidal semiclicle of 14 days, the desired Synthesis: “the only truth are the dozens of thousands of Italians (= Roman Catholics) exterminated by the Slavic Communism of Tito (= by the ‘heretics’, hence by the ones who refuses to kneel in front of the Pontifex Maximus and his dogmas as the old Reformer of Istria and Carniola did)”. Please, notice how the number ‘14’ is a product of the numbers of the date 27th January, 2 X 7. A particular I just found many times investigating the Massacre of Ustica and the Low Intenstity Carabineers’ coupe.

After the failure (wanted?) of the 10th February, for the second attempt the Unione degli Istriani asked the usual permission to held a rally to the Slovenian authorities (why they didn’t ask it before? They knew well that they had to fully respect the Slovenian laws). The place is sited near the little town of Lokve/Corgnale, just a pair of kilometres far from the border. The natural hole, where allegedly hundreds of Italians victims of the Slavic Communism should lay, is sited in the locality of Golobivnica. Then, with the regular documents released by the authorities of that state, they went to commemorate the alleged site where victims of a crime against humanity, (so of a crime which never can be invalidated by prescription), are buried, a crime which till our days no judicial authority investigated about or sized the scene. This is a common feature of the questions of the ‘victims’ of the partisan violence. Both in Italy and Slovenia, the rests of bodies of alleged ‘victims’ of the ‘barbaric partisan Communist guerrilla, are found mostly casually instead after the consequence of a regular investigative activity on just known site of burial. For example in Italy, just a pair of kilometres from my home, there’s a national monument, consecrated by the Italian government, claiming the burial, at its feet, of “at least 5,000 Italian victims of Tito’s army”. But those “5,000 Italian victims of Tito’s army” are waiting since more than half an century an Italian prosecutor seizing their mass-grave and investigating on the rests. Why?

For the second attempt to commemorate the alleged buried victims, the Unione degli Istriani was holding regular authorizations. But the underground cave where the victims of Tito should lay is not on the public soil, but in a privately owned field, some metres far from the public road. They didn’t have the permission to walk in the privately owned field to do the commemoration. The same owner, knowing in advance that a delegation of Expellees from Istria was going to commemorate what they consider a mass-grave sited in his estate, provided to put some fences in order to obstacle a possible invasion of his field. But not only the barbed wire was waiting for the delegation, also a ‘raging mob’ of ‘Communists’, with red flags, was ready to approach the ‘Italian Fascists’ in order to stop their rally. And for the 1,001st time the show could go on! The Slovenian police avoided the clash among both factions, but only with big efforts.

The news immediately monopolized the Slovenian media and the Italian local media. For another time the not conventional, dirty, psychological Counter Reformation war raged in the North Adriatic coasts. For another time, the Italian media could paint the ‘still existing barbaric attitude’ of the Slavic people. Also the Slovenian, Vatican controlled media were on the same length of wave of the Italian one. But as the Slovenians can’t present themselves as ‘barbarian’, they used another strategy. And, to tell the truth, also the tuning of the Italian Vatican propaganda was different – respect the ugly and dement style of the past. If we put aside the Italian Slovenian press, which is marginal, the local Masonic daily “Il Piccolo”, gave large echo to the heavy indictment launched, in this occasion, not to the entire Slovenian community, but only to a part of it, a part that seems to monopolize the rest of the ethnic group. The words of that right wing politicians of the bordering city of Trieste, among them the Masonic Camber and the Fascist Menia, who, as a person I trust told me, are “strictly linked with the Jesuits”, smell of coordination with further events that happened the sequent week in Slovenia, events that exploited the commemoration and the tensions arose from. Surely Jesuits are not only friends of the Italian politicians, and the brotherhood they weave like a spider’s net, goes well far beyond the national border and the narrow ideological factions. What happened on the day of the dying sun aka Saturn or Saturn-day or, shortly, Saturday, the day 28th, February (and 28 is the double of 14!), near the small town of Lokve/Corgnale, was linked and coordinated with an event happened again in Slovenia, on the sequent 3th March, Tuesday – or, in numeric (Masonic) notation: 2009-3-3.

And for another time we see involved not only the usual Communist anti-Fascist partisan ‘mob’. A good part of that ‘mob’, the old aged part, is built up by people who experienced the term “Fascist Nationalist oppression” directly on their skin, and so people with a deep a strong motivation to demonstrate, but people who are, through the occult Jesuit-Masonic over-ruling net, exploited far beyond their awareness. And we see involved another opposite group, for which also what I said about the ‘Commnist mob’, partially values: the Novo Ordo Seclorum exploits also the tragedies of the Italian Vertriebenen. But this is a more interesting group, as it is playing an higher profile role than their Commnuist opponent. The Unione degli Istriani engaged in the commemorations of the dead buried in underground holes, is strictly linked with Haider, and, in an strongly allusive way, also to his murder.

I stop for the moment with the chronicle of the recent North Adriatic facts. I have to recall to you some important elements, occult elements, of the true occult liturgy of the Roman Catholic sect which, never forget, is only the old Roman (and Egyptian, Sumerian, etc.) pagan devotion to Lucifer and Satan (Saturn), just only keenly disguised with the superficial, apparent dress of its implacable opponent, the Christendom - From “Papal Keys and Masonic Symbolism, by Mad.Arsenal” (a message I posted also in Novo Ordo Seclorum blog) – the first message of the thread:

Jul 31 2007, 04:16 AM


“……It also shows the 3rd degree of Freemasonry, where the initiate will play Hiram Abiff (the sun) who's slain by three ruffians (October, November, December or Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius)

While he's buried, 12 masons go searching for him (the 12 months/zodiacs) and the 3 masons going West find him (January/Pisces, February/Aries, March/Taurus)

They then try to resurrect him 3 times (April/Gemini, May/Cancer, June/Leo).
They try with the two first grips (Gemini and Cancer) but only succeed the 3rd time, raising him from the dead to full upright position with the special grip, the "Lion's Paw" grip. This is of course an allusion to the sun being finally restored to full glory at summer solstice, June 21st, the sun in the sign of Leo the Lion, the strongest sign whith its strenght finally resurrects the sun/Hiram Abiff, role-played by the initiate.

This shows alot about how much they care about the different stages of the sun, the yearly cycle. And the veneretaion of the sun's yearly revival. At winter he's dead. But then at vernal equinox he suddenly begins to show signs of life, he is resurrected from the dead, once again, the eternal life of the sun bringing eternal life to the world. Therefore the allusion to the immortality of the soul of man, as above so below.
The vernal equinox was the most venerated, thats when you could feel the suns revival and nature beginning to spring back to life.
The sun had therefore passed from death to life.……….

The initiate, the king, is playing Osiris, the sun. He's the one lying "dead" on the floor. Obviously what we see is Leo gripping him to raise him to life at summer solstice, with the "Lion's Paw". The lion getting the signal from Isis at left (what would be the Grand Master in Freemasonry's ritual)
Today at summer solstice the sun is in the sign Gemini, but Freemasonry hasnt changed its ancient ritual over the many thousands of years from Egypt to the present.
Actually, Brown shows that Freemasonry is built wholly on the particular Greek Mystery School of Bacchus (IHS) which was of course built on the Egyptian ones, like all the Mystery Schools. The Bacchus mystery school was continued as the Essenes cult, and Bacchus was the sun hero who's almost exactly like Jesus, turns water into wine etc.

What we will notice on the picture is the cross on the initiate playing Osiris. That is the cross that represents Osiris.
This cross is the equinox, "The Great Celestial Cross".


The equinoxes are the points where the sun crosses over equator to the other realm.
Either from death to life, or from life to death.

The equinox thus represents the gateway.
It was also represented in the "Sun gate" or "Sun door", and when you pass thru that door, you go to the "beyond", the realm of the spirits, the "heavens" etc.

That is, the two pillar's most ancient and basic function was to mark respectively summer and winter solstice, to secretly function as a calendar. When they built their suntemples - facing east - they first placed a spot on the floor. This is called the "blazing star" in Freemasonry, and is found in the chequered floor of their temples, a pentagram.
They would stand on the spot, the "blazing star", and at summer solstice the would mark a place for the one pillar/obelisk outside the temple exactly in line with the rising sun, then do the same at exactly winter solstice………

"The Royal Arch of Freemasonry" means the heavenly sphere from vernal to autumnal equinox. That is spring and summer, these seven signs of the zodiac in the part of the year where the sun is alive and brings life, fruit, light and happiness. From Taurus to Scorpio. Or, as the masonic tradition was further evolved a couple of thousands of years after the high epoch of Egypt, the sun had moved via the prescession of equinoxes, one sign. Which is also the astrological positions used today (altho it has moved one sign further the last 2000 years)


And here we have the Pope passing thru what the Vatican call the "Holy Door", to mark the so-called "Holy Year":

-------------------------end of the quote-----------------------

And the arch, the arch of Freemasons, is: a b-r-i-d-g-e, a “ponte” in Italian/Latin language, in other words, is something built by ‘architects’ who realizes the ‘divine’ design ruling the sheople. And the supreme divine emperor of all the architects on earth is the supreme builder of “bridges”/”ponti”, he is – of course! - the Pontifex Maximus. Well, what I am saying is not a novelty, I am only repeating for the 1001st time what many others before me did tell, but what is interesting to note is how they printed the secret truth also in the stone, and also how they are deceiving you about that representation of this truth – here you have some information on saint Just/Justus, taken from the same above thread “Papal keys etc.” too.

My post of Nov 8 2007, 08:05 PM:



This evening (8th November 2007, at the regional TV news of the 7:30 PM, third public channel) it was reported the discovery of the corpse of a person diasappeared in the city of Trieste on the 28th October.

The man was found as drowned person in the waters off the coast of the city. The day passed since the disappearing are exactly 11, . It is interesting to note, that on the 3rd November, every third November, there's the holiday of the city, when its patron is celebrated. The name of it is San Giusto = Saint Just.

Saint Just the martyr patron of Trieste (Wikipedia only Italian page, but reported below the picture in English)


The date of the murder is uncertain: 290 or 303 a.C. He was imprisoned when he disobeyed the order to make sacrifice in honour to pagan gods. After days of torture, the Roman prefect Manazio killed Just drowning him in the waters in front of Trieste. He was tied to weights, but after the death, they were losed and the corpse was found on the beach.... Sounds it familiar?

Probably you'll have noted that the day added to the month are giving....14: in fact 3 + 11 = 14, and this is not strange for a city that consacreted itself to the number 14, the number of the pieces of Osiris chopped by Seth, and the number of days for a single cycle of the Moon tide.
It is of a certain significance to note that the day 3rd November occurs after 6 days after the 28th October, the day of the disappearance of the man foud this evening. Note how the saint Just murder sounds a bit 'Osiris' murder. Three days after the 3rd November you have the sixth November. And the corpse of the disappeared person was found today, in the evening, on the 8th November. How much are you disposed to bet that the coroner will state that the date of the death could be placed probably on the 6th November?


----------------------end of the quote----------------------

…..and my post of Nov 10 2007, 03:01 PM:



Ok, I won the bet. An easy winnings. The coroner stated (article of the local newspaper) that the death is "two or three days before" the day of the discovery cause " the still good state of preservation of the body". So 8 - 3 = 5 and 8 - 2 = 6. The victim was sacrifiied on the Samhein day, the same day when probably the San Justus/Osiris corpse was discovered on the beach, pushed there by the tide....

Pardon, I forgot the comparison.

San Giusto:

Royal Arch:

It is interesting to note the travel made by the sacrificial victim (cell phone detection): first he leaved the suburbia which is near the sea level, then he went up to the highland back (= North East) of the city (the Carso/Karst/Kras highland) in the little town of Opicina, where media stated for more times he was present in a particolar zone of it, a hill with a church on the top near the locality of Monrupino. Then obviously he went down again and definitively to the level zero above the sea, where he was 'casually' found.

Down, Up and then Down again, what recall this movement? Not only the tides, also the sun.


-----------------------end of the quote---------------------------

The victim of a probable Shamain-Vatican-masonic ritual murder described, from the day of the disappearing to the day of the re-appearing, and this respect the sea-level, an arch, exactly like the one of the picture representing the Masonic arch or like the arch of rocky sculpture of ‘holy’, ‘saint’ Justus of Trieste firmly driven in the walls of the “Saint Justus cathedral of Trieste”.

Now it is clear (like the light of Aton I would say) that the true core of the Roman Catholic sect has been represented in a banal, theatrical, ‘cartoon’ way through one of external appendixes of Rome, through an appendix called “Masonry”. It doesn’t matter how much in ‘good faith’ could be the Masons, what interests to Rome is if that such ‘good faith’ works well, aka if it could do the dirty job sparing, at the same time, the ‘respectable’, ‘Christian’ face of the Vatican. Amen.

(Pardon, I wanted to say: Amon).

And now let’s return to the chronicle of the Adriatic Womb of Europe, lets see now our proud Unione degli Istriani, in another context – the sacrificial Saturnalia murder of Joerg Haider, a propitiatory ritual murder for the Gegenreformation Krieg of our days:


1 ) On September 22nd 2008, at 15:44, the sun passed the autumnal point and started to sink in the long wintry darkness.

2 ) After 19 days, on the 11th of October, in a day consecrated to the dying sun, i.e. to Saturn aka Saturday, Joerg Haider dies, he sinks in the darkness of the underworld. Before to ‘vanish’, he makes the ‘last supper’ with the Unione degli Istriani representatives.

3 ) Nearly five long dark wintry months later, meanwhile the sun is approaching the vernal point, the ‘spiritual’ body of Joerg Haider resuscitates, rises again from the darkness, and with his ‘figure’ enlightens the world, assuring with his face the victory to his party. It is the day of the Sun, Sunday the 1st of March. And, as vestals, the representatives of the Unione degli Istriani, just the day before, witnessed the rising of Haider, with the attempt to commemorate/evocate the deads laying in the underground holes of the Karst highlands: it’s the last day of February, the 28th day, again the day of the dying sun aka Saturn, aka Saturday.

4 ) After 20 days, so after a nearly equal interval of time of the previous autumnal point, there’s the vernal point, when the ‘sun’, like Joerg Haider, will rise again to enlighten the world. Precisely at 11:44 of March, the 20th.

So you’ll have immediately understood the sense of this macabre occultist carnival. On the day before the ‘commemoration’ of the deads laying in the dark underground caves of the Karst highlands, so the 27th February, it appeared an interesting article in the Reuters Global News blogs:

Rising from the dead - Haider presides over Austrian regional election


Some 25,000 people attended his funeral, countless books have been written about him, a bridge was named in his honour and now the spectre of Austrian far-right leader Joerg Haider is dominating a regional election in Austria.


Ottomeyer, who will publish a book in March about the making of the Haider myth, said the Carinthians have glorified their former governor as benevolent father figure, Robin Hood or even a patron saint.


Sunday the party of Haider increased the votes of a 3%, despite the pessimistic forecasting. Or maybe they know that the death of the Carinthian Osiris would have increased the votes. Claiming the opposite just before the elections, would have psychologically increased the sense of victory in the head of the sheople.

Now lets rewrite again the above succession of events centered on the figure of Haider:

A ) 22nd September, the autumnal point

B ) 19 days of waiting

C ) On 11th October Joerg Haider dies

X ) Nearly five months of dark, wintry permanency in the underworld

C’ ) On 1st March Haider rises again and assure the victory to his party

B’ ) 20 days of waiting

A’ ) 20th March, the vernal point

If you can copy the previous paragraph in a text document file, and reduce then the size of the characters till the point that all the words will lay in a single line, you’ll observe the sequent orders of those events/periods, where you have 7 points ordered in a symmetry: A – B – C – X – C’ – B’ – A’. This structure recalls the famous “Jewish tree” or Menorah - but a Menorah of the Council of Trent.

I chose the ‘X’ not only for the celestial equinoctial cross, but also for the meaning: “nothing, void, dark”, as the wintry season could recall. But are we sure that only the Jewish culture and religion has such a logical organization and structure? Or maybe the “Jewish tree” is only a particular way to represents something in a ‘banal’, ‘theatrical’, choreographed way what is – instead – the conceptual, logical organizational mind of a more occult and powerful power? Are the Jews the ones exploited to represent only a superficial, apparent, ‘naïve’ and folkloric image of the true operational core of the Romanist sect? If I am not wrong, the usual division of a week in seven days is not an exclusive attribute of the Jewry… Sun-day, the day of the Sun, recall us that there’s another 7-points symmetry, opposed and complementary of the one just described above: if you apply the same symmetric order starting instead from the autumnal point, from the vernal point, you have another ‘Jewish’ tree. Is it maybe the other face of the just described wintry symmetry? So the wintry solstice, the point “X”, is the symmetrical opponent of the point “Y’”, the Summer solstice, the apotheosis of the power, and so of the Sun. And the symmetric complementary tree starts with a rising , the rising of the sun towards the Summer solstice, instead of the sinking of the sun towards the wintry underworld grave. The same entire year, could now be represented by the sum of both trees, giving the number 14 as a new, occult, Luciferian organization of the timeline (*).

I linked the number 14 with Osiris as the ancient Greek historian Plutarch did it. They usually say that the myth is a reconstruction also by this Greek historian, but you can re-build the original core in every moment as the astronomical cycles didn’t change to much in the last four-six millenniums: observe – link – done! The fact that Plutarch was right, it is possible to see from the simple astronomical and historical observation, the Moon is a planet characterizing the night, and the Egyptian called the sun also…. ….

Again a quote from the original “Papal keys etc.” post from where comes the above excerpt:

“…….The Egyptians had different names for the sun in its different stages:

“….The sun was called "Atum" at dusk, "Osiris" at night, "Khepri" at dawn and "Re" at noon…..”

……..So at night Osiris is dead, and is laying in the underworld , from where he enlightens, with his pale light, the earth through the Moon. And as Osiris is the dying sun, so the sun that sinks for excellence, the pieces in which he was cutted aka murdered, aka drowned down in the darkness, couldn’t be anything else than the 14 pieces of a Moon phase, the 14 days of a Moon/tidal semi cycle (**) describing his descending path to the underworld. In fact very few matters are indisputable in our world like the one that the only memory of the warm, bright sun of Spring and Summer is given only thanks the ‘compassionable’ intermediation of the Moon, whose surface gives us back always the same bright and warm sunrays, be it a night of the sunny month of June or a night of the dark, cold and sad month of January. (And so there’s another confirmation of the mapping I did between the numerological repetitions in the events, especially the Italian traumatic events, and the same occult theological significance of those events – I was damn right, see the threadLow Intensity Golpe Acted Through Carabinieri At, Work In Italy? (long post, sorry).)

Resumee: North Adriatic region, the region of the ‘saint’ Vatican scuba divers:

0) Saint Justus of Trieste, the function “0”, and its daughter-images showed on the secularly disguided Counter Reformation screen:

1) Osiris model with the commemoration of Italians exterminated by Tito: they sunk in the dark underground holes, and during the approach of the Spring (=vernal equinox), with celebration of the 10th February, they are ‘evocated’ in order to rise again.

2) The Roman Catholic priest Francesco Giovanni Bonifacio, the Osiris from Istria, disappeared/sunk in the darkness on the 11th September 1946, exactly and only 19 days before the first step of the trial to monsignor “Genocide”, Aloize Stepinac. After many years some witnesses claimed that Bonifacio was kidnapped, brutally murdered and then threw in an underground hole by Tito’s army guards. The body went never recovered. 62 years after the sinking in the darkness he resuscitated, this time exceptionally during Autumn but just seven days before the disappearing/sinking in the darkness of another Osiris, the Charintian Joerg Haider. In fact on the 4th October 2008 (= 10th month and 4th day…) Vatican priest Francis Bonifacio was beatified as necessary step to declare him a saint. The ritual occurred in the cathedral of saint Just, whose walls have the image of the “saint Just”, true Mother of all the local Osiris, surrounded with the Masonic Arch & Pillars. Again the fundamental brick of the seven days appears as a link between the ‘saint’ patron of the Italian Vertriebenen of Istria (priest Francis Bonifacio) and the Austrian saint patron (do you remember the words of the above quoted article?...) of the Vertriebenen of Sudetenland (Joerg Haider).

3) ….Joerg Dean of Carinthia, which raised again from the underworld, together with the Osiris-victims of Tito-Seth, approaching the vernal equinox – 20th March. The “Unione degli Istriani”, whose representatives were participating to the ‘last supper’ of the dying sun of Carinthia, have as founding cause of their association, the expulsion and persecution of the Italians of Istria, a cause which is strictly linked – through the comparison done by propaganda - with the commemoration of the persecuted Jews, the Holocaust Remembrance day in the first month. Then, in the last day of the second month, the “Unione degli Istriani” evoked both Joerg “Osiris” Haider and the population of the dead in the underworld of the Karst highlands. The day after, the first day of the third month, Osiris resuscitated, but it is better to say that the ghost of the sun buried in the underworld has been finally found by the third one of the three comrades, the comrade named “vernal point” (March). Do you remember?…:”… and the 3 masons going West find him (January/Pisces, February/Aries, March/Taurus) ……”.

With him, the comrades of the Unione degli Istriani evoked also the dead of the underworld whose ghosts came back on the surface of our world, to enlighten with their sinister light, the path of the Novo Ordo Seclorum: just only 3 days after the commemoration and the clash on the Karst highlands, a news shocked Slovenia, in an abandoned mine the rests of hundreds of ‘victims of Titoism’ went found. Was it just the result of an occult plan? But about that in the third part of this work.

End of second part.


(*) The Menorah is probably a distortion of the Jewish cult even if it is present in the Torah. Anyway it has only an ornamental function. It was present in the Jerusalem temple before the definitive destruction, and was seized by the Romans. Probably it is returned to its original land, but today it is in Roman Catholic hands. This strongly underlines also the occult pagan Romanist significance of the symbol. Maybe like the Christian cross which, if for the true Luther represented the sufferance of Jesus, for the pagans of the Vatican represents both the male principle (the longer axis/legs of Christ pointing always down, i.e. to the soil/earth aka to the female mother earth) and the four celestial coordinates for the Luciferian worship of the sun – always under ‘Christian’ dresses, of course.

(**) Of course there aren’t exactly exactly fourteen days in a semi cycle. The Moon have a phase of about 29 days. But if you count the days of a Moon phase in a calendar, you’ll see that after the fully shining Moon, there are 14 days before the full dark Moon, to tell it exactly the 14th day the Moon completely get obscured. These are the 14 days/pieces of Osiris sinking in the underworld. Then, after the full black Moon, you have about 15 days of slow rising. Probably it is due also to these 15 days, the fact that this number is linked with female entity Venus/Isis (see Saturnalia section of Unhived Mind). In fact who is giving the ‘sign’ to the lion waiting to awake definitively the sun at the beginning of Summer? She is Isis, aka Venus aka ‘virgin’ Mary, aka etc. aka etc. See the picture above. Not for a quantum mechanical coincidence the day of the ‘assumption’ of Mary aka Isis aka Venus aka etc. in the sky, is the 15th day of the month of August – a special Roman Catholic holyday. The consequent tidal cycle, of about 28 days, so the double of 14 days, is a female concept, as the waters are a female element and so linked with the Moon, Venus, Isis etc. The tidal cycle of the Niles links the Moon with Osiris also via female waters/tide. I encountered many times the sequence ‘14’ and ‘15’: now we can give to it its true occult Saturnalia-Romish significance. You could develop further the matter adding both numbers to gain a complete Moon cycle of 29 days and to continue with both numbers ‘2’ and ‘9’ whose sum is…...



(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


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