Monday, July 27, 2009

Biden- Glittering Tool of Romish-Masonic Papal War Against Russia?

Was a strong supporter of the Jesuit-Georgetown directed war against Serbia

“The Obama administration is pursuing very different principles, policies and processes and a position that dramatically realigns U.S. foreign policy more with the positions of the Catholic Church,” said Love.

At the closing of her presentation, Love referenced the current economic crisis, “as the world economy crumbles perhaps this may be our broadest area and our deepest area for collaboration. The Church and state may be able to powerfully collaborate in protecting the world’s poor and vulnerable.”

Were these Russians expressing their opinion of the U.S. being led on foreign policy like it had a ring through its nose by Jesuit Georgetown University with such things as its Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service?

U.S. Vice President Biden's recent remarks about Russia has led to a sharp rise in popular questioning about who shapes U.S. Foreign policy!

MOSCOW — An interview U.S. Vice President Joe Biden gave to an American newspaper was front-page news Monday in Moscow, where his characterization of Russia as a weakened nation hit a raw nerve.

Biden said Russia's economic difficulties are likely to make the Kremlin more willing to cooperate with the United States on a range of national security issues.

"I think we vastly underestimate the hand that we hold," he said in an interview to The Wall Street Journal published Saturday.

Biden's comments appeared to catch the Kremlin by surprise, coming less than three weeks after President Barack Obama said on a visit to Moscow that the U.S. wants to see a "strong, peaceful and prosperous Russia."

"It raises the question: Who is shaping U.S. foreign policy? The president or members of his team, even the most respected ones?" said Kremlin foreign policy adviser Sergei Prikhodko.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs on Monday downplayed suggestions that Biden was setting a different U.S. policy from that laid out by the president.

When asked whether Obama thought Biden had gone too far in his remarks, Gibbs said the president stated his views on Russia during his recent visit and the vice president agrees with those views.

The following link is to an excellent article about Rome's subversion of Russia for the purpose of killing off its main religious institutional competitor to the East:

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