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Jesuitical Deniers of the Holocaust of Jewish Peoples

Why holocaust deniers get public exposure, but not exposers of the Vatican's crimes, such as those of WW1-WW2 Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski

From Avles Beluskes Exposed:


Thursday, October 22, 2009

The three "I" of "Instigate, Identify and Inquisition"





Also today the Italian media are spreading anti-Semitism. Of course in the most effective way. Take a ‘researcher’ on the ‘lies’ of the Holocaust, and attack him with a choreographed aggression. Of course he is supported by a consistent net of “Holocaust denier” source of information. The “Holocaust deniers” are fighting against “the most powerful plot never existed in the world”, but strangely they can always supply the society with their thesis. Strange, very strange. I, who am dealing with the Jesuits’ plot, am practically living isolated, hated and despised by anyone. Why the books of Eric John Phelps, or the blog of Douglas Willinger, are nearly a fact of clandestinity? If the church of Rome is only an optional of the world global elite, why is it that you, except the usual emarginated and isolated ones, you hear nothing about the Vatican and Jesuits as creator of National Socialism, of Bolshevism, of the SS? Damn, the priests of Rome aren’t Jews, but is seems that they are thousands of times more powerful than the Jews, who aren’t able to shut the mouth of the “Holocaust lies” propaganda, at the opposite, the more they are hitting it, the more it grows….

Once, when the Jesuit Red brigades where destroying the old political balance in order to introduce the new one of the Socialist and Christian democratic parties and to pursue another step in the restoration of the Pontifical reign, the press was suggested to not publish the thesis and to not gives echo to the Communist terrorists. This strategy is applied to the ones who are exposing the Vatican and the Jesuits as the creator of the New World Order. And as the priests of Rome can’t expose themselves with their almighty control of the world events, they always spread their propaganda and their forma-mentis through puppets who are apparently not-linked with mother church of Rome, but whose personal and public life become a little pedagogical Maoist theatre to train the Masses.

Concepts and especially sentiments like the hate towards the Jews are impossible to introduce via governmental decree. The same books and ideological works are not sufficient to pursue this goal if not accompanied by a strong living theatre which will allow to the masses to experience in first line the sentiment that has to be spread in the society. Take a ‘courageous’ Holocaust deniers who is member of the party of Berlusconi, ‘beat’ him in front of the masses exactly like you are prepared to do with the Jews. Do this cause his denial of the Holocaust. At the same time you would push your papal Jews of the Latin Kingdom (Israel) in a war with their brothers Masonic Muslims of the pope of Hamas and Hezbollah. Of course the guilty for the blood poured will be exclusively putted on the shoulder of the Jews and not of the Muslims. You will not tell the people that you ‘spend’ ten Arab civilians in order to have the pleasure to see one Jew murdered. You’ll not tell the masses that the same elite of Hamas and Hezbollah are the first beneficiary of the murder of the Islamic civilians and hence are disposed to ‘spend’ them exactly like Bush jr. ‘spent’ 3,000 Americans in the Twin Towers attack.

It doesn’t need to shake it all, because the reaction is spontaneous: anti-Semitism is again, magically, created. It remains some interesting points. Meanwhile today one of the news is telling about the presence in Facebook of the “Holocaust denier” of Berlusconi, Antonio Caracciolo, who has been condemned by a “…very, but very scandalized Communist Jesuit-Masonic third tv news!…” (whose spiritual father, Karl Marx, was an anti-Semite), yesterday the Facebook group “Uccidiamo Berlusconi” (“Let’s kill Berlusconi”) captured the attention of the media.

Since September 2008 it exists a group whose title is an incitement to kill the prime minister of the Republic. What could you think about? You can only see how my “Is ‘God’ cleansing Italy?” message is confirmed. For more than a year a Jesuit intelligence group with the task to detect the potential enemies of the Roman Catholic Constantine knight Silvio Berlusconi has worked. “Instigate, identify and Inquisition”. It works so since millennium. It worked with the Cathar’s heresy (spread very probable by the assassin sect of Templars), it worked for example in China (100 Flowers’ revolution), it worked with Salaman Rushdie who helped the pope of Teheran (and the Black pope of Rome) to detect the enemies of their war all around the world. It worked and works with the Tibet clashes, which helped to instigate and detect the ‘heretics’ inside Red Jesuit China. It works with the electoral provocation of the Assassin Ahmadinejad today in Iran. And it worked very well with the instigation of the encyclical “Mit brennender Sorge” in the Germany of Catholic Hitler.


“Mit brennender Sorge”. An encyclical to instigate, identify and to purge the Roman Catholic of Germany not aligned with the extermination of the Jews policy of the puppet of Vatican, the corporal Adolph Hitler (*) . And today you have again a sort of provocation. An instigation. For more an year they classified the people thanks to “Let’s Kill Berlusconi” Facebook group. Today – with a good timing - it appears the ‘scandal’ of the “Holocaust denier” Caracciolo. Do they have to select the true anti-Semite from the false ones? But they just did the job and Antonio Caracciolo was the central key in the identification work. In less than three months it will start the 2010 and the Jesuit baits on Facebook have discharged their duty. Its time now to harvest.

I told you about the 2010, its coming, but the Chemtrails are more ‘trendy’ and especially the emotion they can give are less powerful and dangerous of the ones you feel when you are staring the Beast directly in her eyes, instead to watch her white long farts in the blue sky.

(And now two examples of censorship. First, I see that they continually are trying to hide from the front page of Google the options to change the language. I can use Slovenian, English, German and of course the Italian language. They are trying with every means to shut my mouth, I haven't doubt about that! Second.After having heard the news, I was searching on Google with the words “berlusconi + svastica + arcore + mausoleo” to see if there are images of the big svastika – a replica of the one of the first Thule society logo – on the floor of the entrance of the Berlusconi’s mausoleum in the town of Arcore near Miland....
....The svastika is hidden by the opportune black strip:
It is a not a strange link the svastika of Berlusconi with his party member Antonio Caracciolo, the “Holocaust denier”. But it occurs a strange fact when searching. Even if the numbers of the page were reaching the number “25”, I was able to search only till the page “16”. Clicking on the page “21” for example, or similar one greater than “16”, you are putted back before the page “16”. Sixteen as the half of 32, the Canon of the Council of Trent.. To have the indisputable proof I substituted the word “svastica” with the word “sindaco” (“major”) and finally the searching engine was allowing to me to reach every page over the page “16”. Google macht frei”.)

(*) http://avlesbeluskesexposed.blogspot.com/2008/11/mit-brennendem-sorge-words-of-satan.html
(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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