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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day of Reformation, national holyday of Slovenia!

"....The 31st October in Slovenia is the state holyday, the “Day of the Reformation”. The Reformation brought to the Slovenians the first book and with it the literary langueage, but also the first mention of the concept of Slovenian.

The central personality of the Slovenian Protestantism was Primož Trubar (1508-1586), who wrote in 1550 the Katekizem, first book in Slovenian language and first printed book in absolute, to which it has been added also the Abecednik (primer).

All began with Luther

The professor of biblical theology and Catholic monk Martin Luther nailed on the 31st October 1517 at the door of the church in the German Wittenberg 95 thesis about the reformation of the church and in a such way evidenced the crisis in her. It started the Reformation movement which led to an inner reorganization of the Catholic church, but also to the birth of new churches.

The most important work of the Slovenian Protestantism is, following the opinion of many experts, the translation of the Bible which has been given to the publication in Wittenberg by Jurij Dalmatin in the year 1584. In the age of the Reformation it appeared the first Slovenian ortography, Zimske urice Adama Bohoriča, which shaped the Slovenian scripture for the next two centuries.

Protestants left an indelible mark

In Slovenia the Day of the Reformation is a state holyday since 1992. The celebration of this year occurred yesterday evening at the hall Cankarjev dom, the speaker was the president of the Slovenian parliament Pavel Gantar. In the speaking he underlined that the Reformation and with it the Protestant movement leaved in Slovenia an indelible mark, because at those times there have been created the fundaments of the cultural development and progress for the Slovenian people.

It would be desirable, is the opinion of Gantar, for the Slovenians, that the Protestantism should be more recalled also in its economical-cultural and rationale fundaments. As regards that he indicated the thought about the link between the development of the modern rational capitalism and the protestant ethic....."
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And it has to be added that it was just that German ethnic nobility - see a name for all: baron Ungnad - the one which provided Primož Trubar with all the means necessary to start and complete his Evangelical Christian mission! It was just thanks to the same German Protestant world, the same which was under the target of the Italian Irredentists such Hermet & Timeus, that today exists a nation named: Slovenia. When in the WWII the Beast Wladimir Ledochowsky provided to drag (using his Mussolini) the German troops in the Balkan and Slovenian trap, from where the German people would have harvested only hate and desire of revenge from the Balkan populations, he was knowing well what he was doing. And the ritual (even if righteously) celebrations recalling the horrors of the Fascist and Nazi aggression frequently held in Slovenia, witness that Rome finally could destroy that ancient link between Slovenia and the German world!

So it is not strange that just in the days before, the 29th and the 30th October, the Jesuit Masonic controlled “Unione degli Istriani” tried to soil and ruin the Day of the Reformation in Slovenia, brainwashing and keeping occupied the minds of the Italian inhabitants of the near province of Trieste, that piece of the false region “Venezia Giulia”, with a polemic against the title of a short movie
(*). Remember that the seat of Unione degli Istriani is located one minute human walking far away the seat of Grande Oriente d’Italia, around Goldoni square in the centre of Trieste (**).

Remember that the “Communist army of Tito” has the imaginary role to replace in the minds of the Italians the “Protestant heresy threat”, as both had (the Communist as apparent, the Protestant as real) enemy the church of Rome, and the Jesuits had and have the very urgent necessity to never use the true name of their enemies, but to represent them under a third opportune masque.

Today, during the National Day of the Reformation in Slovenia, in order to soil the memory of Primo
ž Trubar, the ‘guest star’ of Slovenia was the Jesuit trained and Temporal Coadjutor Bill Clinton who returned in this country after the previous visit as American President ten years ago.

It is not strange that Clinton New World Order propaganda speech was held in the same Canakarjev dom where the previous evening, in a television broadcasted live program, the Day of Reformation has been – even if under the occult control of the same order of Loyola – celebrated with pride and honour. The Jesuits wanted to put their evil dirty sign in order to ‘excommunicate’ the same Cankarjev dom, and the presence of their abominable puppet Bill, the day after, cretinizing the Slovenian elite with his rhetorical N.W.O. blatant chalks, is an evidence for that.

As regard the movie which has been condemned by the Jesuit-Masonic Irredentist Massimiliano Lacota president of Unione degli Istriani, it is a
diploma-work of Žige Virca of the cinema academy of Ljubljana, financed by the Slovenian public television. It is 27 minutes long and the story regards the year 2010 when a frustrated man of today living a critic familiar condition stages again with his friends the “old glorious days of the capture of Trieste by their partisan fathers”. Of course the short movie is an ironical, surreal, comic, grotesque satire, even a deficient idiot could understand that there’s no a war propaganda but self-irony, just after having seeing the trailer which recalls the way of making cinema for example of the Serbian movie director Kusturica (but it is a general ‘way’ in common all along the Balkans):

Of course the boutade of the Unione degli Istriani, which DOESN’T represent all the expellees from Istria (my mother expellee feels not represented by a bunch of Fascists some of them well disguised as ‘progressists’), but EXPOLOITS the tragedy of the tens of thousands of Italians who abandoned their home all along the East coast of the Adriatic sea, the boutade of the Unione degli Istriani is only an useful trick of the Vatican Novo Ordo Seclorum and of the Jesuits’ Counter Reformation war today.

The true war is the Continuing Counter Reformation war of the Jesuit order and of the Vatican!

The Venetian costume:

(**) The geometry of the Novo Ordo Seclorum I and II: ,

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)

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