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Letter About Turkey

From Eric Jon Phelps

Dear Brother Kirk,

I am sick at the moment but feel it is necessary that I respond.As you know, the Turks are nice to westerners on the outside; inside they are secretive and suspicious---and with good reason. Turkey was created out of the parceled-up Ottoman Empire at the Treaty of Versailles. They regard it as theft of the greatest magnitude, as would I.

What they do not know as that the last Sultan (who was also a freemason) and Knight of Malta King George V worked together to bring about the Ottoman Empire's loss of WWI. Both worked together during the Armenian and Assyrian massacres of Orthodox Christians---Rome using Islam to kill "heretics and liberals." Remember at about the same time (1917), the Turks fired not one shot when General Allenby entered Jerusalem. Leaflets were dropped and the Turks, well---they just faded away because someone gave that order! Thus, the Jesuits used their apostate White Protestant British Empire to end their Sunni-Islamic Ottoman Empire. They needed Jerusalem to be inhabited by Jews in order to build the Third Hebrew Temple. And according the Pierre van Paassen's Days of Our Years, this was Haj Amin al Husseini's greatest fear while it was that thug who was appointed Grand Mufti by one of the Pope's court Jews, England's acting Lord High Commissioner for Palestine, Herbert Samuel.

Now, Turkey is to never be admitted into the European Union---never! One of the first indications of this was Turkey's attack on Cyprus in 1974, stealing nearly one half of the island. The Turkish northern half is trashed, while the Southern Greek Orthodox half is quite prosperous and beautiful. This was done at the height of the Cold War. Why? Suppossedly, Greece and Turkey were allies against the superhuman Soviet Threat! The fact is Cyprus belongs to the Turks and was torn away from Turkey at Versailles. Turkey wants it back---and is going to have all of the island as this present 12th crusade against Islam unfolds. I maintain, all of Cyprus is a consolation prize for not being admitted into the pope's EU. That EU is to be Islamic free. The reason Rome has brought the Muslims into Europe is to unite the Whites against a common enemy once driven to desperation. Berlin is called "Little Istanbul" and the Germans are fuming about it!

Well, if Turkey has no future with the condemned US and the the coming superpower of the EU, then were shall she go? Into the arms of Mother Russia, and this is exactly what the Prophet Ezekiel declares (Ezekiel 38). Togarmah is Turkey. Therefore, we can begin to observe a gradual move away from the EU (especially with the Gulen movement) and towards Moscow. This alliance will be solidified when the US is blamed for blowing Mecca, Medina and the Jerusalem Mosques---in fact to be blown by the Saudis serving the Jesuit Papacy via Freemasonry and the king being a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece which is a noble Roman Catholic Order.

After this present crusade, the US, Canada and Mexico (NAU) will be partitioned by the victors (Sino-Soviet-Muslim alliance); the Pope's EU will be complete and referred to as Shengen; the Far East will be united by Japan and China (including Austraila); and Africa will be united by a Black king subject to the Pope. But what most Bible readers are missing is the identification of the kingdom of the beast (Rev. 16:10) with its capital city being rebuilt Babylon (Rev. 18). Thus, the high Jesuits running the Jesuit Papacy have decided to demolish the three mosques sacred to Islam as per above. In exchange for the willing sacrifice, the high Islamic Freemasonic leaders will be given a fabulous new kingdom, the beginning of which is Dubai. The construction projects throughout Baghdad by American contractors is unbelievable---unless you understand this grand design.

I trust this is helpful.

Lord Bless,

Brother Eric

Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 2010 3:57 PM
Subject: Turkey

Hi Eric, I have listened to much of your information and understand what you have emparted on your listeners and how this relates to those 'running the show'. My wife's family is are Turkish (I am western) and they are very educated and very nice, respectful people. They are I guess 1 level 'below' the aristocracy and decision makers of Turkey. This means I have 'some' level of contact on a social level with captains of industry, CEO's, ex-Ministers, politicians, Governers, Mayors, so I meet those who are themselves close to current Cabinet Ministers etc, even close enough to get on the phone to the P.M. Without mentioning names... Many or even most of these gentlemen are clearly high level Grand Orient/Muslim brotherhood members, given one can clearly observe handshakes etc.

They are very nice gentlemen and I respect them very much on an individual basis. They are secular and not in agreement with the AK Parti in power, but appreciate that political stability is "good for business".

As a bible believer who understands the 'end game' so often written about, prophecised about, and drummed into even blue lodge family in the West (rebuilt Solomons Temple with risen Horis, anti-messiah etc) I would like your opinion on where you see Turkey headed in the near/medium term and why. I understand who the defacto rulers of Turkey are, who runs things out of Cairo, and who runs that (and so on up the pyramid with all roads leading to...) so no need to window dress any response. I also have listened to Mr Riviera and agree in theory with what he was told by his boss, so you will not shock or offend on that issue. This is personal for me, as I respect the Turkish people and I care about the direction (east, south east, gulen movement, bagdad caliphate?) the current administration is taking the country. Timelines, names, any specifics would be invaluable to me. I am also well respected by these gentlemen, who are 'near' the inner circle (including the dynastic families of Turkey) so I'm only 1-2 degrees removed from the movers and shakers (so to speak). So any accurate, fact based information you provide/confirm can easily be provided in a discrete and trustworthy manner to these individuals. You would be surprised how well received I am in certain circles. I understand this email is no doubt flagged somehow in alphabet agencies, with possible future ramifications for me which I understand are real and serious, but God doesn't give a spirit of fear, so I must not also and I pray this message reaches you safe and that the power of the holy spirit surrounds us both and protects us.


avles said...

Et-voilaaaa! - I

Tuesday, July 06, 2010
Why just now all these rumours about Internet censorship?

Remember that Turkey is the key stone between West Eurasia/Europe (to be entirely Roman Catholicised) and Middle East/Central Asia (to fall entirely under the Islamic influence), two basic pillars of the World Democratic government of the Holy See.

China (see the troubles with Google) is the third pillar.

China is the economic sword of Rome to destroy the Western social tissue.

Remember the involvement of NATO Turkey in the Barak's planned Fiasco of Mavi Marmara raid.


Page last updated at 00:37 GMT, Friday, 2 July 2010 01:37 UK

Turkey goes into battle with Google

Last month Turks found they could not access many Google services. YouTube is already banned. The BBC's Jonathan Head looks at this brewing battle between Turkey and one of the giants of the internet.
Ataturk Mausoleum, Ankara Ataturk Mausoleum: Turkey bans abuse against its founding father

Sitting in an Istanbul cafe Ozan Tuzun taps away furiously on the keyboard of his laptop, trying to break the invisible walls that surround him.

"I'm going to now to take one of their numbers… I enter it… no that didn't work. Right let's try to get a DNS from Google… no… ok we'll try Ktunnel…"

What Ozan is doing - and it takes him about 10 minutes - is something most of us can do in just seconds.

He wants to watch YouTube. And he is an expert, a technology buff; most people trying the same thing from Turkey would give up.

"It's very frustrating, it makes me feel like I'm living in a third world country," he says.

The ban on YouTube was imposed by a court in Ankara on 5 May 2008, after a series of 17 temporary bans the preceding year.

The grounds by the courts given each time varied, but they followed a number of complaints from Turkish citizens about videos on YouTube deemed insulting to Kemal Ataturk, the country's revered first president.
Crimes against Ataturk

In 2007 the government passed a sweeping law regulating the internet, known as Law No 5.............etc.etc.etc.

avles said...

Et-voilaaaa! - II

Thursday, June 17, 2010

avles said...

Et-voilaaaa! - III:

From the previous "internet is military battlefield of nato", quoting an Israel Truth Times blog message:

Turkey is a NATO member - and it is evident that the interests of the Holy See in to grasp those Schismatics of the Balkans (Serbians, Romenians, Bolgarians) and to convert them in Roman Catholic sheep, are too among the most important reasons for this NATO supported Fiasco of the Israeli raid on the Mavi Marmara (from I.T.T. blog):

"........While you read that report, notice how Peter Sutherland, the OFFICIAL financial adviser to the Vatican, who also happens to be BP's outgoing CEO, and Chairman of Goldman Sachs International, joined the board of KOC HOLDINGS, THE LARGEST TURKISH CONGLOMERATE, in 2009, just about a year ago. Interesting??? And why did he do this just now? What is happening?......

After reading the next few links, you will find out that Koc Holdings, an enormous conglomerate covering a huge part of the Turkish economy, is partner with the Italian bank to the Vatican. Now do you see how Turkey and the Vatican are joined at the hip through finance, business interests and directors? Why did the Vatican decide to send their man Peter Sutherland right into the belly of the beast? What is their interest? Is Peter Sutherland only there to LOOK AFTER THE VATICAN'S MONEY, now that the bank is under Turkish control? Or is there more to it?......

I want to remind you of the relationship between the Vatican and Hitler during WWII; the Vatican was a full partner in the Holocaust.

This is no different, Turkey and the Vatican each have their role to play, and it is a happy marriage, it seems, albeit with squabbles here and there, such as the archbishop killed a couple of weeks ago in Turkey. But overall, there is solid cooperation between Turkey and the Vatican, solid business ties, commonality of spirit, a wonderful partnership. And what is even better: the Vatican can operate with impunity, under a different flag. IT doesn't get blamed, Turkey is. Not that Turkey doesn't fully agree, mind you. They are working very well together. But Turkey gets the blame, and the pope comes out smelling like a rose.... as usual.... until we find out what is REALLY going on.

Now you see how it is possible to operate a flotilla against Israel under a Turkish flag, while it is also a covert Vatican project?............


"In 2001, Koç Financial Services is established as a joint venture with UniCredito Italiano, one of Europe's leading banks."The Unicredit bank was a 1998 merger of three Italian banks, Credito Italiano, Rolo Banca 1473 and Unicredito. Unicredito and Rolo Banca 1473 ran a number of regionally titled banks across northern Italy. After this there were a couple of mergers with smaller Italian regional banks in 1999. In 2006 Unicredit merged with the German HVB which itself was the result of a merger of the two largest Bavarian banks. HVB also bought in Bank Austria Creditanstalt, the largest bank in Austria. In 2003 it took over Capitalia the third largest bank in Italy which had among other banks owned the Il Banco di Santo Spirito, which was founded by Pope Paul VI and as the banker to the Vatican States was one of the first national banks in Europe."....."


avles said...

Et-voilaaaaa-IV and end: today or tomorrow some my reflections on EJphelps answer. Just written in an hurry, but not yet presentable to civilized humans....

Anonymous said...


avles said...


Artificial Idiocy or simply... a Living Idiot?

avles said...

I answered to some question putted on the table by the Ontological cyber-chimps....

"....jackveronic said...

Well begun is half done. .............................."

.....and avles answered:

June 14, 2010 6:53 AM
avles said...


The shameless church of Rome deliberately dares to manipulate the historical truth using the confusing term “revolution” for the clear reason that even the Yugoslav general commander of the military detachment of Zagreb, who surely was not under suspicion for Communist sympathies and enmity against his Serbian monarchy, in the days after that fateful 6th April 1941, issued the martial law order which imposed to immediately and without any hesitation shoot any collaborationist with the Fascist Italian and Nazi German aggressors. If those orders would have not been sabotaged ......

etc. etc.

I'm waiting for the Ontological answers!

avles said...






(This comment will be repeated on my blog to avoid Ontological ambiguity).

avles beluskes

Anonymous said...


avles said...

"Follow-up comments will be sent to Unsubscribe"

+ "Blogger 宥妃宥妃 said...


It is evident that the excremental traces of such insects are leading to the Jesuit-Intelligence breeding.

Not only for the fact that they are dragged by the content of my blogs related to the North Adriatic/Yugoslavia/Foibe/Fascist aggression/Jesuit city of Trieste/etc., but also because I never received the "follow-up comments" advice mail from Blogger (or someone stopped it)

Significantly the day of the first spam comment was Friday, the day when the leftist third public channel broadcasted the documentary "the cross and the swastika" about the faked opposition of the church to Hitler in Germany during the thirties.

The documentary seemed to have been built by a mind obsessed by those my messages about the encyclical test "Mit Brennender Sorge" with which the enemies of Hitler, inside the RC German electorate, were definitively identified.

The documentary was accompained by a short presentation of Holy See spokesman, his excellence S.J. Federico Lombardi

avles said...

Friday, November 14, 2008
“Mit brennender Sorge”: the words of Satan under a ‘christian’ disguise? – part one

Friday, November 14, 2008
“Mit brennender Sorge”: the words of Satan under a ‘christian’ disguise? – part two



Anonymous said...

Poverty is stranger to industry.............................................................

avles said...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anonymous said...

來幫忙拼人氣~Go Go Go............................................................

avles said...

...............dementia is friendly to your skull.

avles said...


you posted something about FDR & Canris involving Turkey - not?

In World War II, Turkey decided to have active neutrality policy throughout the war but were considered "wobblies" by the Allies, since under the Ottoman Empire, Turkey had attacked Russia. Turkey via its diplomacy and thanks to the prevailing nationalism, thus remained safe for the majority of the war. On 23 February 1945, when the defeat of Nazi Germany seemed inevitable, the Turkish Republic declared war on Germany and Japan, thereby qualifying for membership to the United Nations. No Turkish troops took part in battle. Despite her previous World War I alliance with Germany, Turkey had interests with the Western powers and met with the War time leaders Roosevelt and Churchill. The latter advocated for Turkey's entrance into the War early on, but Roosevelt only wanted neutrality; the Turkish government agreed.
Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (or von Sebottendorf) was the alias of Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (November 9, 1875 – May 8, 1945), who also occasionally used another alias, Erwin Torre. He was an important figure in the activities of the Thule Society, a post-World War I German occultist organization that influenced many members of the NSDAP. He was a Freemason[1] and a practitioner of meditation, astrology, numerology, and alchemy[2]
He became an Ottoman citizen in 1911
Glauer was initially interested in Theosophy and Freemasonry. In 1901 he was initiated by a family of Greek-Jewish Freemasons into a lodge which is believed to have been affiliated to the French Rite of Memphis.[1]
after the attack on the Munich government in April 1919, an accusation that he never denied. Sebottendorff fled Germany for Switzerland and then Turkey.

avles said...

In World War II, Turkey decided to have active neutrality policy throughout the war but were considered "wobblies" by the Allies, since under the Ottoman Empire, Turkey had attacked Russia. Turkey via its diplomacy and thanks to the prevailing nationalism, thus remained safe for the majority of the war. On 23 February 1945, when the defeat of Nazi Germany seemed inevitable, the Turkish Republic declared war on Germany and Japan, thereby qualifying for membership to the United Nations. No Turkish troops took part in battle. Despite her previous World War I alliance with Germany, Turkey had interests with the Western powers and met with the War time leaders Roosevelt and Churchill. The latter advocated for Turkey's entrance into the War early on, but Roosevelt only wanted neutrality; the Turkish government agreed.

avles said...

Rudolf Freiherr von Sebottendorff (or von Sebottendorf) was the alias of Adam Alfred Rudolf Glauer (November 9, 1875 – May 8, 1945), who also occasionally used another alias, Erwin Torre. He was an important figure in the activities of the Thule Society, a post-World War I German occultist organization that influenced many members of the NSDAP. He was a Freemason[1] and a practitioner of meditation, astrology, numerology, and alchemy[2]

avles said...

By 1916, Sebottendorff had attracted only one follower. In that year, however, he came into contact with the Germanenorden, and was subsequently appointed the Ordensmeister (local group leader) for the Bavaria division of the schismatic Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail. Settling in Munich, he established the Thule Society, which became increasingly political, and in 1918 established a political party, the German Workers' Party. This party was joined in 1919 by Adolf Hitler, who transformed it into the National Socialist German Workers' Party or Nazi Party.

avles said...

In Turkey, he became interested in numerology, kabbalah and Sufism (including secret mystical exercises still practised by Sufis of the Bektashi order).[4] Speculations say he might have converted to Sufi Islam,
after the attack on the Munich government in April 1919, an accusation that he never denied. Sebottendorff fled Germany for Switzerland and then Turkey.

avles said...

"....來幫忙拼人氣~Go Go Go............."


Make me 'now Chinaclown. And salute me the 'British', the friend of FIORE & FREDA.

avles said...


"...The commander of the (partisan) battalion Smeli, in a speech for the captured Belagarda told them that “for their first rash gesture they are pardoned”. (F. Saje: Belogardizem, p. 251). In May 1942 the staff of the Belagarda armada moved to the monastery of Notre Dame at Šmihel near Novo Mesto....".

Saturday, July 17, 2010

avles said...

Pardon, don't miss the documents, pics, etc. I added some minutes later in the bottom of my message:

Images, documents, etc. (in pdf; for example the image of dominican priest Stane Kukovic with the cloack of dominican priest, with the uniform of the Fascist and the one of the Arditi of the Italian army; or the 'usual' image of firing squad platoon mixed with Italian soldiers and Belagarda civilisan; or excerpts from the bulky lists of names by the Roman Catholic priests consigned in the hands of Italian Fascist occupants, etc.):

Excerpts from the text of the book (in Slovenian language - pdf):

Anonymous said...


avles said...

1941 Aggression of SHS Yugoslavia = continuation of the secret war Fascist Italy vs. Nazi Germany to implement Wlodimir Ledochowsky plan to destroy Old Lutheran Prussia based Germany and to change definitively the Religious map of Western Eurasia.

* * *

Keep Germany paralyzed and blackmailed in occupied Yugoslavia using the insanable clash CROATS (Ustaša) vs. SERBS (Chetniks).

* * *
'Italian', 'Venetian' Istria & Dalmatia as the goal of Fascist (later democratic) Italian conquests in the occupied Yugoslavia AT THE EXPENSES OF THE GERMANS.
Italian Fascist SAVOY generals are the military responsible for that low-intensity dirty war among Nazi-Fascist allies.

* * *

When the war ends those Italian military criminals of war are desperately requested by a massacred post-war Yugoslavia.
Just in the same moment when Tito was having the first success, it starts, instigated by some opportune traumatic events, the exodus of the Italians from Istria & Dalmatia.
Tito says for ever "bye bye" to those eight hundreds Italian Fascist SAVOY criminals of war.

* * *

Today Massimiliano Lacota is the defender of the 'Italian' and 'Venetian' civilization of Istria & Dalmatia (the same ideology at the basis of Fascist Italy aggression to Yugo & its Italian Fascist generals criminals of war) and is the secretary of the EUROPEAN organization of the expellees and is received by the pope.

* * *

After around Autumn 2009 - meanwhile Lacota is busy with the pope & North East Europe - I underline the curious parallel arising of the Venetian question also in the forum of Oxley and in the interventions of Phelps.
In January 2010 I start to receive the spam-comments referred to those blogs of mine which involve Istria & Dalmatia.
Probably I know also personally the authors of those spam-comments.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Where would you know these spam comment authors personally?

avles said...

When I was anti-semite, thanks to 911. Fascists of the city of Trieste. The behaviour, the content, etc. of the mails point directly to a particular 'failed' artist, aware to be a failed person but just for this reason an admirer of Roman Catholic Adolph (The prototype of the human failure which became a sublime 'myth').

Well, in the Locanda Mario, this guy (who could be the author of such spam comments), relating to an artist initiative facing problems, told me: "YES, I TOO DON'T LIKE THEM (the priest), BUT CANNOT AVOID TO RELY ALSO ON THEM".

Well, tell me if this is not a revealing sentence.

The guy is claimed to have been also linked with Roberto Menia, today the right hand of Gianfranco Fini head of former Alleanza Nazionale party ally of Berlusconi. Of course many people could have been in touch with Menia, but......

Douglas A. Willinger said...

An article about your intellectual evolution from being anti-Jewish (which is what I think you meant by antisemite, which would logically include Arabians), would be interesting.

I did something of the sort for me at facebook when asked by a person that knew me in High school.


Paul Richmond: Okay, I remember you from NRHS as the Hawk You have gotta tell me how you got from there to here

Douglas Willinger: Its a long story............. essentually BOTH the standard left and right are BS

Paul Richmond: Go on

Douglas Willinger: Well, think about it; one enters some political entity one 'either side of the isle', and each has a flawed agenda; and no matter how good the argument one adds, and regardless even if everyone you speak to agrees with you, there is some higher up force always saying no.

Example, the people at Womans International League for Peace and Freedom wanted to campaign for ending the criminal war against a plant that is a non carcinogenic alternative to tobacco but was demonized by WR Hearst and co at the same time cigs were treated most differently. Much of that organization resigned when the invisible force at the top of the political pyramid said no to any coca campaign.

Douglas Willinger: Other things- aka the sheer inability of thepeople who condemn Israel, rightfully or not but would never say anything if the same or worse is done by others- think of the 1995 US military backing of 'Operation Storm" expelling some 300,000 Serbs from their ancestral homes in Krijina; the reaction against Rhodesia and South Africa versus that ... See Moreregading South America; the slant of the english language media regarding Germany in the years leading up to WW1 and WW2 (the opposite of what it should have been.

All of these things and others point to a certain political dynamics, a 'wobble effects' of political ...

Douglas Willinger: Ever notice about any of the above, nor about how little emphasis is given to the history of the protestant reformation and the rcc counter reformation?

Douglas Willinger: About political wobble effect:

Douglas Willinger: And an example regarding the concept of political dynamics'

Douglas Willinger: And another as reflected via art:

Douglas Willinger: And the idea that fostering ignorance of history can have severe consequences:

And please follow the links within and at the end of that piece. ... ·

avles said...

Firstly: sometimes it appear only a link:

" Von GALEN, SJ Federico Lombardi and RAI3 Jesuit tv public channel
Ontological questions?.... Ontological answers!"

The first one ("Von Galen, SJ etc.") sometimes is invisible.

avles said...

It was just the potential candidate as author of those spam-comments to start to manipulate me in a casual meeting during a travel. The guy showed (with the awareness of today) to search people in order to exploit 'em and to manipulate their mind through "art".

All that having in sight a not well defined final target, to 'conserve' the human 'sentiment' in front of a 'inhuman' world.

The 911 was just happened and as many others I started to think if the old world which opposed to Hitler was really wrong and of consequence the truth was lying on Hitler's side etc.

The guy doesn't use the direct political language, and exbits an apparently despise for the traditional politic.

Its only a deception because he simply praise sartistically and irrationally the same subjects other are praising with a political rational language.

avles said...

Don't forget the importance of 911 in order to convert to anti-semitism people.

(I continue with that term, it was founded by the Fascist racial magazine "La Razza", "anti-Jewish" is an attempt to drag Arab Muslims in the "anti-Jews" hate)

avles said...

I changed view cause the strange behaviour of that guy.

He seemed to me more preoccupied by other thougts than the ones he openly declared to be in his mind.

I realized that he was fooling and using me. Who praises openly to be like the "fuehrer", i.e. to pretend to have at disposition only obeying people, can well go to hell.

Well, I abandoned that bunch of idiots and started to search on the web a more satisfying answer to the problems: then from Chemtrails, Illuminati, Alien abductions, David Icke and other deception, I discovered three years later The Unhived Mind and finally all was clear: I found the answer!

avles said...

It is interesting to notice some facts related to the guys who entered in touch with me (interesting fact even if he is not involved in such spam-comments):

1) the guy frequented Roman Catholic schools (I mean the ones with clergy personel, for ex. nuns, priests etc.)

2) he exbibits to be aware of the importance of the sustain of the church of Rome in the organization of artistical events who are simply the metaphorical sustain to the Hitlerian's phylosophy

3) he is linked with some people with political charges (f.ex. the mp Roberto Menia
and others I now don't remember

4) he is linked also with people who are important in the educative system (selection committee for new teachers in the schools), who are centre-left oriented, but also in touch with the clergy like him

(When I leaved those guys but I was still in touch with that person important for the role in the culture, I just discovered the Jesuit conspiracy in the TUM forum, and, after having explained it to that person, I obtained the sequent answer: "you should told these things to our Jesuit friend". I didn't insist on the argument, I realized what kind of social network they are part of, and I definitively abandoned also him --- a similar answer I obtained also from the son - a warm Communist! - of an Italian partisan who was in the Italian units of Tito's army).

Welcome in Trieste, the Jesuit-Masonic city for excellence!

avles said...

(I hope these comments will be not manipulated by the Jesuit Ontological filter)

My 'conversion' to antisemitism (or anti-Jewish-ism if you prefer)occured so in consequence of 911. But before it a GREAT impression arise in me the later changing, the visit of Sharon at the Western Wall and the consequent clashes.

This is the reason for which I'll never stop to warn about the coreographed comedy of the "Jewish arrogance" which is only a means to arise antisemitism/antiJewish-ism in the world.

Being traditionally belonging to the left wing area, my crisis started after the fall of the Wall, with the first Iraq war and the rising to power of Berlusconi. I was upset and I tried more extreme left wing solutions. Around 1998, thanks the thirsty of knoweledge, I entered in touch with BATTAGLIA COMUNISTA. This group claims to be composed by PROFESSIONALS OF THE REVOLUTION.

They have a former cinema hall as official seat in Padova/Padoa. They, dressed up like Jeova's Witnesses, are claiming to knock at every door of the city of Padua in order to sell their propaganda material (effectively its an excuse to draw police-record files like archives).

They claimed that about in 15 years (hence around 2013) imperialist-capitalist war should arise between Europa and USA.

I soon abandoned such fanatics. Then the 911.

avles said...


"....In the second half of May 1942 the first Belogardist unit camped in Št. Jošt near Stopič (south-east to Novo Mesto in direction Gorjanec) in the region of Dolenjska. Disguised as partisan with the collar badges of the parisan army, the Belogardists presented themselves as a false štajerski battalion ($). The masked Belogardists murdered with cruelty at the back many partisans, especially the carriers of orders and little patrols. The Belogardist chaplain member of the false štajerski battalion, T. Šinkar, in his daily wrote: “Streljamo bolj malo bolj pobjamo” or “Let's shot less (and) kill more”. Belagardisti were ill-famed for their cruel, often sadistic tortures, ......"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

avles said...

That guy was praising the "ambiguity", the "duplicity", the "double-dealing" of the art.

He boasted of being able to disconcert and upset people with 'mysterious appearances & disapperances', etc., using mail and other technique with which he was filling a poor life.

Those spam comments are the perfect example of his psychopatology.

As he is at the centre of such a Jesuit-Masonic network using him and his psychopatology, it would reveal to me not a surprise to see him on the other side of the line....

avles said...

Correction: it was not BATTAGLIA COMUNISTA but LOTTA COMUNISTA, the Communist party with the seat in Padua.

They are fractions of the orthodox Marxism.