Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Child Rape as the Vatican's Worst Crime?

Are sex crimes worse then the blatently Vatican continuing counter reformation war against Serbian people by Roman Catholic Clerical Fascist Ustase- of tearing out their tongues and eyes BEFORE killing them- and the August 1995 US-Vatican-NATO war crime of 'Operation Storm'?

Thomas Richards Vatican Exposer Farewell Address

11/23/10 I am very tired of covering this Vatican issue. I think I've made my point with what I've done so far. The Vatican is just so obviously filthy and corrupt that I really think it's no longer necessary for me to continue. The Vatican connections and intrigue never end. Truly, "All Roads Lead to Rome." (If you wonder what I'm talking about simply go through my web site and also google search [entered by Richards as "catholic+priest+abuse"].)

I've become increasingly sickened by reading everything the Papacy and it's "priests"are doing and so I will only update here every once in a while. There is nothing more wicked than raping children who are created in the very image and likeness of God! (Genesis 1:27) It shows how much they hate God and family and God's creation. Roman Catholicism with their horrible crimes have soiled the very term "Christianity". They have said they are Christians. Even claiming they are the first Christians and Peter was the first Pope. Therefore many people are thinking that "Christianity" is wickedness. And people are so backwards that even many non catholic christians will say I'm wrong for having this web site up. Well, John the Baptist was at the gate of the King calling him out for his wickedness every day until it cost him his head. And what did Jesus say about John the Baptist? That he was the greatest prophet that ever lived (Luke 7:28, Matt 11:11)

So on top of that you have all these mega church pastors saying they're homosexuals or committing lewd acts in general and I've seen many Catholic apologists pointing their fingers at them, attempting to justify the crimes catholic clergy are perpetrating on children. I have found over the last ten years that most church folks in general are lukewarm and refuse to speak out. I wish they were at least like John the baptist. Who was never born again of the Spirit like the Apostles were.

I feel like I'm done with this chapter of my life. It's been 10 long years since I put spirituallsmart.com together. And now I just want to focus on Jesus (Yeshua the Messiah) and my life. I've been through a lot over the past ten years being chewed up and spit out by so called Christian churches. I pray God has mercy on me. And I pray He has mercy on you too. Thank you for reading.

Alas, my efforts at exposing what I consider to be the Vatican's greatest achilless heal, 26th Jesuit Order Superior General -- see this blog Continuing Counter Reformation, starting June, 2007 -- only inspired Richards to add to his pretty good start at Vatican expose, "Spiritually Smart", a miror of the first month's archive of Continuing Counter Reformation via a link labled "Ledochowski", plus a single example of my crop of the young Wlodimir Ledochowski to his Jesuit Nazis page. As of today, that mirror link appears on his page, yet when clicked is found inoperatable.


A subsequent opportunity to suggest he address my expose of the Vatican's control over the planning of Washington, D.C. regarding the USNCPC Extending the Legacy South Capitol Mall, and hence the far greater political control it has over the U.S. led to his backing down from exposing the Vatican, as it subsequently appears to be the case with his November 23, 2010 farewell address.

After all, if one is to be an exposer of the Vatican, would one choose to study new things presented to them and incorporate such to build upon one's existing work?

Or would they simply choose to refuse to consider such new things, and then give up?

Endr Times: Thomas Richards, What Happened to "SPIRITUALLY SMART.COM"?

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