Thursday, December 23, 2010

COUNTER REFORMATION Original European Theater Countries

Roman Empire - west - falls in 476, a mere century and a half after Emperor Constantine establishes the Roman Catholic Church in 330




Holy Roman Empire




Anonymous said...

Hey Douglas, interesting that you bring up some of the pre-Lutheran reformation characters and their fates.

This highlights that there were many figures advocating believing in the bible instead of our dear "pontifex maximus" also before Luther and his 95 theses.

What do you think about the theory of Martin Luther as a Catholic agent working as "controlled oppostion" to contain the various rebels who came to be called "protestants".

I mean there is this famous portrait of Luther (in his youth, yellow background, holding red book) where he does flash the reverse Awen (a.k.a. W-sign, West-side...) hand sign.

Also, I always found it awkward that he was allowed to translate the bible to German (and then publish it) along with a good deal of other pamphlets, while other guys like you mentioned above were put through sacrificial combustion at the stake.

But maybe it's just me...

Douglas A. Willinger said...

I don't know- though note that I point out that Luther had the advantage of the printing press whereas Wycliffe and Hus did not- but what about Tyndale and Trebor?

I consider that theory far more likely -- indeed a certainty -- regarding the 1534 establishment of the 'Church of England' as a diversion from Tyndale and Wycliffe.