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Wikipedia False Claims on Barry Chamish as 'Holocaust Denier'

Correction Attempts Thwarted

From Barry Chamish:

Barry Chamish

The common consensus is that Wikipedia is "democratic journalism." Anyone can edit and update their "articles." My webmaster, Steven, tried to edit my "portrait" with his own corrections. He reported, "You're being blocked. No one can touch it." This is what he tried to submit as a balanced report:


Born - Winnipeg, Canada Jan. 13/52
Education - BA University of Manitoba, MA Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Military - Served in the regular Israel Defence Forces I979-81, saw active combat in the Lebanon War of 1982.
Family - Two children, Ariel and Sally, born in '91 and '92.

Early writing career- Chamish had four fiction books published in Canada between 1972-76; The Devil Wore An Angel's Suit; Keep Stillman-A Pun; Mack; and Alice In Newfoundland. Mack earned him a Canada Council Award, while Alice In Newfoundland won him a Manitoba Arts Council Award in 1976, when he had already moved to Israel. These books showed Chamish's unique comedic force in works noted for their stories of deeply felt frustration.

Middle career - Chamish viewed his likelihood of a successful writing career in Canada as dim. Zionist feelings arose during the Yom Kippur War of October, 1973 and he chose to move to Israel. In 1975, he entered the MA program at Hebrew University, while honing his writing in small press magazines in the UK and US. After his army service ended in '81, he embarked on a long period of commercial writing, writing for Jewish outlets, as well as trade magazines. He served as Israeli correspondent for numerous publications including Billboard,

The Hollywood Reporter, Television Business International, while succeeding in cracking mainstream publications such as Long Island Newsday, The New Republic, and Reason.

Chamish became the five time Israeli Scrabble champion which led to this period's triumph, a featured article in The Atlantic in 1987 entertainingly detailing the subtleties of the game. The article is credited by many involved in the game for greatly increasing sophisticated understanding of Scrabble.

Current career - Chamish's writing took a shocking turn in his 1992 book, The Fall Of Israel. (Canongate Books, Edinburgh, Scotland). Chamish continued his gift of making frustration entertaining as he detailed the deep financial and political corruption of Israel. The book changed Chamish's career. It was reviewed throughout the British media, in fact The Economist gave it its lead review, and Chamish appeared on the Israeli national media beginning with the country's most popular show, Dan Shilon Live. However, he topped the attention dramatically in 1997, when his lecture about the Rabin assassination at Hebrew University was sabotaged by Israel's Secret Service (Shabak) with a highly publicized riot against his work. Chamish handled a hostile media cleverly and he made allies within it. When his book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin was published a year later in Hebrew, it rose to the top of the Israeli bestseller lists. The success was greatly aided by Knesset Member Ophir Pines Paz banning the book's sale at Israeli bookstores. The book is considered a classic in "conspiracy" literature as Chamish proves how Rabin was really murdered, and by whom, with a skilled gathering of evidence and a lawyer's gift of persuasion. Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin was soon translated to seven languages and succeeded by all polls, ie Maariv 2000, to have persuaded over half of religious Israelis and a third of secular that he was right and the government was lying about the assassination.

UFOs and Rabin - Always looking for a marketing niche, Chamish investigated the huge Israeli UFO wave of 1987-99. Using the same skills that made the Rabin book believable, or at least controversial in intelligent circles, Chamish gathered corroborating testimonies, physical evidence, photos and videotapes to create a most intriguing book called Return Of The Giants. His work became the basis of five episodes of the popular American program Sightings, while Fox TV broadcast a half hour of Chamish's work prime time. He now had two separate audiences who wanted to hear him in person, Jewish/Christian for Rabin, and New Age/unaffiliated for Giants. Chamish refused to give his Giants lecture in Israel, believing it would interfere with his Rabin study. Nonetheless, he was invited to present his Rabin lecture in Hebrew over 300 times in Israel, while the Rabin/Giants combination sent him lecturing worldwide, including in Australia, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico, England and Italy.

Today - Hurt that the coverup of Rabin's murder was more powerful than his obvious evidence, Chamish went looking for the reason Israel was run by a most unpleasant oligarchy. He has published numerous political books since 2000 including Save Israel; Israel Betrayed; Shabtai Tzvi, Labor Zionism And The Holocaust; The Last Days Of Israel; Bye Bye Gaza; and THE conPROMISED LAND. All are available by going to and typing "chamish" in the search box. Though all the books are strong, the triumphant book is widely considered Shabtai Tzvi. Within is an expose of the atomic experiments of the '50s using Sephardic children as the guinea pigs. Again, as in all of Chamish's work, the proof is inarguable.

Chamish today resides in Florida. He can be reached at His website is
Steven is far from the only researcher who tried to update Wikipedia's slander. When the slander first appeared over 5 years ago, numerous correspondents reported that they added editions which were published, then within a day, all were deleted. I beseech my readers, try to edit my Wikipedia report. When you fail, report back to me. Your reports will be part of a legal suit against Wikipedia for slander.

What is slander? Simply, you try to prove your argument by using any reference that supports it, and only using material, often from allies, that does so. You can prove anything using this method. But in the journalism of the past, you would be quickly found out, and ideally, sued for slander. This is what Wikipedia did with me, and I'm positive, I'm not alone. In my case, their report insists that it used the Jerusalem Post for guidance. In fact, there were numerous reports in The Post that supported me, but all were ignored. Thus, it appears, that The Post supported the article.

Same with references. The article relies on the view of Daniel Pipes, of the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR). On a recent radio show, my host Dr. Stanley Monteith, congratulated me for being so significant that, "CFR prince of darkness, Daniel Pipes, found you important enough to try to bring you down." The problem is that some Jews believe he is pro-Israel and anti-Arab, thus an ally. In fact, as Dr. Monteith noted, he is nothing of the sort. He plays a role to fool the public and suppress any opposition using any slander he chooses without fear of repercussions. These are the rewards of toiling for the "establishment."

But if there is justice left in America, we can successfully sue Wikipedia. The roadblock, as usual, is legal costs. They can pay to keep any suit in court forever. Only someone with deep pockets can ever beat them in court.

First, read the actual Wikipedia report. A correspondent was furious when he perused it:

"I think most truthseekers would agree that although Wikipedia is relatively
accurate on mainstream topics, when it comes to sensitive geopolitical issues
and those who report on them, Wikipedia isn't to be trusted. However, for them
to label you a "Holocaust denier" [sic] is a low blow even by their standards. I
don't blame you at all for being upset. Although I don't know any lawyers
willing or able to work pro bono (my brother's a lawyer, but I don't think he's
in a position to take on any pro bono work), I certainly hope you can make those
Wikipedia liars retract their garbage! You served in the IDF, distribute Rabbi
Cywiak's memoir, and they try to slime you with this crap? Pathetic! Hang in
there my friend; if anything, Wikipedia's response to your work shows that
you're on the right track. (Not that their trespass should go unchallenged!)"

You heard him right. Wikipedia calls me a Holocaust denier. My readers know the exact opposite is the truth. Yet untold thousands have read the lie. Read the actual report and I'll trust you not to believe a word:


The chief critic of Barry Chamish is Little Stevie Pluat in the Jewish Press weekly[19] and the Jerusalem Post daily.[20] Daniel Pipes has also dismissed Chamish's work as "nonsense". The Americans for a Safe Israel newsletter described Chamish
thus: - "Chamish literally spouts conspiracy theories. Does the Israeli
government claim that Tourism Minister Rehavam Zeevi was murdered by Arab
terrorists? Chamish knows better. Prior to his death, writes Chamish, "Zeevi
went on the war path against Peres, which was not a wise strategy. Others have
tried and others have died." Chamish hints darkly at connections between Peres
and the French and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. He writes:
"It would have been no trouble for Peres and the French to order the PFLP to
knock off Zeevi. (There's unconscious humor for you. Chamish? Proof? A ramble
down free association lane is Chamish's notion of "proof.") Chamish promises
that the "answer, ultimately will lead to the same organization which murdered
Yitzhak Rabin." (Peres, needless to say, was behind that one too.)[21]

Barry Chamish (born 1952 in Winnipeg) is a Canadian-Israeli writer,
investigative journalist and public speaker, best known as a conspiracy theorist
and UFO investigator. He is also widely considered to be a Holocaust Denier
because he publishes hundreds of his pieces on Holocaust Denier web sites. He
has spoken before numerous conferences of Holocaust Deniers and is a columnist
for the Holocaust Denial web site.

He studied at the University of Manitoba and later moved to Israel. In 1975 he attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, receiving an MA in 1979. In 1981, Chamish founded a small press service and has contributed investigative reports to publications as diverse as National Review, Israel Business Today and New Internationalist.

Chamish has written several books, most self-published, of which the
best-known is Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin?, published in 1998. In this book,
Chamish blames the Rabin assassination on Shimon Peres, at that time Israel's
minister of Foreign Affairs, and on the Shin Bet instead of the convicted
assassin Yigal Amir.

Chamish has also been a Scrabble champion in Israel and has written on the game for The Atlantic Monthly.[1]
Contents [hide]
1.1 Ariel Sharon
1.2 Shimon Peres
1.3 Gaza Strip withdrawal
and Hurricane Katrina
1.4 UFOs
1.5 Miscellaneous theories
3 See also
4 References
5 Bibliography
6 External
6.1 Websites and web-based articles
7 Trivia
7.1 Journal and
press articles

[edit]Ariel Sharon
He has stated that
Sharon, in collusion with Peres and Henry Kissinger, deliberately perpetrated
the Sabra and Shatila massacre in order to destroy Begin's political reputation
and career.[2] Chamish maintains a very low opinion of Sharon based on a number
episodes in Sharon's public life.[3]
Chamish also described the drowning of
former Israeli minister Rafael Eitan, who reportedly was "swept away by a wave
while working on a dock in Ashdod", as a "hit" by Prime Minister Ariel
Sharon.[4] The police and media in Israel saw it as an accident.
[edit]Shimon Peres
Chamish claims that Yigal Amir did not shoot Rabin.
Members of Yigal Amir's family told Yedioth Ahronoth in January 2005 that "they
object to Chamish's ideas, and that [Barry Chamish and David Cohen] have no
right to publish such a website. They added the campaign angers Yigal Amir
Chamish has also accused Peres of the death of former Utah
Congressman D. Wayne Owens the founder of the Center for Middle East Peace and
Economic Cooperation and head of the Middle East Peace Center because "he raised
congressional concern about Palestinian-sponsored terrorism...[to] the ire of
some Israeli [peace] activists" and because Owens uncovered supposedly fraud he
had put himself at risk:
Barely a fortnight before, Rep. Owens learned the
Ginosar scandal broke in Israel. He was either terrified or furious. It's a
tossup. If he was terrified, it was because it wouldn't be long before his
direct ties to Stephen Cohen would implicate him deeply in the scandals. If he
was furious, it was because he finally learned how badly he had been scammed by
Peres, Abraham, Masri and Cohen. Either way, he threatened to blow the whistle
on the Peres Peace Center. He was poisoned at dinner and dead on a beach by 9
PM. Rep. Owens is now another notch on Peres' gunbelt.[6]
In his explanation
for the "Sharon stroke mystery", Chamish explains that this was a murder attempt
by Shimon Peres and Yoram Rubin. While he gives no explanation why Peres and a
bodyguard would want to kill the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, let alone
any evidence, Chamish tells us that before he fell into a coma, Sharon wanted to
appoint the Israeli president Moshe Katzav as his deputy and not his close
political affiliate Ehud Olmert. Also he explains that Sharon was about to allow
business people to build a casino in the dismantled Gush Katif settlement
block.[7] Typically no evidence is provided for such murder theories, apart from
sometimes loose associations between individuals.
Chamish also claims that Shimon Peres gave away Jerusalem to the Vatican in a secret clause of the Oslo Agreements and that this fact had been widely published in Israel.[8] Chamish claims that all Israeli politicians are secret followers of Shabbtai Zvi, a man whose movement of followers disappeared entirely 300 years ago.
See also:
Yitzhak Rabin assassination conspiracy theories
[edit]Gaza Strip withdrawal
and Hurricane Katrina
Barry Chamish connects the Israeli withdrawal from the
Gaza Strip with the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans, because Gush
(Katif) and Gulf start with GU and Katrina and (Gush) Katif start with KAT. He
points out that the remainder of the latter words, after subtracting KAT and
rearranging rina, is "if rain". Chamish told Aaron Klein, the Jerusalem reporter
of the World Net Daily: Simple human beings cannot fully understand what is
going on, but the events certainly must be connected. It's statistically
impossible to have two such great natural disasters like the recent tsunami in
Asia and Katrina right after each other. This is the hand of God. He is saying
something.[9] This view is also supported by some religious Jews who are not
conspiracy theorists.[10]
In addition to the letters, Chamish connects the
two occurrences also with numbers: "There are approximately 6 million people in
Israel. 10,000 divided by 6,000,000 equals 0.00167. Two weeks later, Hurricane
Katrina hit New Orleans in the southern United States, and laid waste and
complete desolation to the City of New Orleans. New Orleans has a population of
500,000. US News agencies are openly calling those displaced by the hurricane
'refugees.' There are approximately 300 million people in the United States.
500,000 divided by 300,000,000 equals 0.00167."[11]
has also written a book about UFO sightings in Israel. He continues to write
often about UFOs, although he still claims his analysis on UFOs to be true.[12]
[edit]Miscellaneous theories
In the Versailles banquet hall disaster,
where a floor collapsed during a wedding, 23 persons were killed and 300 more
injured. Chamish deducts that this was a sort of general rehearsal for the
American set-up of the 9/11 attacks on the United States, in which almost 3000
persons died.[13][14]
In 2005, Chamish broke the story of a large secret
military base being built in Israel by the US and published numerous pictures as
well.[15][16] Located nearRosh Ha'Ayin, the base was completed shortly
thereafter and turned over to the IDF.
Chamish also accuses Natan Sharansky
of being a "liar",[17] who hid his alleged role of KGB double-agent,[18] and not
a heroic refusenik as many believe.

Did you notice the last sentence? People tried to edit this libel but not one, not even one, edition was published? Wikipedia chose not to balance this outrage and we ask why. Our guess is that Wikipedia is not what they claim to be and they present "facts", to be kind, with bias.
Will anyone try to stop this attack on basic freedom of speech? I seek an attorney who will challenge this so-called bastion of free thinking head on. We've got Wikipedia by their tender parts by calling me a Holocaust denier and refusing to delete, edit or offer counter arguments, though many have tried. This is years of career-affecting slander. Wikipedia is a multi-billion dollar operation and I need a brave attorney to fight them Pro Bono. Even Pro Bono, I'll have to pay filing, travel, and untold expenses. Who will be my partner in attacking Wikipedia for the good of true Free Speech? Who will join my legal team, professional or civilian?


Without contributions, this work of mine would come to a crashing halt. Off the top of my head, the following have made significant contributions:
Baruch, Tova, Steven, Marc, Aliza, Ron, Karen, Bernard, Herman, Ari, Cindy, Jim, Marilyn, Peter, Christie, David, Lynn, Fred, Howard, Michael, Brenda and more. Thanks to them I manage to squeeze by...barely. Some months it's close right to the last day of the month. I appreciate and remember each contributor. Without you, there wouldn't be me.

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