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YAF's Georgetown Agenda Neoconservatism

From stopping Iraqi 'weapons of mass destruction, to Iranian nuclear weapons

SMOM William F. Buckley created Young Americans for Freedom 'YAF' pushes "neoconservatism" via 'per curium' vote expelling:

for his 'delusional and delusional and disturbing alliance with the fringe Anti-War movement', being 'out of touch with America’s needs for national security'' 'laying the blaim on America for the unprovoked attacks of Sept. 11th" [and...failure to condemn] the 9/11 "Truther" conspiracy theorists that support him, and [for] repeatedly insist[ing], that the United States not bring justice to those who have murdered thousands of our civilians and soldiers at home and abroad..." [according to YAF Senior National Director Jordan Marks]

Ron Paul, the day he wins a CPAC straw poll for U.S. President, and only weeks after new ecumenical campaign against Iran having nukes- shades of the early 2000s campaign for war on Iraq in the name of stopping 'Weapons of Mass Destruction.

YAF Pack on February 12, 2011, 06:16 PM MEDIA REQUESTS:
(202) 596-7923

(Washington DC - 2/12/11) The National Board of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)—America's oldest conservative-libertarian activist group—has, per curium, voted to purge Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) from YAF’s National Advisory Board. YAF's concern with Rep. Paul stems from his delusional and disturbing alliance with the fringe Anti-War movement ...
The idea is to discredit not simply Paul, but rather certain ideas even if not endorsed by Paul but though by a signifient percentage of his supporters.

1- question either war and be labeled 'delusional' 'fringe'
2- question the official 911 story and be labled a 'conspiracy theorist' despite the official tales many holes and the very real burning of the reicttag dymanics of surroending liberty for the appearance of safety/justice- defining latters as spending some $3 trillion and kill 300,000 people as revenge for the deaths of 3,000 and destruction of $30 billion.

This is what is commonly known as 'neoconservatism', buiding upon the 'rightwing' rebound following the defeat of the U.S. allied South Vietnam, and subsequently following the end of the old Soviet Union, for increased U.S. military interventionism abroad, not only in areas known for their reserves of petroleam, and, of course, as part of a great religious chessboard, but those as well without massive petroleum reserves.

Polices essentually dictated by that insitutution of higher education located in Washington, D.C. with its quite high percentage of people within the U.S. State Department, Georgetown University, with its School of Foreign Service run by the Jesuit Order.

Recall the push for war against Iraq under the guise of stopping Iraqi 'weapons of mass destruction'.

So what about this:

Christian Leaders Urge US Senate to Take Actions to Prevent Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program
Contact: Dave Mohel, 703-548-1160

WASHINGTON, Jan. 24, 2011 /Christian Newswire/ -- Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Free Iran, a coalition of religious and civic leaders sent a letter to the U.S. Senate urging members to enact tough sanctions against the Iranian regime that will intensify pressure on its leaders to halt their drive to build nuclear weapons.

A copy of the letter can be found at

In light of the meeting this weekend in Turkey during which the Iranian regime refused to seriously engage the six powers about its nuclear program, we urge you to support additional legislative efforts aimed squarely at compelling Iran to abandon its program to develop and deploy nuclear weapons.

The organization lays out a detailed list of actions that must be taken to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. Members fear a nuclear Iran will bring serious harm to the United States and its allies and further destabilize the Middle East.
Signers of the letter to the Senate include: Dr. Pat Robertson, Chairman and Founder of CBN and Regent University, Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Paul F. Crouch, Jr., Chief of Staff, TBN, Gary Bauer, President, American Values, John C. Hagee, Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas, Tom McClusky, Sr., Vice President, Family Research Council Action, Stuart Epperson, Chairman of the Board, Salem Communications, Deal Hudson, President, Catholic Advocate, Washington, DC, Dr. Jim Garlow, Chairman, Renewing American Leadership, Dr. James Merritt, Senior Pastor, Cross Pointe Church, William Donohue, President, Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Mark Williamson, Founder and President, Federal Intercessors, Jerry Newcombe, Author and TV Host, Jim Martin, Chairman, 60 Plus Association, Ken Timmerman, President and CEO, Foundation to Democracy in Iran, Micah Clark, Executive Director, American Family Association of Indiana, Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman, Liberty Counsel, Mandi Campbell, Legal Director, Liberty Center for Law and Policy, Jordan Sekulow, Director of International Operations at American Center for Law and Justice, Dr. Robert E. Reccord, President, Total Life Impact Ministries, Richard W. C. Falknor, Chairman, Maryland Center-Right Coalition , Dr. Rusty Hayes, Pastor, First Free Church, Rockford IL, Dr. Mark A. Smith, President, Ohio Christian University, Dr. Barrett Duke, Vice President, Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, Al Kresta, President and CEO of Ave Maria Radio, Michael P. Jones, National Chairman, Young Americans for Freedom, Elmer F. Hansen, Jr., Director, Catholic Leadership Conference, William Haygood Shaker, President,, C. Preston Noell, III, President of Tradition, Family, Property, Inc., Dr. Richard G. Lee, President, There's Hope America, Rev. Louis Sheldon, Chairman, Traditional Values Coalition, Michael D. Little, President and Chief Operating Officer, Christian Broadcasting Network, Dr. Jeffrey J. Karls, President of The College of Saint Mary Magdalen, Anthony Verdugo, Founder and Executive Director of Christian Family Coalition, Colin Hanna, President, Let Freedom Ring, Jonathan Youssef, International Director, Leading the Way, James Robison, President and Founder, Life Outreach International, Penny Nance, CEO, Concerned Women for America

Christian Leaders for a Nuclear-Free Iran, an ad hoc coalition of evangelical, Roman Catholic and other faith leaders who have come together as a united voice that is reaching out to policy makers and opinion leaders calling for urgent action to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The coalition argues that Iran's nuclear weapons program will destabilize the Middle East, lead to an arms race in a volatile part of the world, and threaten the United States and its allies in Europe.

Conservative Christians Demand Action Against Iranian Nukes
By Mark D. Tooley, February 3, 2011
FrontPage Magazine

A coalition of primarily evangelical leaders, plus some Roman Catholics, is urging assertive U.S. actions against Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Their concerns contrast with the Religious Left, which seems mostly to prefer quiet acquiescence to a nuclear armed Iran.

The conservative Christians, operating as “Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Free Iran,” argue “Iran’s nuclear weapons program will destabilize the Middle East, lead to an arms race in a volatile part of the world, and threaten the United States and its allies in Europe.” These assertions are hardly controversial. Yet for some reason, it is left to conservative religionists to make these arguments. Shouldn’t religionists on the left, ostensibly so concerned about both theocracy and nukes, also be distressed about nuclear-armed Iranian mullahs?

The Left likes to target the end-times theology that purportedly guides some conservative Christians. But Iran’s clerics, and its president, have a very detailed, grisly and publicly expressed end-times scenario that nukes could actually help implement. Shouldn’t resistance to nukes for Iran’s theocracy be religiously broad-based and ecumenical? Instead, it is religious conservatives who are making the reasoned case. They are in some ways reminiscent of responsible religious liberals of the mid 20th century, guided by thinkers like Reinhold Neibuhr, who rigorously espoused deterrence of Nazi and Communist aggression.

“Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Free Iran” recently sent a letter to U.S. Senators that urged expanding the Iran Sanctions Act of 1996, increasing U.S. emphasis on Iran’s enormous human-rights violations, enhancing Voice of America’s Persian News Network’s support for the “pro-freedom movement in Iran,” transferring responsibility for pro-democracy funding in Iran from the State Department to the National Endowment for Democracy, aggressive identifying front companies of the Iran Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC), and applying pressure on firms paying Iran in advance for oil and gas.

The conservative Christian group cited Iran’s most recent refusal to negotiate over its nuclear program, along with Iran’s persistent denial of access to meaningful inspections by the International Atomic Energy Agency. They also cited diplomatic cables from Wikileaks that vividly illustrate the anxiety of Arab governments over a nuclear Iran. Coalition signers include Southern Baptist leader Richard Land, Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America, evangelist James Robison, broadcaster Pat Robertson, mega-church pastor John Hagee, and William Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, among others.

Although not specifically mentioned in their letter, the Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Iran are certainly aware of the Iranian theocracy’s persecution of their nation’s small but vibrant Christian minority, which numbers about 200,000. The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) reported early last month that Iran had incarcerated as many as 70 Christians, both evangelical and Armenian, since Christmas. One Iranian official reportedly denounced them as “parasites” and claimed they were British agents.

Concerns about the Iranian mullahs’ persecution of fellow Christian believers do not typically excite distress by the Religious Left in America, much less the strategic threat that a nuclear Iran would pose to all its neighbors, including Iran, and ultimately the U.S. Several years ago, Jim Wallis’ Sojourners, along with the United Methodist lobby office, the Episcopal Church, and the National Council of Churches, organized a “Words Not War with Iran” campaign to forestall any decisive U.S. supported action to prevent Iranian nukes. “Words Not War with Iran” benignly portrayed the situation as a “conflict” between t he U.S. and Iran that potentially could be ameliorated through the mediation of noble pacifist religious groups like themselves. They simplistically portrayed the choices as U.S. initiated war on Iran versus “dialogue” and “direct engagement” with Iran’s supposedly reasonable theocrats. Although they briefly acknowledged that Iranian nuclear weapons would be undesirable, though not necessarily worse than U.S. nukes, they did not articulate nukes in the hands of crazed Shiite theocrats a uniquely disturbing. They did seem to admit that Iran supports terrorism but did not dwell on it as a major concern. And they did not elaborate on 32 years of police state oppression in Iran under the mullahs. Instead, they cited their own friendly visits to Iran as showcases of Iranian goodwill. They also urged supporters to light oil lamps in their homes in solidarity with the cause of peace with Iran.

This “Words Not War with Iran” coalition seems now mostly to be dormant, since the coalition was presumably less perturbed about the possibility of U.S. actions under the Obama Administration. But the coalition’s study materials helpfully remain on Jim Wallis’s Sojourners website. Presumably the coalition will reactivate when and if the current Administration is perceived to become overly bellicose towards the Iranian mullahs and their nuclear aspirations.

So “Christian Leaders for a Nuclear Free Iran” seems to be the only U.S. religious voice now willing to recognize Iran’s grim reality and urge meaningful action, hopefully making war unnecessary. Meanwhile, the Religious Left will remain mostly silent about Iran and its potential nukes until it becomes alarmed about possible U.S. actions.


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