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Kaiser Wilhelm II, Russo-German Treaty, M Ledochowski 1894

The New York Times, February 10, 1894

Emperor William Gives New Helmets to His Old Regiment.

BERLIN, Feb. 9. - Emperor William today celebrated the twenty-fith anniversary of his entrance into the army, in which, accordance with the custom of his family, he was made a Lieutenant on reaching his tenth year. The First Regiment of the Foot Guards, in which he held his first commision, marched to-day, under command of the Emperor, to the Lustgarten, at Potsdam. Upin arrival there, the regiment formed a hollow square about his Majesty, who adressed the troops. "I remember," said the Emperor, "with sadness and gratitude the day when, in this place, I was handed to this regiment and the army by my father and grandfather. In this regiment I learned those principles of discipline and obedience which were ever the foundation of the army."

The Emperor presented to the members of the regiment new helmets fashioned after those of Frederick the Great. He ordered that the historic helmets formerly worn by the regiment should be given to the Alexandria Guards.

The Russo German Treaty

BERLIN, February 9- The Hamburger Nachrichten, Prince Bismarck's newspaper organ says of the Russian commercial treaty: "The necessity of adopting the treaty is inevitable, owing to the signing of similar treaties with Austria-Hungary and Italy. For this we do not blame the Government or Chanceller von Caprivi. The late Reichstag, however, must be held responsible for hurrying, with Byzantine toadyism and without examination, to adopt the former treaties." The consensus of opinion in the Reichstag lobby is that the Conservatives will abstain frm voting on the treaty. If they shall take this course the majority for the treaty may exceed 40.

Rumor that Ledochowski Will Resign

ROME, Feb. 9. - It is rumored among Germans here that Cardinal Ledochowski, Prefect of the Congregation of the Propaganda Fide, is about to resign that office on the pretext that his health will not permit him to fulfill its duty. The rumor has it that the true reason for the resignation is that there is a radical difference between himself and the French Ambassador to the Vatican, Count de Behaine, regarding the policy of the Church in France.

Report that Rosebury Will Resign

PARIS, Feb. 9.-- The Eclair says that Lord Rosebery, British Foreign Minister, twice recently offered to resign. It adds that his resignation will be held in abeyance only until Mr. Gladstone shall return to England. According to The Eclair, Lord Rosebery difers with Mr. Gladstone on the British foreign policy and on the agitation against the House of Lords.

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