Sunday, April 10, 2011

Obama-Sharpton Dirty-Masonic Handshake?

Yet another get together of celebrities gathered around lip service to the concept of civil/human rights, with nothing said about potential 'PATRIOT' Act abuses, nor the unconstitutional and immoral 'drug war' tobacco-pharma criminal mercantilism

As reported by The New York Daily News:

It was a warm handshake that made for an image aimed at the 2012 presidential campaign.

President Obama clutched Al Sharpton's hand and patted him on the back before a speech to the Rev.'s civil rights group - an appearance widely viewed as an effort to shore up African-American support ahead of his reelection bid.

"I am living testament that change is possible," Obama said to cheers at the minister's National Action Network annual conference at the Sheraton New York.

"If you stand with me and believe in what we can together, then we can move this country toward the promise of a better day," said Obama, who spoke to the conference for the first time as President.

"I'm not asking you satisfied with our progress - I know this isn't the National Satisfaction Network, it's the National Action Network."

Sharpton introduced the President by citing a Biblical passage that suggests that "greatness serves others" - and brought Obama to the stage with the title "Servant in Chief."

The ballroom burst into laughter when Obama noted the changes in Sharpton since he founded the group 20 years ago. more

Yes, how many billions spent and lives impacted, times wasted upon the vicious masonic infested court's santioning the imprisionment of those violating the shamefully destructive criminal pharma-agrilcultural mercantilism statutes obtained via yellow journalism disguising USDA concern over foreign coca leaf being used as a cure for quiting that domestic agrilcultural commodity king of tobacco, with sensationalistic hysterics over Blacks and cocaine in the South (which is where tobacco was certainly King), via the publishing empire of William Randolph Hearst allied with the Vatican.

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