Tuesday, October 11, 2011

'Red Mass' 2011 for US Supreme Court Judges

Barely reported by the 'mainstream' media.

It is the annual Tomas Moore "Red Mass" held in early October - this year on the 2nd) by high officials within the U.S. Roman Catholic Church to host an increasingly Roman Catholic U.S. Supreme Court (now at 6 out of 9- the others being Jewish).

Its named for the Roman Catholic official in England who ordered the execution of William Tyndale for translating the Bible into English in ways displeasing to Rome. It is held by the John Carroll Society, named for the first Bishop of the United States and founder of Jesuit Georgetown University.

It is one of those events, such as the annual Al Smith Dinner in New York, that marks the prominence of the Roman Catholic church in U.S. politics- particularly how they support both sides "left" and "right". Yet is is barely reported- near the midnight following this event, there was nothing in the newsfeed:

From Ender Times:

It is 3 PM on Washington Mass Sunday [the event commenced at 10 AM]

...and the news media has not provided a single news story on the event?


When it's such a big event within the circles of political influence of our government, why?


Douglas A. Willinger said...

This reminds me of the New York Times print edition NOT covering Adolfo Nichols ascendency in early 2008, yet there was a NY Times article available only through Wikipedia, and not findable if one went to the NY Times site independently.


A look at that paper's coverage of the Vatican between the 1870s and 1915 speaks volumes about a dynamics of this newspaper becoming far more controlled during the interim:


7:07 PM
Arsenio A. Lembert Jr. said...


Isn't it odd that all the articles that cover the red mass this morning are back-dated to last night 10/2/11? When I repeatedly checked on google and yahoo last night for an inkling of the auspicious event until almost midnight, to no avail. Now the media wants me to think that this article they wrote today was actually reported yesterday when it wasn't...

I think that the government officials who attended the 58th Red Mass first had to be briefed (or debriefed) jointly before any media source could say anything about this religious courtship of the U.S. government disguised as a Roman Catholic ritual...

8:26 AM


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avles said...

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