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Maybe it was a simply a mistake by EJP, but the Italian law formally recognized every other cult and the right of exercise:

Act June 24, 1929, No 1159
Art 1.

They are admitted to the territory of the Republic by different cults
Catholic Apostolic and Roman religion, provided they do not profess
do not follow the principles and rites contrary to public policy or morality
The exercise, although the public is free of such cults.

avles said...

The passage of EJP in VA is at page 1104:


Page 1104

The Concordat also stipulated that Protestant Bibles could no longer be
distributed in Italy [like Stalin’s Russia], that evangelical meetings in
private homes were forbidden [like Stalin’s Russia], and that Catholicism
was to be Italy’s official religion.” [Could it be that Stalin (the “son of
steel” as indicated by his Georgian name, “Djugashvili”), like Mussolini,
also had a Concordat with the Pope—secretly restoring ‘the Vicar of
Christ’s’ Temporal Power in “heretic” Russia?] {77} [Emphasis added]


avles said...

The prohibition is referred to the Società Biblica Britannica e Forestiera (SBBF)/British and Foreign Bible Society (SBBF) which was hit in consequence of the tensions with UK:

Nevertheless, evangelicals with increasing difficulty from 1934/35 were subject to enforcement actions by government authorities, in conjunction with the sanctions against Italy made ​​by the League of Nations under British influence. The SBBF remained isolated and in 1936 the government closed for six months activity, blocking the sale of the Bible and the activity of colportori. The Waldensian pastor, Guido Miegge, the new director from 1936 until 1967, arrived in December 1936, for an agreement with the authorities, clarifying the legal status (such as 'non-Catholic non-profit organization of worship') and the purposes of the SBBF. Was able to resume the distribution of Bibles, however, subject to great limitations. The situation was aggravated by the declaration of war on Great Britain in 1940. In those years Miegge succeeded, however, to continue the business as owner of the SBBF Library of Sacred Scripture.

[.....Nonostante ciò, gli evangelici con crescente difficoltà furono oggetto dal 1934/35 di azioni repressive da parte delle autorità governative, anche in concomitanza con le sanzioni contro l'Italia fatte dalla Lega delle Nazioni sotto l'influenza britannica. ....]

avles said...

I posted the EJP excerpt on a forum at the job location, next time I'll put the correction. Probably it is the false perspective which sees the Fascism as ''baton obedient to RC'', and this is a false vision sold by EJP, don't know if in good faith or not. Fascism was created JUST to beat the Roman Catholicism and to create in this way the first embrio of that ''party of the pope'', that transversal party not obedient towards any kind of secular power, of which Fasccism was a model...:

Anonymous said...

Sadly, any who state that Fascism was/is not a wedge of Rome (just as Communism was/is a wedge of Rome) are simply lying.

From Franco's Phalangists, through to Il Duces Fascisti and Hitlers Austrian Nazi core...a wedge of Rome to subvert "western" liberal catholic nations.

Thence on to Russia, where Lenins' sub rosa Catholics operated until both facades were in position to declare 'war' upon each other and thereby chew up massive numbers of 'heretics' under the cover of warfare. As if the 'communists' had not already chewed up enough liberal catholic, orthodox and other religions by that time.

That both facades left in place the shell of old (and some new) legal protections, while blatantly ignoring said and imprisoning/murdering those who stood in their way without due process of law, is a matter of valid history.

Rome could not 'win' WW1 and WWII without controlling (to a large extent) all possible combatants.

That a papal thrall (EJP) may highlight invalid basis for a contention, does not negate the valid basis for a contention.