Saturday, December 17, 2011

Future Challenger

JKS- needs to know:

JFK's only grandson's first letter to the New York Times:

Letter to the Editors
From J.F.K.’s Grandson
Published: December 2, 2011

To the Editor:

As a young man inspired by politics and history who has spent time studying the Kennedy administration, I take issue with Ross Douthat’s Nov. 27 column, “The Enduring Cult of Kennedy,” about President John F. Kennedy, my grandfather.

Mr. Douthat suggests that President Kennedy was a “near disaster.” He criticizes Kennedy on civil rights; Kennedy was the first president to deem civil rights “a moral issue,” and applied federal authority to force desegregation.

The president described as “famously hawkish” resolved the Cuban Missile Crisis peacefully. Mr. Douthat does not mention what President Kennedy called his proudest accomplishment: the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Contrary to what Mr. Douthat asserts about the Vietnam War, in 1963, at American University, Kennedy stated that America would never start a war. Many who served in his administration, including Ted Sorensen and McGeorge Bundy, long argued that my grandfather would have never invaded Vietnam as Lyndon B. Johnson did.

Finally, I take issue with Mr. Douthat’s condescending view of the American people. He suggests that Americans who admire President Kennedy — and as Mr. Douthat points out, the majority of Americans rank him among our best presidents — do not understand their own history.

Instead, I suggest that President Kennedy’s legacy remains relevant today not because of Camelot or conspiracy, but because Americans find inspiration and meaning there.

New Haven, Nov. 30, 2011


Amish said...

Up until JFK's falling out with his intel community and the Church he was in fact a disaster for this country.

President Kennedy although swearing to obey the Constitution above his Church set about to prop up the Church as much as possible with such actions as the forced desegregation and changing immigration policy towards Latin America and Islamic Asia.

The Vietnam war his Church was running ultimately did cause his own assassination after he (JFK) ordered the hit of the CIA's Catholic dictator in Nam Diem.

And lets not overlook the moon hoax. JFK had to have known about this science hoax. Recently the motive for the moon hoax has been pieced together. There was a need to prove life was possible in space to support the 'big bang' and discredit the Genesis account of creation.

1938 War of the Worlds radio spread FEAR and caused panic and suicides.

1946 Roswell psyop Aliens crash! ET?

American Christians ask, is there anybody out there in space? My Bible says, no.

The govt is perpetrating another evolution theory hoax. In this hoax or mind control or brainwashing they suppose there was a 'big bang' causing planets to form and life on earth. Now if there was a supposed 'big bang' causing life on earth there should be other planets with life, too. This is the claim today but in the 1960s most thought life in space was impossible (and it is), thus the moon trip to prove life in space is possible. (never happened and not possible.)

And that is the primary reason for the moon hoax: big bang vs Genesis.

The Gnostic NASA Nazis read from Genesis.

Telescope dubbed: LUCIFER used to spot planets.
We can trust Lucifer?

The only thing JFK ever did right was attempt to end Vietnam. To accomplish this he had to take control of money printing.

JFK was no Lincoln.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Another thing he did right was to route I-95 along Washington D.C.'s railroad industrial corridor next to Catholic University of America: