Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tupper Saussy on Freemasonry

Tupper Saussy from Rulers of Evil page 120

Hold Freemasonry up to the light and you cannot help but see the black papacy’s watermark. Isn’t it reasonable, given the circumstances, that the “G” in the genre of the familiar Masonic emblem represents the initial of “Gesu”, the residence of the black pope at the Jesuit’s world headquarters at Number 5, Borgo Sancto Spiritus, in Rome? Freemasons wouldn’t suspect this, nor would Jesuits. It would be information reserved uniquely to the unknown superior, who shares what he knows with no one. “Your enemies will serve you without their wishes, ‘” said Sun-tzu, “or even their knowledge.”

Freemasonry was the natural, the reasonable, the only intelligent way for the Roman Catholic Church to control (a) the ongoing affront of Protestantism, (b) the increase in divine right kings heading their own national churches independent of Vatican control, and (c) the incredible explosion of international mercantilism.

Like the aquatic creature whose mouth resembles a comfortable resting place to its prey, the Lodges were a sagacious recycling of the old Templar infrastructure into a dynamic spiritual and economic brotherhood that gave Protestants, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, agnostics, and anyone else with an opportunity to build a better life outside Roman Catholicism, yet still under the Church’s superintending eye. For Sun-tzu said, “The General sees all, hears all, does all, and in appearance is not involved with anything.” The Jesuit General is the disembodied eye substituting for pyramid’s missing capstone, the stone the builders rejected.

The Lodge’s secrecy and its condemnation by the Church were essential to sustaining the integrity of both institutions. And so the deepest Masonic secret, the secret that not even the Grandmasters could penetrate, was that all their secrets were known to one man alone, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus. This should not surprise anyone aware of how thoroughly Freemasonry is suffused with Jesuit technique. Both Freemasonry and the Society of Jesus are (a) humanist religious orders, (b) secretive, (c) fraternal, (d) socially conscientious and politically active – questing, like Aeneas, the prototypical Roman, for the greatest good for the greatest number. Both orders (e) hold Tradition, Reason, and Experience in equal if not greater esteem than the Bible, (f) employ carefully structured programs of gnostic visualization to achieve an ever-increasing knowledge of the divine, (g) condone “the end justifies the means”, and (h) require absolute obedience, secured by a blood oath, to a hierarchy of superiors culminating in the Jesuit General, whose orders are so wisely suited to the recipient that they are obeyed as though willed by the recipient himself.

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ColKlink said...

The Jesuit's empire has a Catholic wing and a non Catholic wing, as Military Knights all answer to the Jesuit General by chain-of-command. The Catholics belong to the Knights of Malta or Columbus or numerous other Catholic orders under the Jesuit's control. The non Catholics belong to the Freemasons.

The Freemasons were founded by the Knights Templar and the Jesuits who wrote the degrees creating Freemasonry, according to Freemason Grand Master and historian Albert Mackey. (Mackey's Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, four entries: 1.CLERMONT COLLEGE 2.Jesuits 3.PERFECTION RITE 4.SCOTTISH RITE)

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Great work on the Tupper Saussy stuff.