Thursday, December 6, 2012

David Koresh Mixed Bible Studies with Movies

(excerpt) The Bible studies and the long nightly harangues about peace and love that used to dominate the nights at Ranch Apocalypse were suddenly getting strong competition from "Full Metal Jacket," "Platoon," and Hamburger Hill" and other war movies he personally picked out. - Waco- p 112 Apocalyptic Prophecies

David Koresh mixed Bible studies with movies.

Did he merely stick to war movies?  Or ... Something as this involving Rosemary's Baby, Exorcist 1 & 2 and others

Considering that his project was deciphering the Bible's Book of Revelations Book of Seals, might have he been deciphering something via snippets from different movies?  Certainly more likely those with overtly religious themes.

Considering that we were living in the end times, deciphering a story curently on-going ... which revealing it prematurely, say 1993, would screw things up, hence providing the legitimate reason for repressing whatever was what I call the $64,000 dollar question of the story that had to for a time, remain bottled.

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