Friday, December 7, 2012

Hamas Missle to Destroy the Dome of the Rock?

Some Speculation that a Hamas Missle will destroy the Dome of the Rock - in the days leading up to the upcoming turn of the Mayan calender

The Official Countdown

Hamas logo- featuring the Dome of the Rock and the shape of Israel WITH Gaza and Judea-Samaria

So who is firing the missiles in the first place? Why would any 'sane' person fire 12,500 poop-missiles in the last decade that are not poorly guided or weaponized, they are not good enough to hurt, maim or kill; yet for sure shot in return shall invite the wrath of 1250 guided super explosive Israeli missile in the heart of their most congested civilian metropolitan Gaza population.

Moreover; it is in the heart of the civilian districts where Gaza leadership think that missiles they regularly fire are safest to launch.

Is this strategy not based on drawing maximum civilian causalities from retaliatory attack for this 'idiotic and callous self flagellating suicidal adventurism.'

What other rationale or inference can one draw from this chart. Will a person who tries to shoot 12,500 times with a crude weapon is on a equal pedestal to a person who shoots 1/10 th of the time but takes the target out with bulls eyes accuracy.

Why cry wolf? What is this strategy of killing your own next of kin's and draw blood of their own families. How much more inhuman treatment you want? The offer of sacrifice of your own children on the altar of your political one-upmanship is a national self denial. How long intermittently you want your own children and women to suffer? Have some empathy and some compassion.

Even in an arranged engagement like a duel between two combatants it has to be with matched weapons and in accordance with agreed rules.


(quote - excerpt) Wouldn’t it be a wonderful irony if a couple of the barbarians’ own Iranian-made-and-supplied weapons landed on those landscape blemishes and caused them to collapse? Should that happen, the enemy would no-doubt try to blame the Jews for bringing down their faux holy sites, but so what? Being rid of those excuses would go a long way toward making what’s going on now in the Holy Land worth the ugliness the enemy is foisting on the world in general and the Jews in particular.


Is this something that's going to be timed = December 21, 2012?

The Psycho-War of Nazi-Islam and his Vatican allies [the claws of Vatican on Jerusalem]

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