Sunday, July 21, 2013

Continuing Race Distraction

- about the race distraction from economic manipulation- like cocaine histories that focus upon the fears of Blacks without mentioning the USDA-AMA-APhA Tobacco Protectionism
- would we have ever heard of this case if it had not involved a Hispanic with a German name?
- and not a mention why Zimmermann had a gun rather than mace- if so Trayvon Martin would still be alive and not seriously injured


Zimmerman Aquitted: The NWO's Use of Race

It is scary how much focus there has been on this case. When I looked at the case myself, I thought Zimmerman had a good case for self-defense taking race out of it. Did he err in continuing to follow Trayvon? Perhaps it would have been better to wait for the cops, but just walking after someone is not a crime.

When I saw a bloody picture of the back of Zimmerman's head, that one just seemed to be pictured on so called "conservative" websites, it seemed to be a clear cut case of self defense to me. Perhaps some of my readers will disagree with me but that is what I thought. If someone is banging your head against the cement, at that point you are just trying to stay alive. This week, I've had to bite my tongue a lot as I have noted the huge division between the "conservative" side that saw it as clear cut self defense and the liberal side, helped along with Obama's influence, who wanted Zimmerman locked up and the key thrown away. In other words, the reason this trial was made national was for another race-based show trial. 

And since this jury acquitted him, now they are talking about turning it into a federal civil-rights case.

Are you noticing that the politicians and media seem to be doing everything in their power to FAN THE FLAMES? Or am I just imagining things?

The media turned this into a black vs. white problem but how many people by the way ignored the fact that Zimmerman is part Peruvian, and even has African American ancestry? Why did race have to enter this at all?  The case should have just dealt with via the facts and well the jury would have been privy to them all.


Sit back and think about how they are MANIPULATING people for more hatred, more anger, more division. The NWO types want their order out of chaos, so make your own conclusion. Wickedness abounds in so many places from the black panthers who are [or can be] as racist as the KKK [by the way a Jesuit founded enterprise itself] to those who seem to desire as much hatred, resentment and anger as possible. The professional race baiters and liberals such as Al Sharpton who tell "minorities" to blame all white people are setting up just as much chaos and sin as those who are overtly racist and hate anyone for the color of their skin.

THE NWO wants division against the races, it wants to use people as pawns against each other, it is the whole DIVIDE and CONQUER FORMULA. This is what I told one commenter some time ago on this board who was falling into the NWO trap of blame on one race. [scroll down to comments at link].

The inner cities were influenced by the elite just as much as any other areas of society, and there was a reason that today's rap stars who advanced a wicked agenda 20 years ago pay open and overt homage to Satan like J-Z. We all have the prison industrial complex too, 2 million in prison and counting and now the corporations can have almost free labor from among the prisoners. 

All the racism and pseudo "race wars" via the NWO [left and right] and turning the races on each other in America is part of the Jesuit/NWO plan. Think about that when you see the latest show trial or watch the politicians and media FANNING THE FLAMES.

1 John 2:9 He that saith he is in the light, and hateth his brother, is in darkness even until now.

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