Friday, July 26, 2013

Image Over Substance- Pope Francis S.J.

The Vatican Continuing to Encourage Drug Abuse, Alcohol & Cigarettes

Our new Pope has tipped his hand by speaking out about a topic during his visit to Brazil, that I am well educated in- that alcohol-cigarette market protection protection, drug abuse promoting so-called 'war on drugs'.

'Pope' Francis is opposed even to repeal of prohibition of  plant drugs as Cannabis, Coca leaf and Opium, ostensibly going along with the archbishop of Argentina, who recently lied through his teeth stating there was no such distinction between 'soft' and 'hard' drugs, as did the like-wise liar Pope John Paul 2, quite sadly, totally ignoring matters of pharmacokinetics.  By visiting a standard drug 'rehabilitation ' clinic, pope Francis demonstrates his addiction to thought processes and concepts that don't work to improve society but rather perpetuate the problem with the market shift to 'hard' forms of drugs- e.g. crack and injected heroin rather than Coca and Opium.  Imagine replacing all forms of caffeine and nicotine as Coffee and Tobacco with white powder caffeine and nicotine.  And image then making the stuff super expensive so people take it in more concentrated doses.

Note that the Vatican ENDORSED Coca leaf wine - Vin Mariani - awarding its creator a medal as a benefactor of humanity in January of 1898 and 1904; and that it was only a few months later into 1904 that U.S. officials as Harvey Washington Wiley - Chief of the USDA Bureau of Chemistry since 1883, suddenly developed a strong interest in banning Coca.

The Vatican by pushing this criminal mercantilism scheme, including the promotion and protection of the intrinsically more dangerous substances as alcohol and especially Tobacco is guilty of massive human rights violations, public health subversion with ongoing costs in the trillions.

It is the Vatican that ultimately needs to be addressed, having its properties taken and redistributed to the many victims of this criminal market protection scheme.

Riding in an inexpensive automobile or likewise having your photograph taken washing and kissing feet is all a show.  A true reformist pope would deal with eliminating the criminal war on drugs, especially for plant drugs, as well as the sex abuse scandals, as well as denouncing the doctrine of papal infallibility and the crimes of Wlodimir Ledochowski-- and the coup of August 19/20, 1914.

There is a Special Place in Hell Reserved for the Vatican

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