Thursday, August 1, 2013

Avles Beluskes Blogs Now "open to invited readers only"

With the last post about sexuality, it makes me wonder if control of his blogs was being seized...

And coming only days after posting that his blogs shall survive his death.

Avles Beluskes aka Edoardo Roncelli is born and lives in Trieste, once, before invasion of Romans, called Amber Path South end, and by the inhabitants (Slovenes) "Primorje" [only in late XIX century by Italian Irredentism, labelled as "Venezia Giulia"]. Surname "Roncelli" is the Fascist italianization of an improbable Slovenian surname "Roncel", the true Slovenian surname was Rončel or Renčelj from the locality Dutovlje on the Kras (It.: Carso, Eng. and Deutsch: Karst). The maternal surname is Cadia, and is of Turkish origin. Father Slovene and mother Italian/Venetian from Rovinj/Rovigno of Istria.[If I should describe myself, there are some who did it for me; most fitted pages where I find a description in which I can feel myself, are (English): - and (Slovenian): ]

a dignitose way to detroy my blogs - > just to tell you about me- Friday evening was at a party in a bar plenty of women and girl who pleasantly were interacting with other male preparing for... 3 days ago

His profile now indicates that he has only one blog "Planet of the Jesuits" which has no posts.

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Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Extremely weird.

He does not respond to email.

The timing is weird, as he could not know of my *impending* work to be posted, unless a Jesuit, or not a Jesuit but somehow under attack.