Monday, September 23, 2013

The Jesuitical Pope Francis S.J.


From the Facebook group "Tupper Saussy"

The Pope has been very Jesuitically -- as expected -- portraying himself as "the Pope of the people," and doing it brilliantly. The latest ruse is to get everyone to back off on any meaningful censure of sexual immorality (homosexuality, abortion) for fear of being too marginalized. Since the Roman ecclesia are only about law enforcement it merely puts a nicer, smilier face on its brutal task. Are there enough reconcilers knowing Truth and Grace who'll not be seduced into the Devout Romanist camp ("No no no! We must continue to revile homosexuals and abortionists!!!") or the Radical Selfist one ("Yes yes yes! The Pope is finally allowing us the breadth of our full sexual expression!"). As it is he's good to go with the standard Jesuit approach: confuse as many as possible to reinforce devotion to Cain's legacy.
Jesuitical indeed, as Pope Francis came out in support of the so called war on drugs, denying the differences between whole plant extracts versus the ultra refined concentrated derivatives as heroin and cocaine hci and sulfate, despite he himself having once been a chemist!

Born in Buenos Aires as the son of Italian parents, Bergoglio worked briefly as a chemical technician before entering seminary. He was ordained a priest in 1969. From 1973 to 1979 he was Argentina's Provincial superior of the Society of Jesus. He became Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998, and a cardinal in 2001. Following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, on 13 March 2013 the papal conclave elected Bergoglio, who chose the papal name Francis in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi. Francis is the first Jesuit pope, the first pope from the Americas, and the first from the Southern Hemisphere. [3]

Should not a chemist be more likely to understand the differences between say chewing or drinking coca versus snorting let along smoking or shooting concentrated cocaine?

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