Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reject 'Catholicism' Whether or not 'Roman'

'Catholicism' aka 'Universalism' is bad for including Satan and His/Its Deliberate Malicious Deception and Confusion.

It is not simply the 'Roman' or 'Romanist' factor that is bad- such as the denial of the reality of Reincarnation or Re-embodiment brought about by the Church of Rome during its early years.

Other religions, such as those Islamic, Buddhism, Hinduism and various others classified as Pagan at best contain scraps of truth, but not only exclude Jesus Christ but contain dangerous deceptions.

Particularly infamous examples of such are the Gardiner's Wicca, and especially the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order founded by Ignatius Loyala with his foray into mysticism -- 100% chance of an experience composing at least 80% demonic spirits -- are SATANIC.

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