Wednesday, February 5, 2014

U.N. Damns The Vatican!

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Vatican City – When Pope Francis came into power he came in like a wrecking ball, smashing the expectations everyone had of the Pope and breaking down the walls that had divided the Church from the people for many years. Well, at least that is what he has said he wants to do, his words have sounded much like that at least.
Action in many of those areas – poverty, Vatican reform, gay rights, birth control – has been limited despite a whole lot of talk about them. For some things, no doubt, the words are as important as any actions but in other areas action is required, like really required, especially when it comes to child sex abuse.

That has been an issue plaguing the Church, whether they realize it or not, for decades now and something that most people, aside from priests, do not really like at all. Francis has touched on the matter in the past, spoken of it, but done nothing thus far. Now it appears that he is also unwilling to participate with others looking to fix the problem, outright dismissing a request from the UN for answers to their many questions because, well he just doesn’t want to answer those kinds of questions apparently.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child gave the Holy See, basically the Pope, a questionnaire about the state of sexual abuse in the Church to fill out and officials returned it without it being filled out, not even a name or a date on the paper.
The document was seeking detailed information all reported cases of sexual abuse that have happened since 1995, which is really just a small portion of the cases over all, but nothing, not a word....

“I get that the Vatican does not see sex abuse in quite the same way that just about everyone else on the planet does but that has been their problem, not seeing the world the way the world sees it, that is what has put them in this hole they are in,” said Scrape TV Religion analyst Bertram Gas. “That really does need to change if they want the Church do to better than it has been doing. They need to understand that people are not cool with abusing children, especially not by priests, it’s really something that people do not like at all, aside from the priests of course, they love it.

Francis has not done much of anything to any priests he has found to have abused children since becoming Pope.

“This is probably the biggest problem they have, really, because it is eroding faith in the institution itself. They can be backwards on certain issues but people don’t want to send their kids to church to be diddled, that is not something people are cool with and just forces people away from the Church entirely,” continued Gas. “It’s a brand issue. I guarantee that parents would not take their kids to McDonald’s if Ronald molested them every time they went, that would kill the brand, and the same thing is happening to the Church. They really should consider this thing from the UN, unless of course they want the abuse to continue. Maybe the Pope likes it.”

There is no evidence the Pope has abused anyone but no evidence that he has not either.

Vatican City (AFP) - The UN's damning report on the Vatican's handling of child sex abuse cases has turned up the pressure on the Church to convince a sceptical international community it has adopted a zero-tolerance approach.

"The Vatican has taken some steps forward, but they have been largely symbolic: energetic words rather than actions. The UN is right to have spoken out so strongly," Vatican commentator Paolo Flores D'Arcais told AFP.

The Church was denounced by the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child on Wednesday for failing to stamp out predatory priests, and urged to hand over known and suspected abusers for prosecution.

The UN committee's recommendations are non-binding but have held up a fresh mirror to highly damaging Vatican failures.

The report was a bolt from the blue for an institution revelling in the popularity of its new pope, Francis, who has spoken little of the abuse and who appeared to hope the Church had left the crisis behind it....


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