Monday, November 3, 2014

Bobby Jindel's Free Pass for Papal Arrogance

Dislikes Southern Baptist arrogance while giving a free pass to the Roman Catholic Church which still refuses to recant the Council of Trent.

Mafia Pope Francis with criminal drug police 
for sustaining the immoral-destructive 
pharmacratic inquisition alcohol-tobacco protectionism

From Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit

Bobby Jindal chronicles his conversion in prose that's as compelling, if much more widely dispersed, encompassing articles written for a handful of periodicals throughout the 1990s. Here's an example, from a 1993 essay he penned for the Jesuit magazine America: Link (here)
My journey from Hinduism to Christianity was a gradual and painful one. I was touched by the love and simplicity of a Christian girl who dreamt of becoming a Supreme Court justice so she could stop her country from "killing unborn babies." I was also angered by the arrogance of my Southern Baptist friend who claimed his faith was the one true path to God. He seemed to deny the experiences of billions of people who have never seen a copy of the Bible.
I began reading the Bible to disprove the Christian faith I was learning both to admire and despise. I cannot begin to describe my feelings when I first read the New Testament texts. I saw myself in many of the parables and felt as if the Bible had been written especially for me. After reading every book I could find on the historical accuracy of the Bible and Christianity, I was convinced that the Bible had remained unaltered throughout the centuries and that circumstances surrounding Christ's death led to the conversions of thousands. However, my perspective remained intellectual and not spiritual...
It would require many hours of discussion with a pastor before I was ready to take that leap of faith and accept Christ into my life. It would take another two years for me to be baptized into the Catholic Church. My parents were infuriated by my conversion and have yet fully to forgive me. I tried to prepare myself for the worst; though I was ready when they ended their financial support, I was not as prepared for the emotional battles. My parents went through different phases of anger and disappointment. They blamed themselves for being bad parents, blamed me for being a bad son and blamed evangelists for spreading dissension. There were heated discussions, many of them invoking family loyalty and national identity. My parents have never truly accepted my conversion and still see my faith as a negative that overshadows my accomplishments. They were hurt and felt I was rejecting them by accepting Christianity. I long for the day when my parents understand, respect and possibly accept my faith. For now, I am satisfied that they accept me...

Jindel continues the sad spectacle of people as the numerous evangelicals which call Pope Francis the 'real deal'.

During the Council of Trent, the Catholics condemned to hell anyone that believes in salvation through faith in Jesus alone.  This is a direct quote from the Council of Trent…

“If any one saith, that by faith alone the impious is justified; in such wise as to mean, that nothing else is required to co-operate in order to the obtaining the grace of Justification, and that it is not in any way necessary, that he be prepared and disposed by the movement of his own will; let him be anathema
The Catholics have never renounced that stand.  Instead, it has been reaffirmed many times over the years.

If Pope Francis really did want to reach out to Protestants, he should start by reversing the Council of Trent on this.  As it stands, it is official Catholic doctrine that all Protestants are anathema.  But apparently that is not going to stop many Protestants from reuniting with Rome and declaring Francis to be “their Pope”.

 Jindel confuses Christianity with Roman Catholicism.


avles said...

The Social Center Leoncavallo of Milano, illegally occupied by radical left wing movements for 39 years, consecrated his mission also to the legalization of Marijuana.
At the first look it could be OK, but if one thinks deeper (s)he will soon or later discovery the un-pleasant surprise contined in such a rotten egg of the political subversion.
The monopoly of the discourse about the legalization of natural and light substances ("drugs") as Marijuana MUST be a monopoly of far left wing ideological area in order to continually stir up the automatic reflex of their political enemies #1, the mainstream parliamentary left area and especially the moderate right wing political area.
Pope Francis SJ, in blessing the Social Center Leoncavallo one week ago, precisely blessed these Jesuit cunning tricks:

Monday, November 3, 2014
Poverty and pauperism today as social tool for the modern Jesuits' [Satan's] crusades.

avles said...

Precisation: “...Marijuana MUST be a monopoly of far left wing ideological area in order to continually stir up the automatic reflex of their political enemies #1...” ----> of course i meant the automatic reflex of moderate right and left wingt area burying themselves in the corner of the prohibition-ism of light substances and the legalization of poisons - Parmacratic Inquisition.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

In the US it is not so simple, as we have Republicans in the Congress that support MJ liberalization and we have Democrats that are against it, such as Florida's Wasserman-Schultz (who is a big time ABORTION supporter). Such a trend can be found in the US Supreme Court's Justices Breyer and Ginsburg who are ardent ABORTION supporters as well as supporters of the pharmacratic inquisition, with choice" meaning ABORTION but little or nothing else.

Also, the Jesuits which are big on homosexuality do NOT list any sort of drug liberalization in their agenda.

what I dislike particularly is the exclusive focus on MJ to the exclusion of other useful plants such as Opium and Coca.