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Why Do Anti Westerners Hate Merkel?

Because she stands against the Eastern Roman Empire

Anti Merkel Italian newspaper 
weirdly cited favorably by the supposedly anti-Rome 'The UnHived Mind'

Merkel is Lutheran, with her paternal family previously being Roman Catholic before converting during the 1920s.

Merkel is acknowledged as 1/4 Polish.

Her maiden name was Kasner, which is the Germanification of Kazmierczak.

Merkel's father was Horst Kasner (1926–2011),[13][14] a native of Berlin.

Merkel's paternal grandparents were Horst's father Ludwig Kasner, a German national[16] of Polish origin from Posen/Poznań,  born 1896, and his German wife Margareta.

Merkel's paternal paternal great-grandparents - the parents of Ludwig Krasner - were Anna Kazmierczak and Ludwig Wojciechowski who were un-married, with Ludwig taking his mother's surname and growing up with her and her later husband Ludwig Rychlicki in Poznan. Thus, Merkel's earlier blood ancestral paternal name was not Kazmierczak but rather Wojciechowski.

Angela Merkel's paternal Grandparents - Margareta and Ludwig Kazmierczak

Merkel's mother was Herlind, born in 1928 in Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland) as Herlind Jentzsch, a teacher of English and Latin.

Merkel's maternal grandparents were the Danzig politician Willi Jentzsch (born 15 May 1886 in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, died 23 May 1936 in the Free City of Danzig), and his wife, married in Danzig in 1921, Gertrud Alma Drange.

Willi Jentzsch was a German teacher, school administrator and politician.and maternal granddaughter of the city clerk of Elbing (now Elbląg, Poland).  He served as chairman of the Danziger Beamtenbund (Danzig Federation of Civil Servants) and was elected as one of the eleven senators of the Free City of Danzig on 27 October 1926, but resigned on 1 November 1927 for health reasons. On 1 November 1927, he was appointed rector of the renowned Gymnasium St. Johann in Fleischergasse. In March 1936, he became school director in Danzig, and thus head of all elementary schools in the city-state, mere weeks before his death.  Gertrud Alma Drange, if I recall correctly, was of Kushubian-Polish ethnicity.  If so, that makes Merkel more then 1/4 Polish. 

Merkel's maternal paternal great-grandfather, the father of Willi Jentzch, was Wilhelm Jentzsch, a landowner (Gutsbesitzer) who belonged to a prominent family in Bitterfeld-Wolfen.

Merkel's maternal maternal great-grandparents, the parents of Gertrud Alma, were Emil Drange, (born in East Prussia, 18 March 1866, died 8 April 1913 in Elbing), and his wife Emma Wachs (born in Glogau in 1871 and died in 1935).

Emil Drange was a German municipal official who served as the city clerk (Oberstadtsekretär) and deputy mayor of Elbing and thus as one of the top municipal officials of the city.  His father, was a miller born in Lower Silesia, and his mother was a native of the Posen (Poznan) area.[1]

Merkel is favored by Poles:

The Poles have developed a soft spot for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The reason: According to the largest Polish daily "Gazeta Wyborcza," her grandfather Ludwig Kazmierczak was Polish and is believed to have fought against the Germans as a Polish soldier in 1918.

At the time of the First World War, Poland had been divided and occupied by Germany, Russia, and Austria, and lost its statehood for 123 years. Merkel's grandfather fought to put Poland back on the map.
And also important Polish-Americans:
Chancellor Merkel's strategically tough-minded stance against Putin's anti-European adventurism provides the leadership that Europe needs.- Zbignew Brzezinski

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