Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crypto Roman Catholic 'Baptist' Support for Papal Pharmacratic Inquisition

an example of the spiritual rot of the Southern 'Baptist' Convention

Paul Chitwood- a man under a satanic trance?

FRANKFORT — The leader of the state's largest religious organization voiced opposition Tuesday to a proposal in the state legislature that would make it legal for people to use marijuana in Kentucky for medical purposes.

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"The very idea of thwarting the authority of the Food and Drug Administration and allowing Kentuckians to smoke marijuana under the guise that it is somehow medically beneficial is absurd," said Paul Chitwood, executive director of the 750,000-member Kentucky Baptist Convention.

"Just because other states have taken this step doesn't mean we should legalize another intoxicant, especially one that has been proven to be the first step toward abusing the hard drugs that are claiming so many lives through overdoes," Chitwood said. 

House Speaker Greg Stumbo, D-Prestonsburg, filed a bill in this year's legislative session that would allow trained doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients for 21 "debilitating medical conditions," ranging from "severe" nausea to post traumatic stress disorder. The state would have a strict oversight system in place to make sure prescriptions were not abused, Stumbo said.
"I understand this is a learning process, but I hope people will listen to the debate before making up their minds," Stumbo said Tuesday in an email. "This is not recreational marijuana; it is medical marijuana, and they should hear the stories from people who say it has benefited them and their families. My bill is one of the strictest among the states, too; it does not allow smoking, nor does it let individuals grow their own."

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  • Tommy Meyn
    "Chitwood said reviews of prescription data in states that have legalized marijuana for medical purposes show that it's not primarily prescribed for people in intense pain or who are terminally ill."

    What about the reports that states with medical marijuana have significantly lower rates of prescription pain killer over doses?
  • Laverne Fallen Yates · BCTC, Lexington Ky
    So, "what we have seen from other states" is the evidence Mr. Chitwood uses to support his opposition to legalizing medical marijuana? Well, it bothers me greatly that this man (with his asinine assumptions) is leading the state's largest christian organization. So, therefore he is very influential with his opinions. I would like to say to this you, Mr. Chitwood." If you ever have to watch the person you love waste away from cancer and not be able to sleep or hold down food, you may not be so judgemental and condescending to people in a pain that you obviously have never never known about.

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Mr_Alex said...

Paul Chitwood is a shame on the human race, on facebook many Cannabis activists bombarded or demanded him to explain how Cannabis Oil lacked research and finally in a post which he deleted, he was caught calling Cannabis Oil 'NOSTRUMS' not only was it outrageous, he did not want a debate when I gave him a small rundown on how Cannabis Oil was first used in Ancient China, he resorted to blocking like the lot at Parents Opposed to Pot, No2Pot, Stop Pot,Project Smart Approaches to Marijuana/Cannabis aka Stupid Approaches to Cannabis and the other side of Cannabis that Cannabis Oil works pretty well against the following conditions:

Cancer (all types) the time its detected is crucial
Heart Disease
Obesity (yes I have seen people lose huge amounts of weight on Cannabis)
and more

These anti groups cannot handle a honest debate and they would have a rigged debate and they wonder why people hate them