Sunday, January 4, 2015

Mafia Pope Francis S.J. Supports Crime Against Humanity

Mafia thug Pope Francis S.J.
Countless lives lost to prohibition and perverted drugs/petrochemical pharma quackery
 and perverted markets aka 100 million deaths from cigarettes

Genesis - use the herbs of the earth  including cannabis, coca leaves and opium

10 Commandments - thou shall not steal  drug police steal they do not simply take and mix with other substances to dilute drugs so they are not to be abused  they simply confiscate  aka steal the product and steal lives via persecution via prosecution and imprisonment and or fines

Likewise they steal time from people via the unjust incarcerations for non criminal activity.

Revelations - sorcery-pharmakoisis - pervert drugs  - they steal lives by perverting the drugs via prohibitions on the drugs and any mixture containing the drugs hence promoting the concentration and perversion of drugs akin to replacing coffee drinking with concentrated caffeine taken in ultra concentrated dosage

pervert markets  - they further steal lives via the protectionism of worse drugs banning the safer Coca leaf protecting Tobacco particularly that known as Virginia Bright leaf Tobacco; the banning of Cannabis enshrining hard alcohol as Vodka.

Sorcery  the perversion of drugs and drug use and the whipping up of hatred and fear sustaining this pharmaceutic inquisition

the distraction from true drug disasters seen in pharmacology  not simply the perversion of natural drugs but the creation of frankenstein monsters as amphetamine, and worse PCP and Ketamine- the mis-use of such to induce demonic possession

Westboro 'Baptist' Cryto Catholic Church

There is a special place in hell for the Vatican

Rome Pushed Prohibition After 2nd Papal Madel to Angelo Francois Mariani

The Plausible Falling Out between the Vatican and Angelo Francois Mariani

What the Papacy Pushes - Drug War Public Health Subversion

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