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Jesuitical Dynamics Of Chick Publications

Does not this man David Daniels look like a Jesuit?

+King James Warrior
A Wycliffe-Onlyist [amazingly that is a thing] would condemn the KJ translation for "adding to & changing" the "Perfect preserved word of God" in several places (Mt. 6:13; Acts 10:48; Col. 4:18 to name a few small "changes").

The article backs up none of it's statements with Scripture to argue the perfection of the KJ over other English translations, it simply asserts it. Lots of conjecture, no actual sources used to back up the statements (except Gail Riplinger, & if you're saying that she's a reliable source of Truth then unfortunately you have nothing more than false certainty akin to a Mormon, I.e., if you're the Ruckmanite-type then there is no amount of Truth that could cause you to remove the veil from your eyes, & I can only pray for you).

I have long been skeptical of "Chick Publications".  This starts way back with their shallow historical analysis of Rome's Continuing Counter Reformation wars, along with his weirdness of lack of accessibility/pseudo anonymity.
Very little is known about Chick; he has given only one known professional interview since 1975.[15] The lack of available public information about him has created some speculation that he was a pen name for unnamed author(s) or ghostwriters.[9] Several audio cassettes of his preaching distributed to his subscribers purport to contain his voice. While he has never released a photo of himself for publication, purported photos of Chick have been published by others.[16]
The first thing was from reading one of his comics where he described Germany's Kaiser Wilhem II as a good Roman Catholic, when he is better described as a lukewarm Lutheran (or perhaps a secret Roman Catholic?) who was weirdly obvious to the Kulturkamph of the 1870s?

The second thing is likewise Chick's total ignorance of the Kulterkamph struggle between Protestant led Germany of Prussia and the 2nd Reich.  Surely how can one write about the Continuing Counter Reformation of Rome's geo-political Ultramontanism, without even mentioning Rome's hatred of north-north-eastern Protestant Germany?!

Perhaps he was simply unaware?

Yet persuading me that Chick Publications is run by Jesuits is their total non interest in this blog's exposure of Wlodimir Ledochowski and his uncle Miecieslaw conflict with the regime of Bismark during the 1870s.
 I find it extremely bizarre that Chick publications has never even mentioned let alone discussed Ledochowski the WW2 Black Pope.
I am only one person, but that has not stopped me from looking at a lot of Vatican expose writings on the internet. 
Yet when I informed Chick about Continuing Counter Reformation, Wlodimir Ledochowski/Kulterkampf Revenge, I see but one quick hit on my web counter with no follow up pages hits.
The two email posts from"Chick Publications" to an anti vatican mailing list that I am aware are a request to be removed form the list, with a follow-up email that they have 'limited personal' - one that has produced dozens of comic books and tracts yet just can't find the time to read any of the history in Continuing Counter Reformation or apparently any other anti-Vatican source that has appeared with the internet.

Perhaps Jack Chick -- assuming that he actually exists - was compromised?  Perhaps he was approached by "helpers" who were disguised Jesuits, and eventually fed psyche drugs to keep him sedated- isolated, while his operation was infiltrated and ultimately came under full Jesuit control.
In a 2005 issue of his company's newsletter, Battle Cry, Chick reported that he had suffered a life-threatening health emergency at some point in the previous two years, between 2003 and 2005. He gave further details of the circumstances: "My flu turned into pneumonia, my blood sugar dropped to 20 (I am diabetic)... I was going into a coma. My wife called 911 and while they were on the way, I had a heart attack. A day or so later I had to undergo a triple bypass."[14]

Doubtlessly, Chick publications was long undermined by certain doctrines designed to appear "Protestant" and "Christian" while cleverly designed to steer people from truth.

A prime example of this is the doctrinaire "King James ONLY" condemnation of later Bibles as a whole as "false" or "worthless" - an idea to undermine the concept of making such that are easier to read, with scant discussion of any perversions of meanings.  That not only serves to discourage people from reading the Bible via belittling easier to read translations, it likewise distracting from the perversions of the different translations,namely via the precise meanings of words, owing to that the Bible was originally transcribed in Hebrew which contains some words that lack exact translations in other languages, which is where the potential may be the greatest in perverting the meanings of Biblical passages.  There is too little focus amongst the anti Vatican crowd upon what Rome did cir 330 AD regrading the Bible and various religious doctrines.

Strictly speaking, a doctrinaire King James ONLYISM would mean no Bible translations in to modern English or foreign languages.  That would fit with Rome's opposition to the translation of the Bible from Latin into English and other common languages in order to minimize its readership.

The gist of what I get from the video from Chick Publications is that we dare not study the bible to discern any contradictions in the various translations' logic - a favorite example of mine being discussed here -- but to simply accept a translation made under an Anglican King.

I have seen King James ONLYISM not only used to bash study and thought about the Bible's passages, but also to attempt to dismiss this blog entirely, with a person in a Facebook 'Catholics and Protestants What Divides Us' group, attempt to spin CCR's use of a new KJB version verse to entirely dismiss this blog, while adapting such a hard line "Protestant/Anti Jesuit" stance as to deny that any Roman Catholics are simply misguided/deluded, but rather out right entirely bad people.

That is a stance that I would expect to be designed by the Jesuit Order to create an ugly 'Protestant' opposition to thus make Catholicism look good.

My intuition is that this individual "David Daniels" featured by Chick Publications, is a Jesuit.

The sheer supposed inability of anyone at Chick communicate with people from the outside world only further fuels by outlook that Chick Publishing is Jesuit run.

WHY is Jack Chick so unaccessible?
Update (8/22/14):
The following acquaintances of Jack T. Chick were contacted concerning the urgent message found in this sermonet. If anybody could get through to Jack T. Chick these people could. However, none of them was willing to act on my request for help. How very sad!

William Schnoebelen
With One Accord Ministries
3500 Dodge St. Ste 7 - PMB 290
Dubuque, IA. 52003

Rev. Richard F. Lee, J.D., M.Div.
Richard Lee Ministries
P.O. Box 7550
Spokane, WA 99207
Phone and fax: (509) 536-0986

Nury Rivera
P.O. Box 391137
Deltona, FL 32739
Phone: (386) 878-3875

Dr. Cathy Burns
212 E 7th St #B
Mount Carmel, PA 17851-2211

Rebecca Brown, M.D.
Harvest Warriors
P.O. Box 65 Clinton, AR 72031
Office Phone: (501) 723-4015

Chaplain Dann Slator
c/o Jack Chick Museum of Fine Art
3202 Enterprise Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32312

Barry Burton
608 Doyle St.
Coolidge, TX 76635
Phone: (254) 786-2466

Samuel Gipp
3166 Wildwood Circle
Massillon, OH 44646
Phone: (330) 685-2578

William Grady
Grady Publications
PO Box 243
Swartz Creek, MI 48473

Thomas Heinz
12449 SE Kelly St.
Portland, OR 97236

Gary Miller
2822 Briarwood Drive East,
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Phone: (847) 640 - 8422

Daniel Rodriguez

Gina Wilson

Douglas (Sonny) Brubach
Tony Alamo Christian Church
13136 Sierra Hwy
Canyon Country, California

With Jack Chick so unreachable, how did the people who compose the staff of Chick Publications get their introductions to their jobs?

How did David Daniels get hired by Chick Publications?

Note that Jack Chick subscribes to the Jesuitical doctrine of Futurism- of the Anti Christ as someone other than the Pope.

A good article regarding Chick at Galatians 4

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