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Fraudulant 'Anti-Genocide' Pro-Papacy 'Americans Against Genocide In Gaza'

Pro-genocide, Pro-censorship  board on Facebook that purports to be pro-people

 Indeed, a Papist Palestinian (Roman Empire name for Israel) Holocaust of people
Facebook Logo image for pro-genocide Papist Facebook group
that thrives off of the blood of innocents for Rome's filthy religious war in the Middle East

Lina Fakori- apparent censor-or FOR Rome's genocide of people in Israel-'Palestine' 
hosts apologist for Hamas

A very revealing exchange on a so-called anti-genocide board on Facebook, "Americans Against  Genocide In Gaza (AAGG)" (moderated by this Lina Fakori) where I begin getting censored when I admit that Hamas may well be a creation of a pro-Papist treasonous 'Israeli' government.

Boards as such are frauds that THRIVE on the blood of innocents for the sake of Rome's manipulation of greater Arabia via exclusionary zionists, whether supposedly pro-Israel or supposedly pro-Palestinian people.

  • Douglas Andrew Willinger So stupid of Israel to not use micro drones to target the Hamas rocket operators rather than the disproportionate crap that perpetuates the conflict
  • Anita Bruckner Hamas Defense Forces is defending their people! Not one homemade rocket was fired until Israel attacked them and blamed them unjustly!
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  • Anita Bruckner What media are you watching, the Zionist media? You think Palestinians do not have a right to defend themselves?
Below is the opening message from Pro-Papal Roman exclsuionary zionist Lina Fakhouri who echoes the nonsense of the papacy and its exclusionary zionist counterparts in Israel who supports an exclsive claim to the lands of histoic Israel in the name of Papist Roman 'Palestine':

Lina Fakhouri 11 hrs I am reposting this for the new members. And for the older memvers also.I have added few more things. Rule number one. If you dont agree , just argue in a civilsed way ! When it is hopeless, and if you see insults, please send me a message, or send admins messages. Here are the admins names as of today as this can change.Lina Fakhouri, Gwendalyn Mayne, Maisoon Ah, Ahmed Moussa, Robert Farrar, Laila Belaroussi, Souha Jandali, Anzelle Pieretti, Esra Akkan. Rule number two. If you want to leave just leave, no need or the drama. We are five thousands and seven hundred plusmembers from all over the world. We are growing non stop. We certainly cannot please averyone. We do not stop traveleurs. Modern zionism got up and running, albeit weakly, in the 1870s. Herzel was the founder of a movement. After writing on the subject he convened the 1st Zionist Conference in 1897. Muslims , Jews and Christians , live together in hamony. They cohabit together, helped each other . Jerusalem means the city of peace ! It is only around World War Two , that the Zionist movement started. After the war , They took the Palestinian lands to give it to the Jews as a retribution to the atrocities that they have been subjected to in Germany under Nazies .Ok my husband is originally from Germany , so I have no hate for the germans , but my question is this : why the UN , the French , the British , the USA , why they did not offer them a piece of Germany lands ??? !!! This would have made more sense right ? So the Nazi abuse and kill the jews , and then they give them the Palestinians Land ! Those jews never lived in Palestine ! They were living in Germany and in Europe ! Palestinians who DID not abuse the jews , Palestinians were living in peace with the Jews . It doesnt make sense at all ! The Zionists claim that Palestine land was their land. It was never their land ! [note- admission of pro-Papal anti-Jewish exclusionary Roman "Palestinian' brand of zionism] Don't believe what they are saying ! It was never the land of their ancestors ! People living now in Israel came from all part of the world. Their ancestors never lived on this land. This is why they have no compassion for natives living in Palestine, not even the arab jews .And if we in USA believe it is their right , then might as well give back here in America , the land back to American Native ! Right ? Many tribes of different backgrounds were living on the palestian land for thousands of years. Yes , jews were living there too, this is true but not alone ! the Old Testament tell the story of the Jews. They are nomards going from one area to the other. Orthodox Jewish, tell you that when God promised them the Promise Land , Israel, it is a Metaphore. Israel Promised land , it means to live on earth in peace if they reach a higher lever, spiritually , and we all should work toward this goal , to reach a higher lever of spirituality ! But the land that they so called Israel was always called Philistine, Palestine ! Go back and read your Bible ! Ok , so now we have Israel. But even that it was Not enough for the Zionists !They want more and more and more ! I dont believe that they will stop wanting something that doesnt beling to them ! Houmous , falafel, tabouli, those food are arabic food, not kosher, not israeli , yet they are claiming them ! Greed and Power are the tools that the Devil use to manipulate human beings and to score against God . The zionists have no compassion none whatsoever for the Natives ! They are Ruthless people ! Killing innocent people, saying that raping palestinian women and men is Kosher !? Is it Kosher to kill the pregnant palestinian women ? What kind of disfuntional and SCHIZOPHRENIC society are we becoming ?? YES , I repeat, SCHIZOPHRENIC . To see the truth , and the truth is hiting us in the face ! To lie and to willingly wanting to bellieve those lies is SICK ! To see what is going on in reality , yet denie that it happened, IS NOT HEALTHY ! It is NOT HONEST ! Now I have to gloat and say that after all there is God .They have found one of the biggest reserve of Naturel Gaz right under Gaza ! Not under Tel Aviv ! This is why IsraHell is trying its best to do an ethnic cleansing ! They want the Palestinians out for good ! And now as a proud American , I tell them , no way Jose ! And by the way , those who resist any occupation are called The Resistance ! Yes they have the right to bear arms to protect themselves . We in USA , and through our second ammendment , have the right to bear arms to protect ourselves against anyone who may come to take our home, to try to kill us ! I dont like this law. I am against it, I dont like guns . But how come it is okay for us , americans , and not ok for the palestinians ? What kind of double standard is that ? Lastly, many of you may be asking who am I ? I am a proud American citizen . I live in Florida. I am a wife , a mother , a grandmother ! I am also an artist. This is what I love to do all day long . I love to do oil paintings while listening to music and even dance a bit happily while painting. This is a simple good life and I would not want to change anything ! But as a mother , as a grandmother , I totally refuse to look the other way when I see that there is another Holocaust happening on earth. As a grandmother , I will not be silent when I see children same age as my own grand childrem, mutilated , dead , disfigured and still looking the other way. My grandson Deano , who I adore . Is diabetic type one. I cannot for the life of me just imagine if my Deano , who is three years old , would be now living in Gaza and cannot get his shots of insulin ! Imagine other kids with same or worth diseases and they cannot go to hospitals because they are under constant shellings. This is inhuman, it is horrible. Those kids in Palestine have the right to live their childhood safely. Teenagers have the right to dream a better future !. May God bless those who are standing up in the name of humanity against evil spirits and they are everywhere . even here in USA ! I would like to add that this group in definitly not anti jewish . I have many jews who are my friends. We even have many many jewish friends in this group who are standing with us , who believe in our cause. When you want to criticise, please say Zionists, or israelis . I dont care if you are jewish, I dont care if you are christian , I do t care if you are muslim, I dont care if you dont even believe in God, I dont care if you are gay , I dont care if you are lesbian, nor do I care if you are capitalist or socialist. Because we come from different background and we are growing very fast, I have a request and that is that that no member in this group make any discriminatory remark, about gender, sexual hints ( gays or lebians , it is none of our business so dont insult !! ! ) What we all care here, is to help the palestinian in their quest for freedom. We will not allow anyone deviating from this topic , no highjacking this group to talk about religions. If you are very passionate about those causes, go and create your own group, thank you . Like · · Share
Here are the groups that Lina Fauori lists on her Facebook page:


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'Irish Republican Network'.  As in the Papist terrorist Irish Republican Army.   How telling.

As pointed out in the blog Jesus-Partisans-Balkans, it is the the Papacy that is behind the bloodshed in Arabia, and as illustrated apparently by persons as Lina Faukori are pro-genocial Papist puppets who confirm such via their censorship.

Notably, my first comment - a posting of a particular Continuing Counter Reformation blogpost that is critical of certain Israeli policies -- and the only one I posted as a stand alone comment rather than a comment to an existing posting, would be the first to disappear.  To me, that such a post would be so censored is suggestive of the dynamics of the evildoers being found among a evil subset with  Palestinian and Jewish groups, as if satan had infiltrated both sides, with this Lina Faukori page well aware that she and others are satanists who thrive off of genocide- Palestinian genocide indeed, Roman Palestinian genocide of people.

 One stone to.....

1. Blackmail the whole Islamic world into ecumenism/submission, after completely destroying their face and credibility.

2. Prove to the world that not you, but "arabia" is the harlot of Revelation 17 and that the 10 horns are not european countries, but 10 islamic modern states bent on destroying Rome. Disappoint the eschatological fantasies of the dispensionalist futurists(which you have carefully planted among them centuries ago). Fool the "protestants" that you have "repented" and "self-reformed".

3. Win the sympathy of the rest of the world by this culmination of years of self-inflicted martyrdom.

4. Revive the morale and zeal of the entire laity.

5. Emerge as the "only true church" and then blackmail the whole of "christendom" into ecumenism. Label the rest "successors" of the bloodthirsty islamic fundamentalists, a label ready to be accepted after centuries of gluing them both together as "guilty of association". First theologically, second politically.

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