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Wlodimir Ledochowski's Masonic Fool FDR

Making East Europe Safe for Stalinism
and Ledochowski's westward shift of Poland
and displacement/erasure of Prussia

Dear Douglas,

the following might be of interest for you:
In the spring of 1943, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, head of the German Secret Service, met with George Earle, the American Naval Attache in Istanbul, Turkey. Admiral Canaris came to discuss the surrender of the German armed forces. He reported that he had joined with other German leaders in an assassination plot to remove Hitler from power. After this was accomplished, they would take over the German government, and surrender to the Allies, with only one condition:

There must be no Soviet advance into Central Europe.

Mr. Earle sent President Roosevelt a note informing him of Canaris'

He received no reply.

Earle tried again, and this time he received what has been termed a "brush-off" from President Roosevelt.

So Earle flew to Washington. Roosevelt told him that his concerns were overly anxious, that Germany would soon surrender after the planned attack commenced through Western Europe.

Earle was very disappointed, and returned to Istanbul. He advised Canaris of what he had learned, and he returned to Germany, where he and the other plotters against Hitler's life were found out and either hung or shot for their efforts to shorten the war and prevent the expansion of the Russians into Eastern Europe.4

If Roosevelt had accepted Canaris' offer: "... the war might have ended in 1943. Countless lives would in all probability have been saved, and, of greatest importance, the Allies wouldn't have supplanted one dangerous ideology with another. The Soviet hordes would have been stopped at the Polish border. The entire map of Europe would have been different."5

Earle returned to the United States. He wrote "I decided to make known some of my views and observations about the so-called allies, the Soviets, so as to wake up the American people about what was really going on. I contacted the President about it, but he reacted strongly and specifically forbade me to make my views known to the public. Then upon my requesting active duty in the Navy, I was ordered to Samoa, in the far-distant South pacific"6

In fact, Earle was warned by Roosevelt's daughter in a letter to him "... that if he carried out his outlined program of publicly criticizing and commenting on some of the Soviet moves, he could be adjudged guilty of treason."7

It is indeed unfortunate that the Roosevelts took this position on the "Soviet moves," the movement of Russian troops into the Eastern European countries as the war was ending, as evidenced by President Roosevelt's inaction in the Canaris case, and the letter of his daughter in the Earle case, because the citizens in these countries did not want the Russians to occupy their nations. This fact was made brutally apparent as millions of these patriots actually joined with the German armed forces in an attempt to keep the Russians from advancing into their respective countries.

So Roosevelt could have truly assisted these patriots in keeping their countries free of Communism by assisting the Canaris group, and Earle could have been of immense assistance in bringing these matters to the attention of the American people.

But it was not to be, and the Eastern European countries were occupied by the Russian Communists much to the chagrin of millions of patriots. Roosevelt continued his support of the Russian government as the war ended by guaranteeing their occupation of these nations by the agreements made at the wartime conferences with the major leaders of the Allied governments.

Ralph Epperson, The Unseen Hand, p.286-287
So it looks like there were two attempts to negotiate a surrender?

On the following pages more betrayals are decribed, like the unnecessary concessions made to Stalin by Roosevelt and Churchill at Yalta, and the betrayal of (orthodox) Russian soldiers (among them General Vlasov and his soldiers) and civilians in a forced repatriation during „Operation Keelhaul” approved by Roosevelt and Eisenhower.

I read somewhere that Admiral Canaris and General Rommel, both high-ranking victims of the Nazi regime, were both Protestants.

Best regards,

Wlodimir Ledochowski's Masonic Tool FDR


avles said...

Very good post! Very useful information! The only source of 'desperation': but where are all the souls and the brain, for which such an information exists, all gone?

It doesn't need to comment the reason for which I put here two links, after having read the Spring '43 failed attempt of Canaris & U.S. navy attachè to crush the head of Adolph - you'll understand by yourself:

"..The Allied invasion of Sicily, codenamed Operation Husky, was a major World War II campaign, in which the Allies took Sicily from the Axis (Italy and Nazi Germany). It was a large scale amphibious and airborne operation, followed by six weeks of land combat. It launched the Italian Campaign.

Husky began on the night of July 9, 1943, and ended August 17...."

"....Dismissed and arrested

Italy's position had become untenable by the summer of 1943. The Allies had defeated the Axis in the Tunisia Campaign, there were setbacks on the Eastern Front and the war had come to the nation's very doorstep with the Allied invasion of Sicily.[50] The home front was also in bad shape as the Allied bombings were taking their toll. The factories were ground to a virtual standstill due to a lack of raw materials, coal and oil. Additionally, there was a chronic shortage of food, and what food was available was being sold at nearly confiscatory prices. Mussolini's once-ubiquitous propaganda machine lost its grip on the people; a large number of Italians turned to Vatican Radio or Radio London for more accurate news coverage. Discontent came to a head in March with a wave of strikes in the industrial north—the first large-scale strikes since 1925.[51] Also in March, some of the major factories in Milan and Turin stopped production to secure evacuation allowances for workers' families. The physical German presence in Italy had sharply turned public opinion against Mussolini; for example, when the Allies took Sicily, the public welcomed them as liberators.[52]

Earlier, Mussolini had begged Hitler to make a separate peace with Stalin and send German troops to the west to guard against an expected Allied invasion of Italy. He feared that with the losses in Tunisia and North Africa, the next logical step for Dwight Eisenhower's armies would be to come across the Mediterranean and attack the peninsula. Within a few days of the Allied landings on Sicily, it was obvious Mussolini's army was on the brink of collapse. This led Hitler to summon Mussolini to a meeting in northern Italy on July 19. By this time, Mussolini was so shaken that he could no longer stand Hitler's boasting. His mood darkened further when that same day, the Allies bombed Rome—the first time that city had ever been the target of enemy bombing.[53]

Some prominent members of the Italian Fascist government had turned against Mussolini by this point. Among them were Grandi and Mussolini's son-in-law Ciano. With several of his colleagues close to revolt, il Duce was forced to summon the Grand Council of Fascism on July 24--the first time that body had met since the start of the war. When he announced that the Germans were thinking of evacuating the south, Grandi launched a blistering attack on him.[50] Grandi moved a resolution asking the king to resume his full constitutional powers—in effect, a vote of no confidence in Mussolini. This motion carried by a 19–7 margin. Despite this sharp rebuke, Mussolini showed up for work the next day as usual. He allegedly viewed the Grand Council as merely an advisory body and didn't think the vote would have any substantive effect.[51] That afternoon, he was summoned to the royal palace by King Victor Emmanuel III, who had been planning to oust Mussolini earlier. When Mussolini tried to tell the king about the meeting, Victor Emmanuel cut him off and told him that he was being replaced by Marshal Pietro Badoglio.[51] After Mussolini left the palace, he was arrested on the king's orders.[54]........"

And the Apennine peninsula TRAP where to kill as many 'heretic' Americans & British soldiers possible started. And the TRAP where to divert the greatest number of energies of the once glorious Prussian army from the butcher front of Russia started. The Jesuit Denzel Washington-Obama of Universal Studio just played a role fitted for the Obama in the WHite HOuse - S. Anna Stazzema movie. Who will do a movie about the massacre of Anzio landing?

Its so evident, so damned evident:

"...In questo quadro la questione religiosa diventa un pretesto per altri giochi tra forti e strumentali oscillazioni. Ed è a proposito di questi giorni che l’archivio segreto vaticano conserva un documento sconcertante. Il 10 aprile 1938, padre Pietro Tacchi Venturi, il gesuita che ha tenuto i rapporti tra la Santa Sede e Mussolini su tutti i problemi essenziali, è ricevuto in udienza dal pontefice. Nel resoconto dell'incontro si legge: «Il p. Tacchi Venturi, ammesso alla presenza del Santo Padre, ha comunicato quanto segue, ad illustrazione della sua lettera dell'8 aprile corrente. Il capo del governo (Mussolini) ha detto a P. Tacchi Venturi in privato colloquio (giovedì 7 aprile 1938) che con Hitler converrebbe essere più energici, senza mezze misure; non subito, immediatamente, ma aspettando il momento più opportuno, per adottare queste misure più energiche, per es. la scomunica; che convenga guardarsi dal credere che il fenomeno hi- tleriano fosse passeggero, poiché quest'uomo aveva ottenuto per la Germania grandi successi. Non vi sarebbe altro mezzo di impedirlo che la guerra, e la guerra non si vuole fare. Questo passo più energico della Santa Sede avrebbe il consenso di persone, che non possono piacere, egli ben lo capisce, alla Santa Sede, ma ciò non toglie il bisogno». (Posizione 720, fascicolo 329)...":

10 April 1938, Pietro Tacchi venturi, the Jesuit who was the theological "modem" or the "router" between Mussolini and the Vatican, is received by Pacelli pope. He referred to Pacelli that Mussolini wanted to adopt more hard measures with Hitler, without buts & ifs. Not immediately, but later, at the appropriate moment, using also the excommunication (...please, WHO SAID THAT HTLER WAS NOT ROMAN CATHOLIC?!!!!). Musslini said that the phenomena of Hitler was not temporary, and that HItler gained very great successes in Geramny (helped by the friends of Tacchi Venturi who putted the father of the biggest Italian party of today, the party heir of Communist Italian party, as a journalist-spy who followed any travel of Mussolini abroad, I am talking of Vittorio Veltroni, I exposed him in the thread of old Un. Mind). It remains the war, continue Jesuit Tacchi Ventura referring to Mussolini's willings, but it is general willing to not make it. Only the holy see could do the necessary step to re-size Hitler".....

And please, read the exact last words of the excerpt of Tacchi:

"Questo passo più energico della Santa Sede avrebbe il consenso di persone, che non possono piacere, egli ben lo capisce, alla Santa Sede, ma ciò non toglie il bisogno»

“ This most energic step of the holy see would have the consensus of people, who could not be liked, he understands that well, by the holy see, but this doesn’t avoid the necessity of doing it”.

In a previous quoted page of the Ciano’diary, always in the same URL (Ciano = Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Benito Mussolini's son-in-law.) , Ciano tells about the anti-German opposition movement in Italy built up by Catholics, Masons and Jews, growing of importance cause the Anschluss of Austria. He continue saying that if Hitlers would dare to move the borders with Italy, he (Ciano) will unite against the Germanesim all the world in order to destroy Germany for at least the next incoming two centuries….

Five years later, after Canaris failed to kill Hitler, Nazi Geramny invades Italy.

Its so evident, so damned evident

Douglas A. Willinger said...

We could have invaded Italy at the coast towards Rome and cut the boot in half in a fraction of the time of working our way up from the toe and heel; the entire war was being waged to waste time in order to allow Stalin's USSR to penetrate deep into central Europe in order to bring about Ledochowski's planned revenge to its aim of the Oder Neisse line and the criminal expulsions in what was a criminal war.

US General George Patton opposed this handover of Eastern Europe, and was betrayed by his own government.

Yes it is most obvious what was going on!

avles said...

I am not the first to put the finger on the Operation Shingle:

I repeat what I read from Phelps.

A man I know, when I was talking wih him about the Islam as a creation of Vatican, and about the presence of the Islam in Sicily, just a day of ship from the headquarter of the Romish sect in Rome, told me what he heard from the radio in a cultural program. How they did crown Charlemagne? He was only a guy passing near Rome just for a casualty, with his army. But the Muslim threatened a landing just on the coast in front of Rome (Anzio is near Rome and there the allied landed in 1944, June). So the pope decided immeditaly to crown that guy as "emperor of holy Roman empire" and so as defencer of the 'christendom' against the 'muslims'. At those times the Muslims didn't have the Sicily island in their hands, but they were to have it with continue raids. So the history could have a solid base. I told this cause the coincidence among two attempts of rejected landing: the first time by the crowning of the original Charlemagne (the crowning allegedly stopped the attempt of landing of the Arabs), the second time - 1143 years after - with the Jesuit sosia of Charlemagne, the 'charismatic dictator' of Germany, who defeated (with the support of the fifth secret Jesuit column in the allied front)the allied landing of Anzio & Nettuno.

It is interesting to see how Rome wiped away Byzantium from South Italy.The Muslims wiped away the Byzantine. Often Byzantium and the forces of the holy roman empire were allied in the fight against the Muslims. But at the end of the sum the forces of the holy roman empire cannot (or wanted not?) to save Byzantium.

And look at another coincidence:

"....The allied German-Lombard army was however defeated in 982 in the Battle of Stilo. However, as al-Qasim himself had been killed, his son Jabir al-Kalbi prudentially retreated to Sicily without exploiting the victory...."

Again after 958 years another battle without winner and defeated ones, the naval battle of Punta Stilo:

"....The Battle of Calabria, (known to the Italian Navy as the Battle of Punta Stilo) was a naval battle during the Battle of the Mediterranean in World War II. It was fought between vessels of Italian Royal Navy (Regia Marina) on one side and vessels of the the British Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy on the other. The battle occurred thirty miles to the east of Punta Stilo, the "toe" of Italy (Calabria), on 9 July 1940. It was one of the few pitched battles of the Mediterranean campaign during World War II involving large numbers of ships on both sides. Both sides claimed victory, but in fact the battle was a draw and everyone returned to their bases as soon as possible. After the battle a massive propaganda effort on the part of the Allies tried to convince the Italian forces that the Allies had won outright; Italian propaganda also depicted this battle as an Axis victory...."

Yes, all history smells of a giant Romanist Truman Show. They create the events or at least they try to dominate them exploiting their scenic appearance. 'Filling' history with theatral events to control the world? Where are the true battle and the staged battle? A giant Coliseum game?

avles said...

Once the "Musllim threat" to submit the European monarchies - with the help of the Charlemagne-Hitler ante litteram - to the Vatican evil crown.

1,500 years after, the "Bolshevik threat" - allowed also by Jesuit-Masonic Roosevelt - to submit the civil society of Europe to the Vatican evil crown.

The history repeat itself with extraordinary fidelity!!!!

avles said...

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