Thursday, June 26, 2008

Avles Beluske Renewed

After being blocked for some 16 months...



I could use the entry password for the last time on the 3rd February 2007. I think it was for 80% a problem of censorship as the contents were and are too much disturbing for the Italian Provincial Francesco Tata and the Vatican Inquisitorial regime of the
Apenine peninsula. I will continue to write on this blog exsclusively in English language, to give a possibility for the not Italian users to see the Novo Ordo Seclorum through a point of view INSIDE its the same bulwark, the North Adriatic region of Catholand.... more
Avles, excellent work!

Please activate your blog's comments feature.

And please use the comments feature at 'Continuing Counter Reformation' and at my other blogs that I have linked to.

After all, since they -- aka the Romish-Masonic criminal apostate shadow government -- can read our emails, why not then make our intellectual communiques publically open?


avles said...

Hallo Willinger,
this is the first message I am sending in another blog after 3rd February 2007. This was not a joke, I think that for the 90 - 80% it was pure censorship, as I was no more able to leave comments on other blogger' blogs. I thank you for the trust you have in my person, publishing my communications (the same value for Craig Oxley of The Unhived Mind). It is not so easy to trust an unknown, expecially if you know how many agents of the Trento's Council war are hidden among the symphatizers.
Your blog is a source of information that really changed my life (as did others to whom are belonging the above mentioned men - and John Phelps of course and I don't want to forget Barry Chamish) . To be a North Adriatic inhabitant i.e. European means to live in a very narrow mind, Europe is the home of Fascism, Nazism, here is born and worked Karl Marx who was the father of the Bolshevism, here started the Inquisition and its stakes, here is the headquarter of the Holy Roman World Empire. The worst serial killer of history - the Chinese Maozedong - wasn't a (Jesuit Masonic via de Chardin) "Marxist"? No one is aware that the same Europe since centuries is a giant spiritual cage from where many people escaped its religious Roman Catholic persecution. I think I am one of the last few ones - if not really the last - which is trying to escape from this Romanist occult religious gulag.

avles said...

As regards comments, I activated them but for now they haven't been applied yet. I have the "Backlink" feature.

avles said...

Europe is now a totally dead country, the once bright living spark of the Reform and the Protestantesim is gone. I am sure that also behind the same Luther there was a Saturnalia game (see the thread “Are we duped by the Levites’ tribe?” on The Unhived Mind: Rosicrucian connection? ), but I am not so stupid to throw away – as said Roman crusader Lenin – the kid together with the dirty waters. The 95 Thesis are a milestone in the battle for the Freedom and for the true Christendom, there aren’t doubts.
So the basis of the Freedom of Conscience and Speech built with the Reform disappeared from this continent. It remained the desolated dead land filled with artificial life. The Protestant building has been totally destroyed with the last religious war (1914-1945). But they applied their Sun Tzu strategies, not the conventional ones. As regard my perspective I see they leaved only the façade of the Reform building in Europe, disguising you on the contents. The inner floors and rooms have been totally wiped away, and at their place there are now new modern offices where the CEOs of the various Jesuits ‘front societies’ are sited. But the worst thing is that the once inhabitants of the building – the survived ones – now they work as servants of the new proprietary, who leave them to lie to themselves, thinking that the Reform is still living – meanwhile they are only the low working force cleaning the front glasses and doors of the once THEIR building, now a Jesuit covert headquarter.
Yes, this is the common spiritual landscape of the Europe normalized by Rome after the Second Thirty years war of XX century: how easily people can lie to themselves.