Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Douglas Willinger's email deactivated April 14, 2008

Author/Creator of this blog 'Continuing Counter Reformation'

With the deactivation of the anti-Romish-Masonic blog "Troy Space" as of about June 9, 2008, now seems to be an appropriate time to note the blocking of my email account --- dougwill2001@yahoo.com -- that occurred on April 14, 2008, with the notice that it was being blocked for 'up to' 48 hours in order to protect me.
"To protect you, your account has been suspended from sending, saving, and receiving mail for up to 48 hours"
Although the message that this was for up to 48 hours, the email account remains blocked as of today.

I do not know the reason for this blatant interruption of my communications, but can only surmise that the criminal apostate shadow government was displeased with something that I posted shortly before.

One can see my list of blogs at my profile.


I suspect that it was something at the Cosmobile Cosmopolitan Transportation and or the Freedom of Medicine and Diet blogs that pissed them off.



Be sure to also review these blogs pre April 14 posts.

It was the latter of these two links -- namely the March 2008 archives of Freedom of Medicine and Diet, that I was having an email exchange over with an apologist for the status quo- aka why organizations ostensibly devoted to drug policy change behave as gatekeepers for big pharm - just before my email account was blocked.

WordPress Censorship?

Free Speech Beneath US Homeland Security


fooser77 said...


Screw yahoo. They deactivate mine when I don't use it enough. Go with gmail.com for a change.

avles said...

Friday 18th July 2008 >>> Upgraded the blogopost JESUIT INQUISITORIAL CENSORSHIP ON THE WEB. Interesting old threads of The Unhived Mind related to the Jesuit control of the web and computer industry:

"...."....The CEO of Intel is Jesuit-trained at the University of San Francisco.
This man is also a director at GOOGLE....".