Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Inquisition Is Alive and Kicking

An interesting piece found via a Countinuing Counter Reformation comment box

Disclaimer.I will provide a train of unconventional and controversial information. The intention is not to blog, but to create an archive which is relatively independent from time. This is a repository of my own thoughts, and I will continue to write as long as I can handle a keyboard, irrespective of feedback from the surrounding. I will periodically alter or withdraw information which I come to consider incorrect or misleading according to the due course of my own learning. Everything has to start somewhere, but after that point one must remain as objective as possible, and thereby become able to change any given subjective opinion at any time in order to stay honest in relation to oneself.

Unfortunately most people choose ignorance, simply because it is easier to anesthetize oneself with fake truths than to choose the narrow road and experience what Jean Paul Sartre called “the vertiginous feeling of absolute freedom”.

It is exactly this chosen ignorance which leads to concepts like “the banality of evil”, and in turn gives rise to genocide, war, slavery and other horrors.

Sadly, human beings throughout history have tended to discover their evils in retrospect, because the greatest horrors are brought ahead by false prophets.

This is nothing new, it has always been this way. Thus one should not hope or strive to inform others.

Although nobody is perfect, any human being can be beautiful and has the power to save him or herself to become one with God. That is beyond race, capacity or belief system. Many great people have lived and died in silence with fulfilment and happiness accompanied by superior knowledge. They are the “happy few” as I see it.

The actual truth is more insane than most people can imagine, but we owe it to the victims to speak it. It lies behind and beside the official explanations.

“Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them” (Ephesians 5:11)

Added on the 31 of December, 2010;

At this point, even though there would be much more to add, my own learning on the subjects of this archive has come to an end.

As saddened by the state of these matters as I am, I still believe that it is in the right and capacity of every person to reach an independent spirituality and connection with God untainted by the forces of evil. I will try my best to succeed with this myself in a simple life, and wish everyone else inclined to do so the best of luck.

Just remember that the inquisition is very much alive and kicking.

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LVB said...

Excellent thoughts here, Douglas.

Keep thinking, learning and writing.