Friday, January 14, 2011

Troy Exposes Nerve Point of Masonic Crypto-Constantinian King James

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by Timothy

Secret Societies are in existence now. William Schaw was claimed to be an important figure in the development of Freemasonry. He was an informant as a follower of Esme Stewart or the 1st Duke of Lennox. He made the Schaw Statues about Masonry. He died in 1602. This was nearly 2 years before King James formal, physical accession to the throne. He was a Roman Catholic. This history is covered up apparently to not allow people to know about the Bible of the Reformation called the Geneva Bible. Also, this time in the 1600's, the elite allowed the crypto-Catholic Church (or the Anglican Church) to have a monopoly on ecclesiastical issues. This Anglican elite also use tactics to suppress efforts of anti-Jesuitism and destroy much of UK sovereignty. Many of these Anglicans back then persecuted Reformers and Baptists in England. That is why the Reformers and Baptists fled the UK into America to possess religious liberty. The Anglican Royals allied with the Papacy to support the Jesuit-influenced European Union too. Today, the Anglican Royals from the UK marry into the Catholics and have meetings with each other. This Ecumenical tie refutes the disinformation that there is no Masonic & Jesuit links of collaboration in history. Troy was right to expose this stuff. I don't totally agree with him on King James though. King James wasn't perfect, but he expelled the Order in 1604, he burned the works of the Jesuit Francisco Suarez justifying regicide, and he explicitly condemned witchcraft. Troy is right to give a special respect for the Geneva Bible for without the Geneva Bible and the Tyndale Bible, the King James Bible wouldn't exist. I do believe that the King James Bible is a very accurate translation from the Textus Receptus line. So, I believe that the Geneva Bible and the KJV are apart of the Word of God. The KJV wasn't a product of inspiration, but preservation of the Scriptures.

I don't agree with Troy on the KJV totally, but his research was interesting. Since, I'm a smart man, I've did something. Here's the link where you can find some of Troy's research on this issue (even though I don't agree totally with Troy on this issue. It's a good thing I had the instincts to perserve a lot of information. I believe that both the Geneva Bible and the KJV are accurate). Troy is right to expose the Jesuits and the Freemasons. I don't believe that Troy is some shill for a real shill wouldn't allow debate and omit information. He has views and allows differing views to exist in his framework. These links shows a debate and both sides on this issue:

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