Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22 1963 Back and to the Left [Papal] Masonic Assassination

48 Years Ago Today

Fatal headshot at the area of the gap between the pyramid and the capstone of Dealey Plaza


Anonymous said...

Not 'masonic' at all. A Papal assassination. Back and to the left is how one always left the royal presence.

JFK, murdered because he would not subvert the Republic...just as with Lincoln. RFK, murdered to protect the actors large and small.

Anonymous said...

Given that the masons were born of the first iteration of the Carmelite Order, which was benign and inclusive of all other philosophies, the masons too have always been a target of 'the wrong crowd'...with some of the most glaring examples its persecution by the papal dogs Franco, Hitler, Stalin, et al.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Masonic AND Vatican as Masonry bows to Rome:



Anonymous said...

I disagree to a great extent Doug.

The Vatican and Jesuit are still targeting the Masons...and have ever and always attempted to wipe them out.

That would tend to put the lie to Masonry bowing to Rome. As it is as de-centralized as Rome, worldwide, and as it is all inclusive...it is a potent threat to reactionary Rome. One notes that Catholics were allowed to join their ranks recently, only long enough to be able to fully identify the memberships.

One must remember, there are actually no 'protesters'...simply Catholics who were illegally labelled as heretics because they refused to be preyed upon any longer by their so-called 'mediators'. That would tend to make them quite Cathanac (warlike). That will occur again quite soon and in a more final version, especially as Rome continues to show its true colors at every turn.

Anonymous said...

And sadly, your links are proof of nothing other than a mistaken linkage. In this there is a curious similarity with a suspected agent of Rome and ex-convict, who sells the public a little truth and then goes off to sell them far more lunacy.

LH Lehmanns 'Behind The Dictators' delves quite ably into the lies of Leo Taxil regarding The Masons. However, it cannot be said that that body (as all important bodies) has not been riddled with provocateurs and moles.

The key, as always, will be the form of heart extant within each individual. That is likely why Lincoln did not act against the common Catholic across the board when he had ample opportunity.

It should be noted that a number of the French and other noble houses (nominally Catholic) sustained the uSa in its birth pangs...and many of them were eminently 'Masonic'.

When noting the extent of Catholic Praemunire and Requirimiento worldwide, it would be best not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Any such targeting would be a show- at best targeting independent Masons working for the Good (assuming that such a variety exists- rather than simply as a cover, such as Shriners' work as a distraction from the ban Coca Leaf to protect Virginia Bright Leaf cigarette health holocaust).

Do you care to elaborate upon "your links are proof of nothing other than a mistaken linkage" regarding the freemasonry that clearly bowed to Rome on the abortion of the USNCPC South Capitol Mall?

Your position is not supported by the political dynamics.

Anonymous said...

I think we would be safest leaving the term 'political dynamics' to those who are operating in that arena...as I see little of the 'polis' or the 'om phalus' extant in your links.
Were and are masons at work? Sure. A given. Can you peer into the heart of any of them? No.

And Franco, that servile thrall of Pius, targeted well over 25000 Masons in Spain. Coincidentally, they were mostly liberal Catholics, with a smattering of religions other than the RCC.

I can say one thing...by design and by architecture, it wasn't a puritan or calvinist that came up with the concept of the original 'virginia dare' called the uSa. Nor any thrall of the Borgia. That was clearly far more of an Orthodox undertaking.

Does Rome have its own masons and magi? Of course. But, as with all tools, it is the character of the wielder that determines the fruit coming of its use.

As for discoursing on the prepared diversion that may or may not be the s. capitol mall fiasco...to me its not key to Praemunire and Requirimiento...so I'll leave you to your diversions and interests.

However...after the prime example of a thing like Phelps...I would think that the tactic of selling a little validity, and then trying to cover a truckload of trash with that veneer, would be something a valid commentator would studiously avoid.

BTW...you missed the changing of the Laws of Succession to the British Crown to allow marriage to Catholics again.

If its a choice between noting their sun towers and other constructs...and noting changes of law that can potentially shift the balance of power suddenly and dramatically or noting attempted diversion away from the real purps behind JFK's assassination....I'd choose the later two every time..

Douglas A. Willinger said...

What's the point of banning Catholics when the "Protestants' are so thoroughly infiltrated? And likewise with Freemasonry- just consider the dynamics of the 'inside the Beltway' figures Ds and Rs with their 1990s vilification of Serbs/Serbia, and read back to the English language spins concerning Deutschland in the years leading up to WW2 and WW1 with the Kaiser a 'monster' and Herr Hitler a gentleman- all good old boy papal-masonic circus including Georgetown's Clinton and the Rs Bob Dole, toeing the Vatican strategic line.

Likewise with Freemason FDR and WW2.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

"Coincidentally, they were mostly liberal Catholics..."

Which would be in line with then Jesuit Superior General Wlodimir Ledochowski's anti-modernist crusade in Poland and the Balkans:



Douglas A. Willinger said...

[Papal] added to title.

Douglas A. Willinger said...

Pondering it a bit, I can see how the order to kill JFK originated from within the Vatican:


After all, the JFK plan had not yet adopted the PEPCO-New Hampshire Avenue route for the connecting I-95 Northeastern Freeway from Maryland (which would run directly through the property of the Masonic Eastern Star Home):