Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Avles Beluskes Re-Opens Novus Ordo Seclorum

Avles Beluskes aka Edoardo Roncelli is born and lives in Trieste, once, before invasion of Romans, called Amber Path South end, and by the inhabitants (Slovenes) "Primorje". Surname "Roncelli" is the Fascist italianization of an improbable Slovenian surname "Roncel", the true Slovenian surname was Rončel or Renčelj from the locality Dutovlje on the Kras (It.: Carso, Eng. and Deutsch: Karst). edoardo63@cheapnet.it


This was a blog that he pronounced closed in July 2011 to be superceeded by a more recent 'Avles' blog 'Apparently Enemies' which alas is still "open to invited readers only"


avles said...

Another opportunity for Dj Food "Ninja Walk":


avles said...

...And now you have another one of my blogs re-opened, with a new post on the crypto-Stalinism (Jesuitism) of local daily Il Piccolo di Trieste: