Thursday, December 31, 2015

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Facing the State Capitol- A Luciferian Church?

On an autumn 2015 cross country drive, I took notice of this church structure-
the "White Memorial Chapel " -
facing the Utah State capitol building,
with its interesting choice of a symbol

A 1973 reconstruction of an 1883 Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) Chapel 

White Memorial Chapel

The White Memorial Chapel was first built in 1883, and it was originally located on A Street and 2nd Avenue. It was home to the 18th ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). In 1973, the chapel was carefully disassembled to ensure elements could be reused. In 1976, the chapel was rebuilt on land donated by the Utah State Legislature in celebration of the nation’s 200th birthday, using the chapel’s original steeple, Gothic windows, doors, and benches. The LDS Sunday School program was launched at this location, and it served as the founding location for the first Boy Scout troop in Utah. The building is now a non-denominational chapel used for civic purposes.

The White Chapel is an excellent example of Utah’s early religious architecture. Architect Obed Taylor (who also designed the Assembly Hall at Temple Square) was inspired by Gothic architecture, as demonstrated by the buttresses, tall steeple, Gothic windows, and inclined roof.

The 1980 White Memorial Chapel is a reproduction of an earlier chapel belonging to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The original was constructed in 1883 and stood on the site for ninety years. The reproduction is in the original Gothic revival style and incorporates a number of artifacts from the original chapel: the steeple, cornerstone, leaded glass windows and frames, doors, benches, pulpit, and interior woodwork were all preserved from the 1973 demolition and became part of the new building.

None of the descriptions mention the pentagram.

A one point up pentagram is not necessarily associated with evil,  as generally the case with a two points up pentagram.

Nonetheless its use on a Church structure is somewhat unusual within 'Christiandom'.

But not so much with Mormanism, as can be found with a google or other such internet search of 'morman pentagrams', which show both versions - suggestive of Mormanisn being Luciferian.

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