Monday, August 3, 2009

U.S.-Georgetown U Jesuitical Terrorism to Target Russia and China?

after it was targeted against the US with 911 to induce its Congress to pass the already written Jesuit Georgetown 'PATRIOT' Act

From Thruthseeker24's anti-NWO blog
The 21st century and Terrorism

Sibel Edmonds is a former FBI translator. She dropped a bombshell on the Mike Malloy radio show, which was guest hosted by Brad Friedman. This interview had Sibel saying that the U.S. maintained "intimate relations" with Osama bin Laden and the Taliban all the way until the day of September 11. These intimitate relations are about how Bin Laden had operations in Central Asia plus Xinjiang, China. These operations involved al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the same amnner America did during the Afghan/Soviet conflict (i.e. America fought its enemies via proxies). Sibel said that this process involved Turkey. Turkey (as a proxy) assisted actors from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia to use bin Laden plus the Taliban plus others as a proxy terrorist army. Sibel said that America directed some of these activities in order to control Central Asia's vast energy supplies and new markets for military products. The U.S. didn't want their fingerprints in these operations (because they didn't want China or Russia use serious repercussions or cause a revolt with nations in Central Asia). Central Asia have nations like Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. So, the U.S. use Turkey as a proxy in order to appeal to pan-Turkic and pan-Islam sensibilities plus try to control the Middle East (including Central Asia). Turkey is a NATO ally and the U.S. could appeal to their Turkic dreams of a wider sphere influence (in the Central Asian population that share language, religion, and heritage with the Turkish peoples). So, the Western elite used an operation using Turkish operatives, Saudi partners, and Pakistani allies to further the military industrial complex in the name of Islam. Sibel said that the Uighurs in Xinjiang were trained by Osama Bin Laden to fight the communist Chinese in Xinjiang (with support of the CIA even if war broke out with China. Afghanistan was a place where guerilla groups were trained for specific purposes in Central Asia). Sibel believes that the Uighurs were paid by the CIA and armed by the U.S. to use them in the event of a war with China. Sibel Admonds show 18 photos about the Turkish people and the Uighurs involved in this strange history (like former U.S. agent Graham Fuller, who was key in establishing Turani's government in exile of East Turkistan. Fuller written on Xinjiang and has a "Xinjiang Project' for the Rand corporation). One of those other people is Anwar Yusuf Turani, the so-called ‘President-in-exile’ of East Turkistan (Xinjiang). This so-called ‘government-in-exile’ wasestablishedon Capitol Hill in September, 2004, drawing a sharp rebuke from China. She accused the Turkish establishment of being involved in terrorism like the 1996 Susurluk incident (called Deep State. One Deep State player was Mehmet Eymur, who was the former Chief of Counter-Terrorism for Turkey's intelligence agency called MIT). The neocons funded the terrorists in Chechnya. These neo cons include Elliot Abrahams, Kenneth Adelman, Frank Gaffney, Michael Ledeen, James Woolsey,and Morton Abramowitz (in the ACPC or the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya). Osama bin Laden gave 25 million dollars to the cause of Al-Qaeda in Kosovo and Albania. Sibel believes that the U.S. used Bin Laden, the Taliban in Central Asisa, and Xinjiang to promote an internationalist agenda (while protecting Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia). She is right the the government lied to us. America worked with these Islamic extremists for decades in order to control the Middle East, have profits, and create the new world order.

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