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Ancient Bloodlines Pentagon

Extending Rome's Pentagon-Pentagram to Washington, D.C.

From Frank O'Collins:

Who is in control The Illuminati? Or the New World Order?

One of the frequent debates on forums and blogs around the Internet is who is really in control? Some call them the “Illuminati” – the term first coined by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt in 1776 in direct opposition to the enlightenment movement in the colonies of the United States of America and the Declaration of Independence. Others call them the New World Order- after the manifesto of Jesuit influenced George Orwell in 1949.

It is important then to make sense of both the differences and similarities of these brands given what we have now discussed concerning the Jesuit Civil War of 1942 to 1945. What marks the war of the Jesuits is not only a power struggle between the “Old World”, the Illuminati world and the “New World Order”, but the accompanying war of ideas- that knowledge outranks blood.

The Papal and Royal bloodline families have always favoured the belief that wisdom and power is born through blood. These bloodline families can be traced between current monarchies back to the time of Charlemagne and even earlier. But at the heart of their system is the secret knowledge that these bloodlines also contain High Priest and important spiritual lines of superior heritage. It is why they claim inheritance by blood.

In contrast, the Jesuits show a devotion to knowledge and most particularly “secret” knowledge of things. They appear to worship the belief that through secret knowledge and total devotion to the cause a man may discover ultimate knowledge and power.

While both belief systems are to be found imprinted on the face of western history for centuries, there also exists a third belief and power system rarely divulged—a bloodline that carries within their veins both superior blood and hidden knowledge.

In the early centuries they were called the Desposynoi- the family of the Christ. Later we have become to know them as the stories and myths of the Da Vinci Code – that important
bloodlines may exist that hold both the right of blood and knowledge that could help us. However, there is little public and credible evidence to suggest that such ancient bloodlines of spiritual wisdom continue to exist, except possibly Ireland through ancient Holly bloodlines.

The eventual truce in the civil war of the Jesuits came in the form of a compromise of power- the New World Order is in fact a very clear and precise six (6) level pyramid of power.
Jesuit Factions of the Jesuit Order
Black Pope- Jesuit Superior General
Jesuit Order and Financial, Corporate and Military Apparatus
Re-constituted Illuminati Families (under the structure of the New World Order)
Holy See (with Pope as its head)
United Nations
It would be incorrect to say that the Black Pope is the most powerful person on planet Earth.

Since 1945, the role has been largely symbolic and held by a candidate from a neutral country
between the main factions of the Jesuit Civil War. As such, the role has been dominated by both Dutch and Spanish candidates.

The most powerful force within the New World Order is unquestionable the Provincial Generals of the Order- the most senior factional leaders of the Jesuits who continue to hold a
truce since 1945. While the Superior General can technically give absolute orders to his provincials, in practice it has been the other way around for over sixty years.

Then we come to the third layer being the Financial-Military Apparatus which few people who believe in the existence of the New World Order would argue. However, few have ever heard of the real foundation of the global financial system in the early 19th Century using Jesuit controlled gold stolen from the Vatican during the Jesuit-Papal Wars to fund an army of private banks in Europe and the United States.

Then we come to the fourth layer of the New World Order apparatus being the reconstituted “Illuminati” families from the United States, Europe and even Asia/Middle East. They have no control over the Jesuits, nor do they wish to challenge them in any way as their various positions from Royal families, occasional Presidents, Prime Ministers and global leaders is dependent upon the favourable patronage of the Jesuits.

The fifth layer of the New World Order apparatus is the Holy See. Contrary to common misinformation, the role of Pope is now of secondary importance to the legal apparatus of the Holy See --The Holy See, being the legal framework that claims Vatican superiority over all other laws of man as well as complete dominion over animals (humans being classed as animals by their laws). It is the papacy and Vatican curia that in recent years has waged and increasing PR war in revealing more and more of the New World Order apparatus against the Jesuits.

The sixth layer is the United Nations and legal apparatus which recognizes the Holy See as a legitimate state and entity, therefore its laws, therefore every national laws as subservient to the United Nations. The extension of the grid of evil from the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil

During the Civil War of the Jesuits we see an added dimension applied to the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil with the Ley lines extended to key places in Japan, India and Cuba.

In all three centres we see extreme increases in Jesuit activity at precisely the location of the extended Ley lines from Havana, Cuba during the 1940's and 1950's revolution, to Japan and Sapporo, the new Jesuit Japanese headquarters and a Jesuit contolled province in North West India.

Contrary to the New World Order dismantling the pentagram machine and ley lines, it appears it power was manifestly extended by connecting it to a global grid. Nowhere is this "globalization" more evident than the creation of the clearly satanic structure of The Pentagon,
founded on 9/11 1941 (The attack on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 9/11 2001 being
exactly 60 years to the day since it was founded).

(Secret) Knowledge is Power

The evidence of who won the Jesuit Civil War is all around us. Universities have blossomed. Science discovery has accelerated and knowledge is universally accepted as power—the power of imagination and the era of the United States. The New World Order won the Civil War and
remain firmly in control.

In terms of key satanic knowledge that relates to their power, the secret knowledge of the Great Vatican-Jesuit Pentagram of Evil is very important knowledge, forgotten by many. So too, is the clear and unmistakable image “makeover” of evil from satan and “the devil” to Lucifer- or the spirit of Francis Borja personified as evil.

It is why Borja ordered every church to ever be built by the Jesuits in following years to be constructed under strict codes of similar design—every Jesuit church was purpose built to be a readymade temple to Lucifer -- to the spirit of Francis Borja, the real founder of the Jesuits.

Similarly, human sacrifice to the satanic gods became more sophisticated, starting with the atomic bombs on Japan. No longer did the New World Order Jesuits need massive and expensive human sacrifice camps to “burn” millions of victims, one tiny bomb could do it in seconds.

One of the greatest criminal acts in history remains the executive order by President Truman to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and disgraced Jesuit city Nagasaki in 1945 after receiving not one, but several official notices of surrender from the Japanese. Thus began the “modern” age of sacrifice to the satanic gods of the Vatican and Jesuits.

St Moloch(y) and the most secret of knowledge

Of all secret knowledge in possession of the most senior of Vatican officials and senior Jesuits it is the truth and accuracy of the prophecies and final prophecy of Moloch, the demon god – hidden in plain sight as St Molochy.

Moloch, the supremely evil of all demon gods—the god of ultimate painful sacrifice – gave a clear and unmistakable last command to his faithful army on earth.

The last sacrifice demanded by Moloch is for his followers to sacrifice themselves – that is the key riddle of the prophecies of St Malachy (Moloch) – the Vatican and Jesuits Satanists are demanded by their own gods at this time to sacrifice themselves, not us.

The supremely evil last prophecy and command of Moloch is set to his timeline. One last Pope. Without a legitimate Pope holding the anointed authority of Moloch, the satanic system of power breaks down. It is why for the past one hundred years the Vatican-Jesuit Satanists have sacrificed so many people.

They are desperate to repeal this prophecy- to offer one last great sacrifice – World War III – in the hope of redemption for the Holy Mother Church of all Evil- the Roman Catholic Church. Yet to date, no direct prophecy has been revealed that represents an authentic from Moloch for over one hundred years – except some recent work regarding a “Treaty of Lucifer”. No other reference to Moloch, or Ba’al/Cybele prophecy can be found that disputes this is the end of times for the Roman Catholic Church.

The crisis of faith

It is clear by the absurdity with which satanic images are displayed today as department store items of a "pop-consumer" culture, that the ancient satanism practiced by the Vatican hierarchy and Jesuits has lost its way.

Discussions concerning the discovery of the world's largest goat's head ancient pentagram made from Nazi concentration camps no more surprises nor greatly motivates a modern teenager concerning the New World Order. Satanism, like Horror, Violence and Pornography have become the 21st equivalent to "mind heroin".

Yet midst such triumphant marketing by the Vatican and Jesuit elite, their crisis of faith- the absence of any remaining satanic spiritual patronage - we find a dangerous point for the planet.
Moloch is not speaking to them. Even Lucifer, the most trusted spirit once known as Francis Borja has abandoned his beloved Jesuits. Why?

In the previous article we offered the observation that the supreme arrogance of the Roman Catholic Church, no longer having any rival power in its worship of itself as gods.

But an even deeper reason may still remain in the underlying wisdom of the last supremely evil command of Moloch to his army on Earth.

It rests with the superior concept of redemption and whether we are witnessing a final redemption or damnation. If we are witnessing a final redemption, then the Roman Catholic Church and Jesuits must sacrifice themselves based on some key prophetic text such as the Treaty of Lucifer.

But if we remain faced with cowards to their own faith, to people of dull and unimaginative intellects, then we may still be facing the ultimate damnation of World War III destruction.

Time is running out for both sides. This is the second last pope by the prophecy of Moloch.

If you are still unconvinced on the evidence presented concerning the Vatican Jesuit Holocaust, then read about the existence of the WWII Nazi Master Lists of Death and why they are now hidden beneath the Vatican.

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