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Along The Amber Path 2


Because "....The Counter Reformation of the Vatican's Jesuit Order did not end back in the 1600s" (Douglas Willinger)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

‘Calvinist’ Geneva flourishes - Lutheran Prussia dies


Nel 1578, (Paolo Sarpi – note of avles) dopo essersi addottorato in teologia nell'Università di Padova, venne nominato reggente del convento di Venezia e, l'anno dopo, priore della provincia veneta (of the order of Servite to which Sarpi belonged – avles). Quello stesso anno, durante il Capitolo generale tenutosi a Parma, nel quale venne rieletto priore generale Giacomo Tavanti, tenne una dissertazione di fronte ai cardinali protettori dell'Ordine, Alessandro Farnese e Giulio Antonio Santori.
Which is:

In 1578, after having obtained the doctor diploma in theology in the university of Padua, he (Paolo Sarpi – note of avles) was appointed as regent of the Venice convent and, the year after, prior of the Venetian province (of the order of Servite to which Sarpi belonged – avles). That year the same, during the general chapter held in Parma, when Giacomo Tavanti went for a second time elected as general prior, he held a dissertation in front of the cardinals who were the protectors of the order (Servita order – note of avles), Alessandro Farnese and Giulio Antonio Santori.
And then:

Sarpi fu uno dei tre «saggi», insieme con Cirillo Franco e Alessandro Giani, incaricati di preparare una riforma della regola: «il carico suo speziale fu d'accommodare quella parte che toccava i sacri canoni, le riforme del concilio di Trento, allora nuove, e la forma de' giudizii [...] quella parte tutta ove si tratta de' giudizii accommodatamente allo stato claustrale [...] Lasciò in questo carico in Roma fama di gran sapere e di molta prudenza, non solo nelle corti de' due cardinali sudetti, co' quali, per ordine contenuto in un breve apostolico di Gregorio XIII, conveniva conferire tutte le leggi che si facevano, ma anco fu necessario molte volte trattar col pontefice medesimo. Sbrigato da quale peso ritornò al suo governo». [12]

Which is:

Sarpi was one of the three “wise men”, together with Cirillo Franco and Alessandro Giani, charged with the task to prepare a reform for the rule: «his special task consisted in the repairing of that part related to the sacred canons, the reforms of the council of Trent, at those times new ones, and the form of the judgements [...] that entire part where it is dealt with judgements (sentences – note of avles/n.o.a.) related to the claustral condition [...]. In consequence of this task he left in Rome a fame (reputation – n.o.a.) of great knowledge and lot of prudence, not only in the courts of the above mentioned cardinals, to whom, by an order contained in a short apostolic of Gregor XIII, he was referring all the produced laws, but for many times it was also necessary to treat with the pontiff the same. Once he got through that task he came back to his work (“government” in the text – n.o.a.)»

See also the theme "Sarpi and S. J. cardinal Robert Bellarmine":

The 'Jesuit ' Occult Order behind Venetian Calvinism?

I add nothing more, except the sequent words: It is for me no more a great mystery the coldness, sometimes hidden by a veil of indifference, with which the very praiseworthy efforts of Douglas Willinger are often considered even by many of those claiming to fight the evil Rome and her perfidious Jesuits.


This is the thought that is in my mind since this early morning. About ten hours after I posted the previous “The ‘Jesuit’ occult order behind the Venetian Calvinism?”, an event recalled me how much it is very easy to leave this valley of tears, when the ‘honourable’ society helps you. In the exact point when every morning I stop with the car or with an old scooter, before to turn on my left and to drive further, a car hit the traffic barriers to then overturn for at least 40metres (120feet) stopping, of course reduced in pieces, on the sidewalk. The scene, with the thousands of glass pieces, wreckages all around and the overturned destroyed vehiclel, was a perfect déjà vu of the Haider’s end. This accident occurred about half an hour/an hour before my usual passage on the point X. If I was hypothetically present there, at the moment of the impact, now you surely would not read these lines and the rest of my body would be contained in a black nylon sack lying in a freezer cell of the hospital. Probably the use of the car would have granted to me some percentages of survival.

The accident occurred practically in a densely inhabited district of Triest, bordering industrial and harbour area. Even if at least seven, eight hours were passed from the accident, in the local radio news report you could hear nothing about (meanwhile for the most cretin news there is always space). I don’t yet know the official version of the accident nor who or how many were the passengers and if they died or are (seriously) wounded. Yesterday it was the 13th, Friday. The accident occurred among the four and the five Anti-meridian hour of the day 14th, Saturday. Exactly a month ago, on 14th October, three days after the first anniversary of Haider’s death, I was stopped and my documents controlled in a Carabineers’ army mobile checkpoint just some minutes driving from my home. I never saw Carabineers nor State Police controlling documents in that place (*).

It is not necessary I comment the above event. I have only to say that now you can understand why meanwhile the ‘Calvinist’ Geneva flourishes, Lutheran Prussia dies: it is the Amber Path that has to be annihilated.

Les fleurs du Mal - 1

Les fleurs du Mal - 2


(*) See: "210 years after, the13 flames of those 13 Jews" of 14th October 2009:

(As I have no time, no resources, no money, no support at disposition, it is clear that what I wrote is affected by many errors and uncorrectness. I am not a prostitute lay journalist of this dirty Vatican 'tollerant' regime called 'democracy'. I have not the 51% of the Bank of America supporting my writings. I don't control the Casinò of Ostenda and neither Citroen and Peugeot as the General Superior did at least in 1958. So corrections and additions could appear in the future)


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