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Wlodimir Ledochowski Great Roman General 3

Wlodimir Ledochowski the Amber Path’s Great Roman General 3
Fullfilling an early Revenge Vow- the destruction of Prussia

One of the greatest heads of the Jesuit Order through which that the traditional character of the Society received the firmest stamp and clearest definition since the Generalate of Claudio Acquaviva in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. One might even say that Ledochowski insisted on fidelity to the structure of Jesuit obedience, was an almost merciless disciplinarian, and maintained a stream of instructions flowing out to the whole Society about every detail of Jesuit life and Ignatian ideals, who can be called the last of the great Roman Generals of the Jesuits.
To better understand the mainstream political events bringing about WW1 and WW2 as essentially a 2nd 30 Years War of a continuing counter reformation, try connecting the dots between this War’s outcome of the destruction of Prussia – its name originating with the land of the Prus: essentially the land later known as German East Prussia, that became Germanized following its invasion on invitation by Polish Roman Catholic authorities by the German Roman Catholic military order, the Teutonic Knights, and some 3 centuries later became Europe’s 1st Lutheran state – partitioned between Russia and Poland at the end of WW2, and its name erased anywhere else where it appeared., with Ledochowski himself, along with the foreknowledge and what was later admitted respectfully by Roman Catholic Church figures as Maximillan Kobe before WW2 and Polish Cardinal Stefan Wyszinski

1965 confession- the ‘aim’ of the counter reformation

According to a paper by Else LoeserPolish Cardinal Stefan Wyszinski's Confession of the "Aim" of the "Counter Reformation" as the Oder-Neisse Line/Destruction of Prussia

Polish Cardinal Stefan Wyszinski(b. August 3, 1901 d. May 28, 1981)
Appointed as Cardinal January 12, 1953

Accordingly, in 1965, Wyszinski said:
"With the regaining of the Polish western territories [= German eastern territories], the break-up of the Prussian state and the destruction of the German Reich the counter reformation has reached its aim."
The western shift of Poland and the accompanying population expulsions were the culmination of WW2, and thus said to be justified for the preceding series of atrocities, including the murder of the Polish intelligentsia and the Jewish peoples in what Father Saint Maximilian Kolbe described as "God cleansing Poland", and, with the invasion of the U.S.S.R., millions of Christian Orthodox.

Admitting the Oder-Neisse line/destruction of Prussia as the counter reformation’s aim would establish a culpability for WW2 and its atrocities against Poland, the Jewish peoples, Belorussia, Ukraine, Russia, and Prussia.

The "counter-reformation" refers to the works of the Roman Catholic Church and primarily its Jesuit Order, that was headed by Wlodimir Ledochowski from February 11, 1915 to December 13, 1942.

A look at the personal background of this 26th Jesuit Order Superior General counter reformation leader suggests a scenario dating back to his childhood, influenced by the experiences and influences of his uncle…

Wlodimir Ledochowski’s plausible childhood revenge vow

Wlodimir Ledochowski was only 6 years old when Prussia's Bismarck expelled the Jesuit Order from the 2nd Reich, and was only 8 when Prussia's Bismarck had imprisoned Wlodimir Ledochowski's uncle, Mieczysaaw Ledochowski (b. Oct 29, 1822, d. July 22, 1902), the Primate Archbishop of Polish majority Posen/Poznan, a city and province that was then a part of predominantly Protestant, German led, Prussia).

Hence, the man who set forth to lead the Jesuit Order's counter reformation into the 20th Century, may have well do so to be true to perhaps a vow made as a child: to destroy Protestant Prussia, to burn her cities and expel if not kill her inhabitants.

"KU"lturkampf Revenge

Wlodimir Ledochowski was reportedly aware, as a child, of his uncle Miesczyslaw Ledochowski’s conflict with Bismarck’s Kulturkampf.

Wlodimir Ledochowski- cir. February 11, 1915

Wlodimir Ledochowski, born October 7, 1866, was reportedly aware as a child of the conflict between his uncle Miesczyslaw Ledochowski and Protestant Prussia during the mid 1870s

Baltimore newspaper April 17, 1915
"When the new Black Pope was yet a lad he witnessed the persecution and imprisonment of his uncle, the late Cardinal Ledochowski , who had estates in German Poland, and whom Bismarck regarded with mingled fear and hatred of the
persecuted Poles in Germany"
Wlodimir Ledochowski plausible childhood inspiration- uncle M Ledochowski
"He spent two full years in prison before being liberated and sentence to exile, and he then proceeded to Rome where he lived as the honored guest, first of Pius IX and then of Leo XIII, exercising a potent influence at the Vatican. So much so, indeed, that before Bismarck would consent to a cessation of the so-called Culterkampf [sic- Kulturkampf], he insisted that Cardinal Count Ledochowski should leave Rome and cease to be a member of the Pope’s immediate entourage."

1871-1918 German 2nd Reich, with Polish majority Posen/Poznan

Illustration: 1871-1918 German 2nd Reich, with Polish majority Posen/PoznanWlodimir Ledochowski’s uncle

Miesczyslaw Ledochowski’s Vengence for Future Counter Reformation War

He was a Vatican official representing a nexus of power higher then the Pope, who, vengeful for Prussia's Kulturkampf, was desirous of future war.

This is what the NY Times published in 1892: The New York Times On the Papacy and Cardinal Mieczyslaw Ledochowski
It is very well understood, however, that Monaco is entirely under the control of Ledochowski, that proud, imperious, and able Pole who made Bismarck such worlds of trouble in the old Kulterkampf day and who has been able to impose his will very often upon even the present Pope. This powerful man was in a German prison when Pius IX created him a Cardinal in 1875. Next year he was released and banished, and he has since lived in Rome, devoting his great wealth and talents to building up a militant Ultramontagne party about him. His wrath at the treatment he received at the hands of Bismarck has colored all his political views. He has hated both Germany and Italy and has looked unceasingly forward to the time when French bayonets should restore the temporal power of the Vatican in the old Roman States.

If we assume that this spirited and resolute prelate will shortly be ruling the Church through its nominal head, it becomes a most anxious question how he will accept the existing political conditions of Europe which have so radically changed since 1875. The new rulers of the Germans have been at pains to show their desire to abolish the last traces of the Kulterkampf. When the pending Prussian Education bill is passed, the German Catholics will be actually stronger than they were before the May laws. During the last half year these dispatches have frequently reflected the new interest which William and his immediate entourage are displaying in the Polish question. Of course a good deal of this has arisen naturally from the contemplation of the necessity of sooner or later fighting Russia: but even more it represents the effort to allure Ledochowski into friendship with Germany by an appeal to his national sentiment. How far this has successor will be, as has been said, a most anxious question.

In any event under this new regime there would be an abrupt cessation of pastorals on Socialistic and labor problems and of poems about St. Thomas Aquinas. We should instead see the Vatican boldly embark upon the troubled waters of European diplomacy, seeking alliances and taking desperate risks upon the fortune in the next war.
A future punishment for Germany was certainly upon the minds of Romish power, as a terrible revenge for the Protestant Prussian led 2nd German Reich established by Bismarck in 1871, for defying the Pope’s declaration of papal infallibility.

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Plausible Childhood Inspiration

Pope Pius IX (May 13, 1792 – February 7, 1878),
born Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti,Pope, elected June 16, 1846, served 31+ years until his death in 1878.

This was the Pope that declared that whoever was Pope was infallible.
On January 18th, 1874 -- thus on the anniversary of the founding of the German Reich -- he declared at an assembly of international pilgrims that Bismarck was the serpent in the paradise of mankind. This serpent seduced Germans into wishing to be more than god himself. Such an overextension of the human self would be followed by a humiliation such as no people had ever before tasted!Only the Eternal one knew whether or not the grain of sand on the mountains of eternal retribution had already been released. This retribution was growing to avalanche proportions and it would rush in a few years at the clay feet of this Reich and transform it into ruins. This Reich, which, like the tower of Babel, had been erected in defiance of god, would pass away to the glory of god.

Religious Demographics- Eastern Germany-Western Poland
East Prussia- Europe’s 1st Lutheran state, proclaimed in 1525

the Counter Reformation ‘Aim’ of the Oder-Neisse – Destruction of Protestant Prussia

A revenge more terrible then commonly acknowledged

The idea of setting up Germany to start and loose a brutal war with severe consequences eastward undeniably dovetails with the Jesuit Order's major goal of recapturing lands previously lost to “heretics” such as Lutherans, notably the post WW2 partition of East Prussia, historically the 1st Lutheran state in 1525.

De Zayes book focuses exclusively upon the expulsion of the ethnic Germans as a terrible revenge for the crimes of the 3rd Reich; it overlooks the broader picture of a continuing counter reformation directed by a man born into a prestigious Polish ‘Noble’ family – so-known for their devotion to the Vatican – who was only about 8 years old when his uncle Mieczyslaw was imprisoned by Otto Von Bismarck, leader of the predominantly Protestant state of Prussia that would prominently defy the Vatican with its KULTURKAMPF.

Kolbe’s 1930s ‘prediction’

Wlodimir (Vladimir) Ledochowski's Goal Predicted by Maximillian Kolbe in 1938?

The idea of setting up Germany to start and loose a brutal war with severe consequences eastward undeniably dovetails with the Jesuit Order's major goal of recapturing lands previously lost to "heretics" such as Lutherans.

  • From doing research in Pomerania (Pommern), it was thought the Germans in these areas went back very early 11th-13th century and were predominantly Protestant. This is really only true for Pomerania, Brandenburg, and East Prussia. These areas were settled by Germans very early and were predominantly Lutheran (Brandenburg 94 percent, Pomerania 97 percent, East Prussia 86 percent Lutheran in 1880). On the other hand it was not until the partitions of 1772-1795 that Prussia gained territories of Silesia, Posen, and West Prussia and started settling these new territories with Germans. By 1880 under half of the population of Silesia and West Prussia and a third of the population of Posen was Lutheran. Although there were many of Germans who settled these states, they were primarily Polish regions prior to the partitions and had a high Polish population subsequently.

Center Against Expulsions Museum in BerlinHistorical Maps of SilesiaNeisse Border If You Can Get OneSilesia was actually settled by Germans in the 12th century, with the Germans intermarrying with the Slavic S'loonsk.

This was in a book published in or about 1983, and was a prediction made by Kolbe in 1938.

From "A Man For Others: Maximilian Kolbe Saint of Auschwitz In the Words of Those Who Knew Him" by Patricia Treece, published by Harper & Row Publishers, 1982 hardcover 1st edition, at page 69

At this period, Brother Luke speaks of Kolbe saying Mass so "full of grace" that he appeared illuminated by an unearthly radiance" or, as Brother Cyprian Grodizki puts it more prosaically, "he underwent some sort of transformation when celebrating the holy sacrifice."

Whatever constant joy and transformations imply about Kolbe’s interior life, they did not dull his perceptions. Father Cornel, who had been elected Superior at Poznan, recalls a visit to Niepokalanow:
Father Maximilian had a map of Europe in his cell and was marking the places with little flags where he sent the monastery publications. Pausing for a moment, he said to me, "There will be a war. The boundary between Poland and
Germany will be here." And he sketched the exact location of the boundary as it is today."
This could be a lucky guess, but since Poland’s boundaries shifted rather dramatically, it is more likely the foreknowledge so typically a byproduct of the higher states of mystical consciousness. Many astute observers, however, both sophisticated and simple expected war. John Dagis recalls a Brother saying to him when Hitler first appeared on the scene, "If that man gets power, there will be a terrible war." Always a discerning observer of sociopolitical currents, Kolbe can be said to have seen war coming as early as 1936, then, without reference to its spirituality. Brilliant tactician that he was, he made his first priority upon his return to Niepokalanow not the technological advances at which he so excelled, but spiritual formation. Says Brother Cyprian:

Dividing the friars into groups by categories, he gave each group a spiritual director and himself dedicated some months to increasing the Brothers interior depths
Considering the chain of events required to bring that about, such a prediction is eyebrow raising, for it not only requires that Germany start and loose a war, but also that Germany would be extremely brutal, hence providing the justification for the border changes.

Did Germany simply got seduced by a madman on a soapbox, with the Holocaust of the Jewish peoples simply the result of random occurrences and not decided upon until 1942 at Wannasee?

Or was the holocaust, or perhaps more correctly the holocausts – each directed at a different group: modernists, Jewish peoples, Orthodox and Protestant Eastern Germans -- were planned decades in advance by an evil, Orthelloizing genius, involved with manipulating popular opinion through shoddy sensationalistic "journalism", such as that taking form as the sharp increase of anti-Jewish media in Europe around 1919.

Recall that same area had been under German military occupation in WW1, with that earlier occupation's relatively good reputation leading many to disbelieve accounts of German military atrocities in WW2: whereas the 2nd Reich of Kaiser Wilhelm generally left civilians alone, the 3rd Reich of Hitler went out of its way to massacre the general public.

Yet recall the anti 2nd Reich attitude of much of the "mainstream" English language press during the early 1900s, and contrast that with the pro 3rd Reich attitude of that press throughout the 1930s.The 3rd Reich's atrocities in Poland and the then U.S.S.R. would serve as the basis for the retaliation represented by this border change which was a clear religious demographic benefit and goal of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit Order: a conscious objective as evidenced by the diplomatic insistence on extending WW2 for two additional bloody years, largely via the U.S. government as run via Georgetown University.

With the origins of the holocaust[s] resting with Wlodimir Ledochowski, who is said to have come from Roman Catholic Polish "nobility", the Oder-Neisse line with its accompanying wholesale population expulsions, rewards war-making.
This is because that border resulted from a chain of events involving Nazi Germany’s atrocities in the east that were used to justify punishment of Germany, particularly mainly its Protestant east, atrocities which were nonetheless also counter reformation aims all strung together with the counter reformation aim of the Oder-Neise line/destruction of Prussia.

Key to effectuating these aims were not only the offensive actions of the Axis powers, but as well the numerous allied ‘blunders’, including the Allied refusal extending WW2 two years allowing Soviet military to enter central Europe.

Wlodimir Ledochowski Amber Path Great Roman General 2
Resident Evil- The Jesuit Threat to Humanity


avles said...

"...(p.IX)...he declared at an assembly of international pilgrims that Bismarck was the serpent in the paradise of mankind. This serpent seduced Germans into wishing to be more than god himself......"

And the "God is cleansing Poland!" of the 'saint' of Auschwitz, priest Kolbe, was it an arrogant pretence to assign to the Lord the work of the Satanic forces?

How could we term the Kolbe's pretence? Isn't it a sign he was convinced "to be more than god himself"?

Sixty years of de-Christianizing of Eastern Protestant Germany are witnessing the Romanist matrix of WWI and WWII.

"Democratische" Republik, maybe because with that apocalipse the Protestants in Germany became a minority and as Democracy = rule of Majority, now it is the Majority Roman Catholic plate of balance (= Vatican) to dominate Deutschland?

Democracy is the rule of Majority and Majority is the rule of the Jesuit manipulation of societies.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Kolbe was a Franciscan.

Yet I have yet to find anything about any knowledge he would have had about the situation in Croatia, which got very bad just about and after his death.

Speaking about democratic manipulations, please see my last 4 posts at Cosmobile.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

BTW- Kobe reportedly had a vision of beng visited in person by the Most Special Gal who gave him a choice of two crowns, one white, the other red.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

Please see:

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

This looks interesting:

avles said...

"This looks interesting:"

I perceive a smell in the air. After they killed Protestant Prussia are now they going to re-suscitate her mummy?

Under the bandage the Jeusuits, or Jesuit-Romanist software inside the brains of the controllers of those Expellees organizations or sites.

This would mean the true triumph of the Roman emperor, the pope. He demonstrates that also Protestant Prussians, for convenience (salaries, wages, social status, acknoweldgement by the community) can LIE towards themselves, towards the religious mission of their country, of course usign a 'Prussian' masque to cover their Roman Catholiciziation.

This is why I say, instead to see the re-birth of a mummy telecontrolled by Rome, I prefer to see it definitively buried in the grave of historical Prussia. The same value for the Slovenia of Trubar. Remember that resuscitating many corpses of the past is the best way for the Romanist witch doctor to capture your soul to entrap in those pathetic mummies....

I have no doubt that the true Protestant Prussia will rise again and with it the Amber Path, but firstly it had to rise again in the souls and not in the shape of a fake creation of Rome.

avles said...

"Kolbe was a Franciscan."

You pointed it out right, Franciscan are always at the centre of Romanist carnages against heretics. In Amber Path South they were used also to infiltrate the anti-Fascist movememnt. A Franciscan, for having supported (intelligence Vatican activity?) the anti-Fascists was "tortured" and "martyrized" in the extermination camp of Trieste, the "Risiera di S.Sabba". It was only marketing (+ spy activity), a convenient 'martyr' to cover the appalling butchery of Orthodoxies by Franciscan friars in the Balkans.

Kolbe recalls me the figure of another Fascist Romanist mistic guy, the Romanian Codreanu, founder of The Legion of the Archangel Michael :

From Wikipedia:

"Statements according to which Ion Zelea Codreanu was originally a Slav of Ukrainian or Polish origin[2][3] contrast with the Romanian chauvinism he embraced for the rest of his life."

"While studying in Berlin and Jena in 1922, Codreanu took a critical attitude towards the Weimar Republic, and began praising the March on Rome and Italian fascism as major achievements; he decided to cut his stay short, after he learned of the large student protests in December, prompted by the intention of the government to grant the complete emancipation of Jews "

Orthodox Romania is another victim of the Vatican crusade in the Balkans. Just think to Ceausescu. I exposed something in the old The Unhived Mind forum.

avles said...

" Please see:
December 5, 2009 7:48 PM "

I posted just there the appropriate comments.